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  1. Wormwood worst than wes

    I have stacks and stacks of manure from just picking them up from pigs. Once you build more and more houses he can always heal himself, plus the shop that sells healing items helps a ton as well.
  2. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    It's pretty stable right now on the interiors beta (which has all the new stuff right now). But that's why the next update is only in beta testing, so it will be even more stable when the DLC offically releases next month. Overall I think Hamlet is a great DLC and bring major changes across the entire game. Houses and shops in RoG/Shipwrecked, merged crafting, and a nice twist on everything. Developments been slow but it has turned out nicely.
  3. Expanded house suggestions?

    DoyDoy room. You can bring DoyDoys into interiors and place them down, and they will breed and grow up. No need for pens or to worry about them dying. Just remember to visit the room every now and then to make their progress update.
  4. How do you all feel about wagstaff?

    Not just the DS world but he pokes fun at game logic. For example, he mentions how fuel sources only need to touch a fire pit to ignite it, or how chests have a lock on them yet they don't need a key, or says that he's intrigued how the Stalking Stick increases his speed by 30% exactly.
  5. I think I do know a way to fix if if you haven't already. I've had something similar to this and this is what I did to fix it: All you have to do is get the character to enter an interior, which will reset the view. You can do this by doing c_gonext to a structure you can enter ("playerhouse_city" for slanty shanty, for example) and then pressing space to make the character enter. What is happening is your character is technically running around on the surface but since you didn't use the exit for the interior, the game doesn't adjust the camera and unload the interior because it never got the message too do so. So you're really around somewhere in the world but you can't see. So entering an interior should fix this.
  6. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Wagstaff got me excited for what Wheeler could have been but she was pretty underwhelming. 2 new characters added, one that shoots lasers and can teleport across the map, and another that shoots rocks. Which one seemed to get the shorter end of the stick?
  7. wagstaff's fryfocal bug?

    I'm pretty sure if you use them while it's raining, Wagstaff has a chance to get struck by lighting. Wearing a raincoat would prevent that.
  8. A wormhole?! In Hamlet?

    It's probably related to this change: So the game probably checks to see if there is an area not accessible through normal means, and then makes a wormhole for it. Islands like this though have many uses, so consider it lucky.
  9. How do you all feel about wagstaff?

    The near nearsightedness does make it so that some things can't be interacted with until you get really close to them, so you may know what everything is but it's still a prominent downside. For example, you can't pick grass if it's too far away, Wagstaff just comments that it could theoretically be his Aunt or something. The real downside with him is you can't really use hats to restore sanity or keep warm/cool if you want to be able to see clearly.
  10. How do you all feel about wagstaff?

    Love him so far. His quotes funny as hell and poke fun at game logic (such as the plastic bag from Trailmix magically appearing), he looks great with and without his goggles, his craftables are all very useful and unique, and the near-sightness is an interesting downside that I don't mind managing.
  11. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Mechanics causing headaches is certainly an issue, but why don’t you just wear his goggles? He’s pretty much meant to always have them on. They last 10 days and are dirt cheap to craft.
  12. Wagstaff Lore

    In DST there are also quotes for things from singleplayer that never appear in DST.
  13. [Game Update] - 327766

    Ahhh I see. Soon enough we'll see his googly eyes in all their glory.
  14. [Game Update] - 327766

    Hmm, what about Wagstaff's goggles? They are still very low res compared to his character, and they even make his beard and stashe low res while wearing them (I assume the goggles change his entire face?)
  15. [Game Update] - 327257

    They migrate to and from the Volcano. If you follow them at the right times they will lead you straight to the volcano.