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  1. Haven't played DST for quite some time but this update seems to be just what I needed to pick it back up. The character concept is interesting and the new menu music is superb.
  2. This is a quest for Wendy. However, after meeting the requirements (not dying until boarior is defeated) it didn't count as completed.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but for some reason I'm allowed to light things my inventory using a torch.
  4. If you zoom out enough you can hear sound artefacts.
  5. In Gorge Recipes it is shown that non-plated Scone gives a favour. However, it doesn't. I failed my "No silver linings" run because of this (well, not entirely, but at least I would have had 2 favours instead of one). By the way, if I delivered dessert while Gorge wanted something else, would I still get a favour, or no?
  6. Music sounds nothing like Don't Starve, but some things in the video looks somewhat close to the game. I'll give it a like.
  7. I know... Otherwise it doesn't fit. I just wanted to show that some parts of this song go suprisingly well with the trailer. "Dragged down bellow, in to the devil's show, to be his guest forever...", somehow similar to what is happening in this trailer and whole game. Wilson is dragged down through the floor of his room to shadow world full of strange creatures and terifying monsters, and he is stuck there until the day he dies. Whole world (kinda) belongs to Maxwel who one can consider as a ruler of all the creatures in there thus making him sort of a devil, due to the fact that most of the creatures there are twisted and evil.
  8. I made this topic, so that people could post their thoughts about music that reminds them of Don't Starve (for any reason).Here's a quickly edited Don't Starve launch trailer, that I wanted to publish a long time ago, but didn't because of some personal reasons. And here's a song which (at least the begining of it) makes me to think about Don't Starve, maybe because it sounds somehow similar to "working at ruins" soundtrack.https://open.spotify.com/track/1DlBOQRf6gGpAS0azPizo7
  9. I guess we have either to burn or to explode the effigy
  10. A bit late, but still might be able to join to this thread. So now we are waiting?
  11. I tried to stream my don't starve gameplay, but with no success. I would like to know optimal settings that would let wiewers enjoy good quality (as much as it is possible) and non choppy stream. My pc specifications: Nvidia Geforce gtx 560 dual cooler Intel i5 3.00 ghz 8G ram 64 bit windows 7 All (or most of) help and tips are apreciated!
  12. Do you burn well? Can my grandma use you as a fuel for this winter?
  13. I use only display food values, and in some cases (when I need to check if there any rock lobsters wandering in overworld) were's my beefalo. Also my combat varies between tanking and kiting: if there's more than three monsters I tank or run away, if there's less than three i kite (numbers might vary a bit)
  14. Yah, then why not to make spider icon legless?
  15. Everyone knows that spider has 8 legs. Spiders in Don't starve world have 6, that's okay, since spiders there are different, but then why spider icon in a map has only 4 legs?