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Become the Beast

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I would be Glommer because Bzeeeurrrrr.


Okay no, putting a little thought into it I think I'd be most like a Rock Lobster because they're so sedentary, (ROCK JOKES)

and because as soon as I'm let loose above ground I reproduce uncontrollably... Alright maybe not the second part.


Are there any creatures in Don't Starve that are neat freaks and have to keep their stuff organized all the time or they go crazy? I just can't think of any. Splumonkeys? I don't know I kind of hate Splumonkeys. XD

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I would like to be a bee (english puns), because:

Because why not?

Because I like bees

Because those bees and look almost like bumblebees, which I like as well as Maxwell (man, those puns are something)

Because being fluffy is always a pro

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