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  1. *A Wild Wallpaper Post Appears*
  2. [Game Update] - 124

    It's taking longer than expected as we're still working out XB1 update cycles. Console updates are not as simple for us to deploy as Steam. They require a lot of 3rd party partner coordination, certification and waiting on our end. There's no ETA yet, but we're working on it, it will just come much later than we wanted. In the future we'd like to keep console parity as much as possible, and we do try.
  3. Damn, you totally smashed KCDA. Great work man! fFKcAfn.png

  4. Never seen you before, thanks @ImDaMisterL.:wilson_ecstatic:

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I've heard he's the guy that deals with merch and all (among other stuff?). Might be wrong, might be right...

      He's a living riddle.

    2. minespatch


      That would probably explain why the store is quiet and down right now.

  5. Traps cone up empty

    He all, just wanted to let you know we're aware of this issue thanks to bug tracker reports, have reproduced it, and already submitted a fix / patch for this. The update process on console has to go through certification. We've already submitted and our console partners are working on expediting / prioritizing. Once it's fixed we'll tweet on @klei. Thanks for your patience and letting us know.
  6. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but just an FYI, this will actually reduce your chances of getting picked in the early stages. Everyone who submits will eventually get in. We just need to test the servers one step at a time. Thanks!
  7. Fun story, I may have not even known when you talked to me at PAX haha. The new hires were quietly working on the prototype for some time as a grand experiment to see what was possible. While I was away with the PAX crew they hit the point where they decided to reveal it as working and Klie had the first office wide test of it. They emailed me while I was in Boston to let me know it was fun as heck and actually being looked at seriously. We really look forward to the feedback and support for this. Don't Starve as it is right now would not be the same without the great community discussions.
  8. The plan is that things that can be cross modes, will totally be added and tuned for both modes when logically and technically possible. We have zero plans or desire to segregate content that would be awesome to play in both single player and multiplayer.
  9. To address the concerns over this affecting the single player game, it has zero impact. As mentioned in the OP we made this decision after developers in our studio took the lead and made a working prototype. As a result of that being insanely fun to play we decided to have those developers work on expanding it for release. We agree not every game should have MP just for the sake of having it, so they made a proof of concept, and after experiencing it, we were confident that we could do something we felt proud of and was interesting on its own. Most people did indeed want this, but that wasn't really the factor in releasing it. We have been firm in saying we didn't want to split our focus away from the single player game which was the promise we made. With our new hires, we have the resources to focus on this. We realize many people love our original vision of Don't Starve. That's why this is free to all existing players before the Alpha drops, will always be optional, and its own focus separate from single player.
  10. No prob! Prices will be dependant on where you're located with shipping etc. But the final ones will drop on Monday. We're still fine tuning it leading up to launch. I'm trying to make shipping as affordable as possible, even to people outside the USA.
  11. You are essentially pre-ordering. If the campaign raises enough money, we collect the money and order the toys. If not, no one is charged anything, and the project will end at the single prototype we made. *single tear* haha You can read more about how KickStarter works here:
  12. We're kind of testing the water with Chester. I can tell you that a Beefalo plush was tossed around as an idea. Pending on how Chester does we can look at other creatures and merch. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  13. Just thought I'd pop in to clarify, those are only our limited rewards shown. We have others, but decided to announce the limited ones specifically so everyone had a fair chance to get them. There is a hypothetically unlimited number of Chesters as we'll order them based on the demand when the campaign is done (and hopefully successful with your help!).