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  1. Nerf Poison

    Man, if people still whine about poison nowadays, imagine if they were around back when it used to last forever in early Shipwrecked days.
  2. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Seems a bit odd to say considering they gave thousands of copies Hamlet away for free to all beta testers. The game is now 8 years old, it's a shock they even developed a 3rd DLC for a game this old when DST is the more modern version of the engine with more players and clearly makes money than DS. If money was purely the goal, no resources would have ever been put into DS post-Shipwrecked, because they can make more money off skins and new characters with less development cost. Could Hamlet have been better? Yeah, probably. Development appeared to have gotten rough at the end. I would love post-release content update similar to what they did with Shipwrecked (which was 100 times worse than Hamlet at release, may I remind you. Bugs everywhere, clearly missing features, etc. Much worse than Hamlet is right now.) If this is end of Singleplayer support, I'd say the game got a happy ending with Hamlet completely changing the game across all 3 DLC's, especially for end-game mega basing which Hamlet expands upon. What characters specifically? Most of them are still really good since they weren't dumbed down for multiplayer, or made completely dependent on the presence of other players. Saying there is no reason to play DS anymore is a bit of stretch when it's still greatly different from DST and appeals to solo players. The original uncompromising game design got completely thrown out the window in DST with ghosts and server rollbacks, it's missing 2 entire worlds of content along with the characters associated with them (DST doesn't even have Wagstaff still, despite the fact he is a base game character), and actually offers less content to a player who prefers solo play. So there's definitely reasons, it mostly just comes down to whether or not you want to play alone.
  3. I can imagine it's tricky at this point. Now that the entire map is being utilized but is still limited in size, it's hard to find a good balance of land and water in a game where the worlds are RNG and do unnatural things. They didn't need to worry about this in Shipwrecked since it was a separate world you went to with a portal, but in DST they are trying to cram as much content as they can in one map without using another server, like they had to do with caves.
  4. slanty shanty

    The Mayor has one of the most useful trades in the game though...
  5. slanty shanty

    The default Slanty in Swinesburry is not very useful IMO, you're too far away from the center of the starting island to make a decent base, better off just rushing a key to the city and building your own in the center.
  6. Is Warly rework coming to Don't Starve as well?

    Warly isn't going to be any better if they ported his re-work. His re-work is just awful for solo play. He's needs to be buffed but copy and pasting the DST re-work is not the way to go.
  7. Is Warly rework coming to Don't Starve as well?

    Warly needs to be changed. The DST re-work is not the way to go though, it's awful for solo play.
  8. So uh when is Warbucks coming back?

    They could of, but the issue at that point was Warbucks was only ever going to be remembered for that mess rather than his character, regardless of them changing the quotes or making him better. It was safer for them to start from scratch because the character's reputation to the community was already ruined by that event.
  9. Shadow Puppet Mod?

    No Dark Sword an Night Armor, dapperness nerfed from 20 sanity per minute to 6.75, no starting purple gem to rush shadow manipulator. Those were all of his main aspects other than his book and the only one he retained in DST was his dapperness in a nerfed form.
  10. Not sure if this was already pointed out, but regular DS pigs will defend their Hamlet relatives if you attack them. Probably works the opposite way with the guards. I would assume all pigs across all DLC's share common code that would result in that. Just thought it was interesting.
  11. Shadow Puppet Mod?

    They’re good in DST because all his other aspects from single player got mega-nerfed. I don’t think there is a mod the ports it over, maybe someone could in the future.
  12. If someone is even able to place the hedges in the first place, hounds are already trivial to them.
  13. Being in the mountains and highlands probably means Hamlet is effected differently by the moon compared to the rest of the Constant. Just a guess.
  14. Perhaps they can be added to the oddities shop.
  15. Any chance on tweaking characters' graphic design ?

    This belongs in suggestions, not the bug tracker.