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  1. So, I’ve got a bit of a question, since it didn’t really seem addressed in this. Recently I made Chester using pottery, and he came out really good. My teacher offered to enter him into an art contest. As far as I’m aware, the reward for the contest isn’t monetary, it’s exposure for the work. As long as it is stated I created the piece based on Chester from the games is it alright if it is entered in? Heres the little guy:
  2. Just try joining the server and friending me from there if anything my nick name should be “The Local Ghost”
  3. So, I doubt anyone will take a peek at this, but if you do then, hello! I’m going to be leaving these forums for good I think. It was really fun posting and being on here for about 5 years but it’s time I go. I just never really think about this place anymore, and the comic She Who is Icarus is getting renovated as I like to say. If you still wanna say hi and keep up with what I’m doing art wise and life wise you can find me at this link. Or you can just friend me on discord, Bleebtheweeb#9355
  4. 1. Thank you!! I really can’t wait to you see it. 2. Yup! Consider yourself lucky, as I was posting drawings of him on here before the group I’m making it with decided his design should be a surprise. So, sadly no more art of him will be posted. 3. Thank you! 4. Yup! He’s in She Who Is Icarus, most of the characters I doodle will either be in that or the airship comic. 5. Nah, just a funny vine. 6. Thank you! I like to think I’ve gotten much better with expressions
  5. WOW I’ve been dead, sorry about that. Just hit finals and exams season for school so I’ve been cramming my little head off since the end of April and practically forgot this forum existed! So, updates on stuff are in this spoiler: If you don’t care about what’s going on and you’re just here for funky art then viola:
  6. Yes? Not entirely sure what you mean by that but yeah I play it with a group of friends IRL. It's only my second time playing, my first time was at PAX East when I went this year. I enjoyed it so much I immediately found a group to play with when I got home lol.
  7. Sorry no idea why i never responded to this! They're not from the same series as the purple one, Thrush, is mine and is from SWII. The other one is Viktor and is a friends OC from a concept shes working on called Klokworx. Also thank you! I have some art, but most of it is doodles. Ill post those later. For now, take my DnD character Severa Scarlet.
  8. A bunch of pallet challenges and two normal pieces!
  9. Regularly coloring pieces this week it seems, I think my skills have gotten a little bit better when it comes to shading and the such.
  10. Two weekends ago my city had an event called street chalk art, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Me and two friends participated and this is our finished product! It took seven hours straight of painting and for reference that’s a nine by nine foot square. If you’re curious what parts I did, I did specifically the backround and the entirety of the head.
  11. Hey guys! So, I would’ve had a big piece for you today but over my spring break my computers hard drive broke because it was just so dang old. All of the files I had were gone with the wind along with what I almost had finished. All I have is doodles cause of this, enjoy! Just a little bonus, dumb Spidena/Selena faces done by my girlfriend!
  12. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting what was in the book and it got a full on cackle out of me. I’d ship it.
  13. Just some digital doodles I did as warm ups to get accustomed to my tablet again!
  14. 1. Wholesomeness is what fuels my heart and angst what fuels my hands, only every now and then will the cute be seen lol 2. That would be because that is Alistars genderswap, Alison! 3. Yeah, just kinda a stylistic choice I like how smug and evil it can look. 4. I’ll make sure to tell my friend that! 5. Relaxing and ridiculously hand cramping. I love drawing monsters though so it was so fun, plus sense it’s not something human if I screw up anatomy I can blame it on the fact it’s a monster. 6. Like I said I’ll elaborate a bit more once I get my drawing tablet back in order, which should be by next week! 7. I didn’t really keep track of time but thank you so so much! I was really proud about how it came out. ^u^
  15. Thank you! I love doodling cute stuff, but rarely every do for some reason??
  16. Hello hello! Sadly, I was actually going to re-draw the peice I had done for Valentine’s Day last year since I liked it so much. Howeveeeeeer the world had different plans, and I lost the charger to my drawing tablets pen. So sadly, I’ve only really got doodles.
  17. 1. Ah, it wasn’t just an expression challenge and a way to stretch my art style to it limits with expressions. 2. That’s just a doodle I did at school, it’s been quite the week. 3. Thank you, I wanted to try my hand at those funny Valentine’s Day cards people do. 4. Thank you! It is funny how I colored all the purple centric characters in a night, but I know for Charles specifically the reason he wear purple is because it’s considered a color or royalty.
  18. Hey guys! Got some more doodles!
  19. 1. Ah those are in She Who is Icarus, although they appear much later on. Sadly, I can’t tell you much about them without it being a spoiler. 2. No reason in particular, I just wanted to toy around with the concept and have something different and weird to draw. 3. Well gee, she does cause that’s a younger Spidena, lol. 4. Thank you! He’s for the unnamed project im working on with friends. 5. Paper Star from the new Carmen Sandiego show on Netflix. 6. Thank you!
  20. Hey guys! Got some more doodles! There will be some news about what’s going on with She Who is Icarus soon!
  21. Well no, that depends on if the knife went in his brain or not, if it just punctured and destroyed the eye they’d be in a lot of pain and die from bleeding pretty quickly but they would be dead yet. Plus, it’s not uber-realistic, reality can be stretched a wee bit.
  22. 1. Thank you! It took a bit of fiddling, but I was glad I was able to make it have a bit more depth. I’ve been playing with making things look less flat more often now. 2. No, the art department in my school isn’t very well funded, so we don’t always have exact colors that are bright and nice to work with. 3. Thank you! I love working with watercolors, I don’t know why I don’t more often. 4. Yeah that tends to happen sometimes when I draw dudes, Seth is the man I draw the most often so sometimes my mind blanks and I’ll default to drawing his face shape and the such. 5. Probably not, they were just random designs to fiddle around with how demons look and how they dress. She might be put in the background though if the plot demands characters go to hell, or I might doodle her if I just enjoy her design. There’s no way I’d give her a legit backstory and stuff though, I have too many OCs as is lol. 6. He drew the outline of both and I drew the faces on them, with a little bit of his help on the allmight. 7. This is a siren, one of the creatures from the unnamed project me and my friends are making. Which, by the way if any of you are interested in knowing a little bit more about it, it’s likely coming out late this summer or early fall if all things go well! ^u^ 8. The normal program I usually use, I just tried some weirder tools and techniques is all. 9. The Haunted, it’s a webcomic that’s yet to come out based on an old Minecraft role play.
  23. Got another doodle pile. This one has some actual art pieces and some digital stuff in it too!
  24. Nah, no dragons. Sorry my man, it’s mostly humanoid monsters.
  25. 1. It’s no biggie, I don’t mind waiting. I’ve just got more content and I don’t like spam posting so gahaagsyd 2. I just love it so much, as someone who’s always been pinned as ‘the bad kid’ my entire life it was so nice to see a movie not about changing who you are so others love you, but embracing who you are and loving yourself. 3. Edgy-Mcedgelord TM 4. Oh god no. I see where the misconception is though. More of an uncle and nephew or dad and son relationship. The big one is Morgan, I just don’t always draw the whole maid outfit, and the second is Goopy! 5. They’re connected, no idea why I didn’t say lol. It’s based off a Gravity Falls joke that I love. 6. I wasn’t even aware that was going around, I just love drawing them, since legs are so hard for me. Plus they’re really easy to practice line of motion with. 7. Phoenix’s, Gorgons, Spiderfolk, Demon’s, Skeletons, Mermaids, Muets, Mimics, and Zombies are what I can come up with off the top of my head. Some of those are real mythical creatures, some sway to the more video game monster type mythical, and some are creatures I made up. All but demons and spiderfolk are just background though, with some secondary characters being that species. 1. I loved Zootopia, it was just so dark in my opinion for a kids movie. Drug busts and racism, yknow, FOR KIDS! 3. I dunno, I just recently read a fanfic with mermaids in it and it just made me want to draw some.