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  2. I tried fiddling with the audio in Audacity, slowing stuff down, reversing, pitching up and down, even tried some noise removal, all those loopy sorts of things. It sounded cool but offers nothing of value towards the puzzle. The two sections with steady beeping are just a part of the ambiance, likely insect calls as rezecib said. At the very least I'm not catching any cleverly hidden messages in there due to distortion, but I'm also not an audio decryption expert so take that with a grain of salt. Looking at the video too, slowed it down frame by frame and didn't catch anything, so if something is hidden in there, it goes by quickly and it's probably not in plain sight. Or I'm really unobservant, that would also be valid reasoning. XD I think we may need to look beyond the video and audio themselves, either play the waiting game til the next piece of the puzzle is revealed, or we need to find something elsewhere, and I have a feeling there's more for us to find now, just don't have a clue where or how... Here's the spoopy slowed audio clip I took in case anybody catches something I didn't. http://clyp.it/tszm1vof.mp3 Also here's the main points of interest from the trailer and Resumptus video laid together, not really anything of use that I can see but it's here to see now. And here's the swirl transitioning the theater stage to the Wilderness World looking like a shadow creature with some teeth and one eye set over another. I'm just seeing things though. Really at this point I'm probably pointing out more dead ends and unhelpful tricks of the eye than anything, making mountains out of mole hills. I'll leave it be for now. XD
  3. So we've got latin words Praecantator, "Wizard" (crossed out) then Resumptus, "Recovered" ...Could it be an indication about Maxwell's release from captivity? Or, since Maxwell isn't actually featured in the video, it could be that Wilson -- a gentleman scientist who isn't into this whole freaky wizard business (even though he's thriving with its power) -- is recovering... Well, any number of things, from his predicament at the end of Adventure Mode, or his recovery of other survivors using Wilson's Door (if that's what we're calling it) in the initial DST announcement puzzle, and last but not least, recovery from his crippling loneliness! That's why we've got emotes now, Wilson has finally unlocked his long-latent emotions!
  4. Wilson, why are you smiling? That's not a thing that happens! Love the emotes, very interested in the fact that meteors seem to be taking a more prominent role in the gameplay now. Slightly worried and more terrified of aerial bombardment now, but excited nonetheless!
  5. Just a lil' heads-up: We had some discussion about the important-item-snagging issue on This Topic!
  6. I totally want to join Widley's World again, it's just every time I've checked it wasn't online, bad timing on my part. XD I'd love to see it become a dedicated server though, it was the first one I joined and still one of my favorites of the couple of other servers I've hopped onto.
  7. I mean I'd love it but my girlfriend murders every Gobbler she sees on sight so I'm afraid I'd be contributing significantly to the extinction of their species sending her messages. She would literally shoot the messenger... Then eat it.
  8. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Day 77 (Finale) *Gone for Vacation* Okay, so for a proper send-off and explanation, this is gonna wrap it up for A Don't Starve A Day, it's been great fun but having obtained a full-time job recently, I'm going to be a lot more busy than I was most of this Summer. This doesn't mean I'm disappearing from the internet once again, not at all, but this series in particular took a decent amount of time to make, and I don't think I could continue it with this level of quality. I'm not done playing Don't Starve though, and you may very well see me play more of it in the near future, especially with Don't Starve Together's Closed Beta coming around, but it's more likely I will be streaming the game casually rather than creating a new video series based around it. This one in itself gave a decent idea of how far the game can go without showing off everything, and there's a myriad of other playthroughs like this out there, so I figure livestreaming would be a more personal experience, as well as easier for me to plan out. Of course, I'll make sure to upload my favorite highlights here on Youtube too! If you haven't be sure to subscribed to my twitch page to know when I'm streaming (it's not super often so you won't be spammed with notification emails I promise): www.twitch.tv/chrisguest/profile Lastly, as far as the conclusion of this video, it's not a teaser for a new A Don't Starve A Day, as I said I'm finished with this series, but you may very well see this file continue during my livestreams if I'm in the mood to dust it off!
  9. Hey there! Sorry the final episode is so late, I didn't have time to upload this morning as I had to drive to work early and had an 8 hour shift, so this is the first opportunity I've had to upload it. This post isn't for the episode itself, but I do have another bonus post to share while I wait for the video to upload. The final episode will be up soon however, so look forward to it! So check it out, my girlfriend and I opened the two remaining Blind Boxes, and here are the results! A Fitting Follow-Up & A Firebug And last but not least, the video version in case you want to see our reactions in real time: Don't Starve Unboxings #5 & 6
  10. I guess we technically spent a good part of Day 76 before beginning adventure mode, but we've still got some daylight to burn, so here's Day 76 and a half! Woodie is packing up all his worldly belongings and breaking down his base. (or at least breaking down the Bird Cage he made, for he believes he has rehabilitated the Redbird and is letting it free... For now.) Tomorrow is the final day, look forward to it! A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Day 76.5
  11. That went about as well as could be expected. So that's what Adventure Mode can be like! There are easier starts than this and there are probably harder ones too, but there are some great rewards should you persevere to the end! Anyways, we're back to our Survival world next time, and I think Woodie deserves to pack up and head home for a well-earned vacation. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Days 8 & 9
  12. This is going badly. This is going badly. This is going badly. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 7
  13. Alright, quick bonus post, I have some excellent news. My girlfriend, who was present with me during the first three Don't Starve Figurine Unboxings, in all of her awesomeness as a fellow Don't Starve fanatic, gifted me another set of three Blind Boxes of the Don't Starve Figurine variety! I've only opened one as of yet, but already I'm pretty ecstatic about this haul. Behold, THE MYSTERY FIGURINE! Spoilers cos... Well, it's a Mystery and stuff. And here's some videos of the unboxing itself! Don't Starve Figurine Unboxing #4
  14. I record Don't Starve in fullscreen mode myself, better resolution and all. Sorry none of the suggestions have worked though. I'm really a little dumbfounded. You don't have to but maybe if you tried uninstalling and reinstalling MSI Afterburner altogether? Even then I don't know that this would fix your problem. Perhaps it could be an issue with your operating system, or Don't Starve's properties? I'm pretty much stumped as it stands. Again, apologies I couldn't be of more help. This is an issue I've had in the past but I'm really not sure what fixed it for me, and heck, I'm pretty sure there's a couple other games I own that just don't like being captured by MSI normally, so maybe the program still a bit finnicky with some games more-so than others.
  15. This is becoming a bad idea! Shadow Creatures pls stop. D: A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 6 Five pages! I'm thinking this will be the last one for Woodie. He's been a good sport, he deserves a little rest.
  16. We found Chester! Also I guess it's time to drive Woodie crazy because I can't find anything aside from that Obelisk Gate. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 5
  17. The search continues! Not much gets done here, I craft a Science Machine and prototype some stuff, but that's about it. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 4
  18. This is the episode I realize there are WAY too many MacTusk camps to feel safe in this world. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 3
  19. Slowly making progress, Adventure Mode throws up a lot of road blocks, some much easier to deal with than others, but hopefully I won't hit anything too bad. Chances are I'm going to hit something bad though... Yup. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 2
  20. And now we try our hand at Adventure Mode! Unfortunately I'm not much of a fan of King of Winter, and this iteration of it is a particularly nasty one. It may not look it right now but by the end you'll get what I mean. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Adventure Mode Day 1
  21. Glommer, no! D: Woodie, even more no! D: Hounds and Terrorbeaks, Y U DO DIS? Not really a double episode since I don't spend all of Day 76, more like a quarter of it, but we'll call the rest of it 76.5 or something. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Day 75-76
  22. Aw baby, gettin' dat Glommer. Unfortunately this is extremely short-lived, and I'll give you one good guess why. Also did a double-episode because Day 74 lasts all of 5 seconds due to bad Werebeaver transformation timing. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Day 73 & 74
  23. We're back to Spring! Unfortunately though Spring is much less dangerous than Summer or Winter, it does have the tendency to drench you in heavy storms and hard rain at a moment's notice. As such it's absolutely vital to have a proper Umbrella, and if possible a Rain Coat or Rain Hat. Still, as long as you've got the Umbrella and a piece of headwear, you'll be able to block out all but the worst of rainfall. A Don't Starve A Day - Woodie Day 72