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How to Rebalance Don't Starve for Multiplayer? Console Commands Yes/No? page 16

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So we are getting Multiplayer. We know it won't affect the single player experience but let's discuss ways how the single player experience can be balanced to make Multiplayer just as challenging and fun to play as a team rather than alone.

Just some random ides to talk about. Feel free to share your thoughts on these and/or your own. This is by no means a complete list most of this has been thought about over the course of this thread, with more balancing issues cropping up.


Should there be PVP? My view on page 3. Announced as OPTIONAL

Should there be friendly fire/team killing? Confirmed as an option in PvE

Should monsters be harder to kill?

Should there be larger maps, bigger biomes? Announced as OPTIONAL

How will we gain aggro on monsters now that there are two or more of us in the same game?

Can we share loot?

Will Vargs now spawn in hound attacks (had to throw this in sorry)?

Will we need more World Customisation options?

How will sanity work? Will we be able to see our friends hallucinations even though we aren't going insane?

How will sleeping in tents work? If I go to sleep will the day skip for all of us?

Will each player now get their own Chester?

Hopefully each party is restricted to max 4 (any more and things get too out of hand). So will having 4 Chesters in game be right? - Discussed on page 15

Will we be able to store our loot in a friends Chester?

If there are 4 Chesters shouldn't there be a 4th new type of Chester?

If things get scaled up in difficulty can Chester have the ability to attack? Maybe a paralysing Gastly Lick attack?

4 Chesters mean 4 of the same thing tanking and distracting monsters.

Should Chester have regeneration of health?

Should Chester come back to life when spawned?

How will death work? If one player dies does the game end?

Can the dead player re join?

What do you think about player health/hunger/sanity bars? If we can see how high or low our friends health is we can share resources effectively without having to waste resources on someone who doesn't need it. Can you really trust someone desperate to survive?

Will Webbers spider followers attack us?

Will pig followers attack Webber?

Is there a problem with Rocklobsters? Page 14

A possible solution to quitting and rejoining in Don't Starve Together. Page 15

Should mods be allowed? It definitely should as a toggle on/off option set by Host. How would you solve this situation?

Any ideas/concerns? Let Klei know how you want Don't Starve Multiplayer to turn out. If anyone has made a previous suggestion thread and want their idea to be added in Multiplayer, please leave a link and your reasons why your idea will help rebalance single player for multiplayer. I'll add it to this post.

Edit: @polygone made an awesome contribution to this thread on page 8. Thanks a lot! His solution for death is here. Please feel free to discuss

Shadow Revive

When a player dies without means to revive themselves, they will respawn on next day as a 'shadow character'. This character will have fairly low, generic stats similar to a Wilson without a beard. They will also sport an appearance that resembles the nightmare creatures or a clone from the Codex Umbra, but be otherwise functionally identical to any other character you can play as but without the perks. As a shadow character, your main goal will be to find some means to revive yourself. If successful, you will be rewarded by becoming the character you were before you died and became a shadow. If you fail and die two more times as a shadow (totalling three strikes without a means of revival), then it will be counted as permenant death and you will be disallowed revival at that point.
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-Bosses should have a health multiplier based on the amount of people fighting it.

The number of hounds in each attack should increase based on the amount of people as well or at least make them stronger

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I think not the first persons but i like Wardens and also add bigger maps if its going multiplayer their can be Gigantic 1000 x 1000 Enormous 1500 x 1500

Ginormous (yes this is a real word it is enormous and gigantic combined) 2500 x 2500 (their is no word That describes bigger then Ginormous) 

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I'm thinking adding a health multiplier per player on each neutral and hostile mobs. Go hungry slower as it will be a pain in the neck feeding 3 others either that or make food easier to come by. Oh and of course make sure character specfic items can't be used by other characters as we wouldn't want Woodie running around with the Codex Umbra.

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I wonder how tents (sleeping in genral) will work. How can we balance that?

There should be needed 1 tent per person, then each person should use a tent and it would skip the night, the only exception would be Wickerbottom, wich would be awake and be an exception for it.

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Players attacking other players should only occur when sanity, health, or hunger are extremely low. I don't want Wigfrid and Wollfgang to murder everyone just because their extra stats make it possible. If a meter is low--especially at zero, killing a player wrongly can be harder and hold more risks.

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There should be needed 1 tent per person, then each person should use a tent and it would skip the night, the only exception would be Wickerbottom, wich would be awake and be an exception for it.


but does that mean the people in the tent just have to sit there all night doing nothing while Wickerbottom is off out with her mining helmet? doesnt sound much fun for them!

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Monster flinching would maybe have to be reduced, killing the Deer clops would be easy, one guy just wails away at it, while the other takes shots at it with an ice staff every time it goes to attack.


Spider + nests as well would go down in a second, as no one should get swarmed


But then again, Klei would have to take into account how many people are around doing this.

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