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  1. I can't seem to find an Eye Bone yet. Also, which Chester is more preferable in your opinion? Shadow or Snow?
  2. How many jerkies or food do I need in order to explore the ruins with a log suit.
  3. How many days longer does it take to dry a meat when it rains in spring. I got like 50 half rotten meat thanks to Beefalos and Rock Lobsters waiting for any available space on 8 racks D: ! And it rains.!
  4. Flare, it's very weird, but I waited like 10-20 days and only TWO lobsters spawn. I don't mind them infesting my world because I'm good at wiping out the population (gunpowder or let other lobster do the work). Just need more flint, rocks, and most importantly, meat!
  5. I don't know but for Deerclops I'll see "That sounds big!" around 4-5 times before it spawning, making me able to prepare myself. But for the Goose Moose I see the comment only twice before BAM! Here comes the Moose...Goose....Frankenstein hybrid. Bye bye 4 Beefalos.
  6. My Rock Lobsters won't spawn even if I bring them to the surface. Is it because of 6 Spider Queens near my cave entrance/exit? In the Vanilla it's like baby lobsters will spawn at the entrance first before coming up to the surface. Not sure here with RoG.
  7. Flare2V, I mean just enough for me to come and find bunch of silks everywhere without my bunnymen dying, or any spider dens gone.
  8. How many bunny men hutch should I build in order to effectively farm my spider set piece. You know, the rockyland biome with lots of spider dens?
  9. They will spawn madly when they see the light. No matter how many you kill. On the plus side, you'll now have endless supply of meat, flint, and rock. Just make sure to come by and control the population once every 5-10 days and your world won't be flooded with them.
  10. Does that mean that I killed them to near extinction and then they will spawn really slowly (didn't bring any to the surface because I'm lazy to exterminate them later)?? Today I went to my cave and killed all but 3 medium sized rock lobsters. Poor them .
  11. Rock Lobsters keep spawning when they are exposed to light. Does that mean that if I lead one to an opening in the cave with light rays (the "forest" part of the cave or the mushtree biome part), will they spawn like they are on the surface too? I remember that it works on my Vanilla game but I don't know if it still works in RoG.
  12. Why do some people's ice flingomatic flings only one snowball while some can fling like....3?
  13. I don't know but my traps snap them before they went back in again. >_>
  14. I think all people with berry farm must also be confident about their supply of Hound's Tooth right? Even though I have only 30 bushes I make sure that no gobbler will surive more than one second of their appearance. lol drumstick farm.
  15. My base is a complete mess of things that keep my survive forever ._. You can see that even if my base is in the Savannah Biome, I still am lazy to go pick them up, I brought like 50-70 of them to plant beside me. And another of around 30-40 berry bushes (not pictured).