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      Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      Today we released the Megapack retail eddition to store shelves on Xbox One and PS4.  YAY! Except. Something happened, and it seems the disc for the PS4 version only contains Don't Starve Together, without the original Don't Starve and DLC.  We don't know quite how this happened. We don't know exactly the extent of the issue, if it's all discs or just some; but we're talking to 505 Games to figure out exactly how this happened and what can be done to correct the issue. So just hang tight. As soon as we know more, we will let you all know.  We're very sorry for the inconvenience.   For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   


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  1. Geni's Random Art thread

    Hey guys! I don’t got much today but what I do have I’m really proud of. A friend of mine offered to teach me how to draw furries! I managed to do a pretty good job with her showing me the ropes.
  2. Mad Libs!

    Noun: Stop sign Game: don’t starve, monopoly, or fortnight Adjective: glistening Animal: donkey Adverb: swiftly Verb: ran Body Part: weenie Type of Plant: Lily Substance: ink Body Part: spine Article of Clothing: poncho bam
  3. Geni's Random Art thread

    Honestly I don't even know, I just wanted a line that would be funny to hear over and over as I worked.
  4. Nightmare fuel thread

    I'm screaming
  5. Nightmare fuel thread

    What the actual f*ck did I just watch?
  6. Geni's Random Art thread

    Heyo guys! I’m sad to say the next part won’t be out until next week as I have to work on my final animation project this week. ;-; But speaking on animation, here’s that thing I was talking about a little while back! Woot woot! I plan to see if I can refine it a little and get it smoother, but I think it’s pretty good for my first time doing something along its lines.
  7. Geni's Random Art thread

    Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from someone who was here at the beginning of this thread.
  8. The Cute Animal Thread

    Freakin cat crawled on top of my desk so he could sleep on his favorite jacket of mine.
  9. Geni's Random Art thread

    Hey guys! Here’s some art ^u^ Ok so this right here is sorta major comic spoilers, however by the time I even get to this part you’ll probably have forgotten about this so yeah. A doodle of myself! I censored the middle finger with my pencil lol. I love draw the squads and after getting into a game like Danganronpa how could I not do one?
  10. Mad Libs!

    Okey dokey! Sounds good to me! Maybe from here on out just ask for made up names?
  11. The Cute Animal Thread

    What a pretty little chubster! She looks so fluffy and fat its adorable.
  12. The Cute Animal Thread

    I gots some doggos and a catto for y’all
  13. Mentos's Little Art Wonderland

    Can’t wait to see it finished! It seems really cool.
  14. Mad Libs!

    horny (I have no idea if that word is allowed on the forums but if it isn’t I’ll gladly edit my post) or memelicious
  15. Mad Libs!

    Crabbybottoms the III or Obama