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  1. Silver Necklace for Woodie

    Wilba doesn't turn into a werewolf in the first place though.
  2. I think it was JoeW that said that the situation with Warbucks helped them realize characters could be a lot more than what they've been doing recently. That's why they went all out with Wormwood.
  3. A New Reign For Single Player

    Understandable situation, but probably not going to happen. Some features were just designed for multiplayer and multiplayer only, and some features only exist in the story after Charlie takes the throne. The recent QOL update already implemented some notable features from DST (beefalo riding, bundle wraps, signs, etc), the stuff they ported over is probably all they want to port over for now. There is nothing wrong with just playing singleplayer though. With DLC factored in, it already has a crap ton of more content than DST does.
  4. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    People are going crazy over who the new characters are while I'm over here excited about having more rooms in our houses.
  5. Give Wormwood exp gap

    It's likely they forgot to give him a requirement or it's a bug.
  6. Even surfboards become obsolete after a few days, they're not really that special.
  7. Walani makes since she is pretty much useless outside of Shipwrecked. Even Woodlegs is good outside of shipwrecked because of his treasure. Wigfrid has a niche in fighting but outside of that she has no utility at all for surviving, the simple fact she can't drink coffee is a big one too.
  8. Webber does seem like he should go higher. More hunger and health, never runs out of food, healing items, and silk, sanity is low but can always craft top hats, has a faster growing beard that insulates, can befriend a crap ton of spiders, can add spiders to areas/worlds they don't naturally exist in, etc. And this is all generally with little to no effort. Most of his advantage come from just clicking on spiders.
  9. Why we need merged crafting.

    This is pretty the best comeback and takedown I've ever seen on these forums.
  10. His hunger drain and pickiness offsets any benefits to his culinary perks and his chef pouch is kind of obsolete thanks to Bundling Wraps.
  11. According to Kristi (DST's writer), she didn't work on this DLC. That could part of it. To a degree it makes sense since Wigfrid is only acting, even if she takes it far.
  12. Its funny but sad...

    The baggage is this entire controversy, and these threads lately have proved Joe's point. Anytime anyone looks at Warbucks now, he is only going to be associated with this whole situation rather than his character and in-game implications. The character's image is ruined at this point and that's the issue with re-adding him. Even if they revised his backstory and dialogue, even if they made him more interesting, this whole thing is still going to be there in the back of people's minds.
  13. Why we need merged crafting.

    I think crafting recipes should be merged, but only after you've prototyped a DLC item in its respective world. That way progression remains intact.
  14. Its funny but sad...

    Things are definitely being blown out of proportion. Let's just lay down some basic facts: No one complained directly to Klei about Warbucks not being culturally appropriate, racist, or whatever. This wasn't caused by SJW's. There was only one thread pointing out Warbucks' British Imperialism traits. It wasn't even a heated debate. Warbucks' strings had already been changed long before he was removed to address that one thread. Warbucks was left in the game so people could still play him if they desired and was not swept under a rug to hide him from the triggered people that don't actually exist The fact that matters is Warbucks just wasn't interesting to play as from a game perspective and resources were better spent making something more unique and useful for not only Hamlet but Don't Starve as a whole, across all DLC. Sure, they could have kept him in and re-worked him, but the end result would most likely still be something underwhelming just like most of the Shipwrecked characters. You can only do so much with that character concept. Honestly the whole reaction to this is just childish in my opinion. People are even threatening to boycott Klei's games. Whether or not you agree with the decision to remove him is one thing, but their reasons were justified with good merit to make the game better and not try to sweep something under a rug. Just think about it. If the issue was his backstory and what he could represent, they would have just slapped his stats on a new character completely on a new slate. But they changed everything, including gameplay. That would seem to indicate the character as a whole just wasn't working the way they wanted. People have a right to their opinions, and yeah, if I had my favorite character or just one I liked suddenly removed I'd be upset too, but not so far as to slander the game and boycott for trival reasons.
  15. Bring back Warbucks

    Nothing is fully publicized in early access. It's in development. Not finished. Subject to change or be removed. All of that is advertised. The only difference with Warbucks compared to all the other scrapped characters is we got to witness what happens when a character doesn't make the cut. The other characters we never got to see because we never had the chance to see their development. That's it.