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  1. Hey all thought I'd chime in since I design the toys for the Klei shop. We only discovered this issue after releasing them for the Krampus Sale. All of the samples we got prior to release scratched fine. We had no reason to believe these would be different. Unfortunately, there was a manufacturing issue with the bulk run of the Spiders in how strong the grey scratch off bonded to the tags. It will be fixed in the new year for existing Spiders and future batches. The new Chester Plush are fine and working correct. We definitely considered our options once we discovered it after sending out a bunch. We could not take them back, and being so close to Christmas we opted to put up a warning and email buyers to scratch them gently. What's considered gentle is subjective, and some people might miss the warning prior to scratching for sure. It's not ideal, we were disappointed it happened. Future orders in the new year will get fixed, and in the short term if you send these photos and your order information to Indie Box they will absolutely get you a new key. Sorry for the poor experience, but we'll definitely get you the item and make it right if you email details to They may take a few days longer than normal to reply as they are rushing to finish some late orders so they can hopefully arrive in time for Xmas as much as possible. But they will get back to you and get you a new key for sure.
  2. Always has been. This is fixed now, but couldn't resist. Shoutout to the Maxwell Memes thread.
  3. From the screen shot, it looks like your game is not up to date. You will need to update on Steam manually if it's not doing it for you, the main menu graphic art should be Wigfrid right now. That's probably one issue for why you're not seeing Twitch drops that were earned. They need to newest update to actually pop up and show you that you have them. You can try to verify file integrity in Steam to force this. It should look like this: To get your Klei ID, you can click the yellow "Account" button on the bottom left of the screen. That will pop up a Steam browser window with your Account Info including your Klei USER ID.
  4. Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that today we put out patch 0.1.45 today on the PS4. While we hope this patch may bypass login connecting issues for some, we don't expect that it will fix it for everyone. That being said we've added a new feature that optionally lets you skip attempting to load your inventory if your connection is taking too long, and should let you play without those items short term. If you opt to do this option, it will send us an even more detailed report log of what is going on with your game and connection automatically. This way anyone still affected after today's patch will be sending us even more info to help fix this issue. We really appreciate everyone's patience and thanks to everyone who have taken the time to add their information here and provide detailed reports so we can fix this for everyone ASAP. We will continue to monitor the issue, and we'd love to hear if this did or did not solve the issue for you.
  5. PS4 update 1.43 is live. It's important to note that this is NOT a fix for the logging in issue, however; this build will hopefully help us get more insight into what is actually going wrong, since we currently cannot reproduce this on any of our machines within our studio, even when using specific region accounts or VPNs. We are asking two things from players who are still getting the hang: - Send us a NEW screenshot, or tell us *exactly* what the "Connecting" popup text says when it's hung. We have added unique loading text to this pop up that will tell us where in the process it's failing. A picture is preferred if possible. - Let it sit for five minutes. Within that time the game should notice that it is stuck and automatically call home with some diagnostic info for us.
  6. Just updating people here, we're still looking into this and appreciate the information. We're still having trouble reliably recreating this issue but have been working with some players who are experiencing this to try and narrow it down. In some cases switching accounts on the console solves the issue, but not for others. In other cases, logging in on a different machine (like a friend's) works and the affected account can now connect on new hardware (or in a different region.) But again, not for everyone. We're going to be implementing some additional unique back-end tracking for each stage of the login connect process so that we're better able to narrow down where exactly the login is failing for certain people, and if it's even the same spot for everyone. Due to the limited number of people reporting this, it has been difficult to diagnose on our end, but rest assured this is indeed a confirmed issue and something we are actively trying to resolve. For now, if you're having this problem please provide the following if possible. 1) A photo (even cellphone photo) of the whole screen where you are seeing the forever "Connecting..." message. Try to make the photo as clear as possible so we can see the whole screen and read all the onscreen text. 2) Your PSN Region / Location this will help us identify any geographic patterns to the error. 3) Your KU ID - You can get that online here: and the ID looks like this: “KU_xXxXxxxxX”. Thanks for your patience and help, keep an eye here for updates as we have new information or requests on how you can help us track this bug down.
  7. Thanks for the photos to show us where the login issue occurs and your PlayStation Region. Please also include your Klei ID found in-game so we can check out more details: Go to the game’s main menu > click on OPTIONS > and choose MORE. At the bottom of the screen, you will find that your account ID looks like this: “KU_xXxXxxxxX”. EDIT: As mzajy pointed out, many are getting the load error prior to the main menu so they can't access the above. In this case you can get it from here: Klei Account.
  8. It's taking longer than expected as we're still working out XB1 update cycles. Console updates are not as simple for us to deploy as Steam. They require a lot of 3rd party partner coordination, certification and waiting on our end. There's no ETA yet, but we're working on it, it will just come much later than we wanted. In the future we'd like to keep console parity as much as possible, and we do try.
  9. Damn, you totally smashed KCDA. Great work man! fFKcAfn.png

  10. Never seen you before, thanks @ImDaMisterL.:wilson_ecstatic:

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I've heard he's the guy that deals with merch and all (among other stuff?). Might be wrong, might be right...

      He's a living riddle.

    2. minespatch


      That would probably explain why the store is quiet and down right now.

  11. He all, just wanted to let you know we're aware of this issue thanks to bug tracker reports, have reproduced it, and already submitted a fix / patch for this. The update process on console has to go through certification. We've already submitted and our console partners are working on expediting / prioritizing. Once it's fixed we'll tweet on @klei. Thanks for your patience and letting us know.
  12. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but just an FYI, this will actually reduce your chances of getting picked in the early stages. Everyone who submits will eventually get in. We just need to test the servers one step at a time. Thanks!