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  1. The idea that the survivors are like Maxwell probably ties into why he picked most of them to come to the Constant. If you want to dig deeper, possibly into lore no longer canon since it's years and years old from unused strings (disclaimer there), Maxwell's big unused head was meant to say these strings in adventure mode in DS: MAXWELL_ADVENTURE_HEAD = "We're not so different, you and I.", "That's why I brought you here.", "That's why I brought all of them here.", "Oh, did you think you were the first?", "HA!" "It's just that..." "I've become accustomed to winning." "Fine. Just remember that you chose this."
  2. Wasn't that functionality patched into singleplayer? I know I can hold items in the cursor and pitchfork turf at the same time, unless you mean something different
  3. Saying it sucks is a bit much. Lots of people including myself still find DS superior to DST in a lot of ways especially if you do not care much for multiplayer. A singleplayer Don't Starve world with RoG+SW+HAM all combined in the same slot with merged crafting is a completely different experience from DST, and arguably more meaningful content that isn't just tailored for multiplayer. More importantly, thanks to world merging, different mechanics from different DLC's can all interact with each other which kind of becomes the end game. Singleplayer also has endless materials thanks to the teleportato affecting individual DLC worlds and resetting the cave/ruins layers. (Day 1000 RoG world for example) Regarding Hamlet in DST, I don't see how they can do it without severely neutering down what exists in singleplayer. and/or re-doing it completely. Take the slanty shanty for example, the buildable player houses. Standing inside one gives a sanity boost like a tam, and charlie can't touch you at all while inside. If hounds or a giant are getting ready to spawn and you are inside, they will wait until you go outside to attack. Those aren't even the biggest plus sides though, interiors in DS work like pocket dimensions. Even if you destroy a house the interior still remains, every item, mob, or structure inside an interior is effectively immune from harm aside from something stupid like Krampus or a lit up mob following you inside. That's because all interiors in a world exist in one specific spot outside of bounds, and are flipped through as needed depending on which structure or room the players enters. How does that work with multiple players now? How would it handle two different players in two different interiors? How many players at once could this handle? Just one of many things to be considered if they were to do it.
  4. There are some changes I think could be ported over (especially from DST's latest QOL update), but you have to keep in mind a lot of features in DST don't make sense to port back to singleplayer, and vice versa. If there was more content that made sense to port over I don't think it would be a large amount. The most radical addition in the QOL update was the bundle warps and a lot of people don't agree with it since it trivializes food spoilage and is not hard to get at all, so there may be a limit to want is actually good for the game. Right now though, the last QOL update and the state of hamlet could use polish before worrying about more content at any point in the future. This game came out in 2013 - we should lower our expectations a bit as well to whether or not something like that may happen. It's incredible it even continued to get more content after its "sequel" was released.
  5. He seems like the next Maxwell to me. Maxwell didn't start out evil obviously. His hope of being a magician went down the toilet, he found a book that let him into the real thing, dabbled into things he shouldn't have, grew quite the ego and he let it consume him. He was compelled to bring others into the constant when he did get on the throne all the way up until Wilson freed him. Wagstaff seems very fascinated, but things like wanting to bring nightmare fuel to the real world is a scary thought when you look at what happened to the ruins. He doesn't seem evil but he seems old enough to maybe not think logically all the time about the outcome of his actions. A sweet, senile but incredibly intelligent old man wrecking havoc. Does he want to help? Or is he just doing research for his own reasons? He has a keen interest in the nightmare throne when examined in singleplayer, you bet your butt he would say yes to going on the chair if offered. He has some sort of destiny he is chasing.
  6. The question of "what is Them?" has always been seemingly up in the air. The only insight we have ever really gotten so far about Them is Maxwell's dialogue at the end of Adventure mode in the original singleplayer game: From what he said there, I've always thought Maxwell was trying to say that the shadow creatures were "them". He is not sure what They want, but They are watching him all the time, and he has to stay dapper because Them. Maybe that's where Kevin tried to go many years ago when he wrote those strings? Doesn't seem to be the case anymore if so. Maxwell in the original singleplayer game still thinks that a lantern "will keep Them away" despite the name of the update arc in DST implying they were not in the constant already or are an active threat. Maybe once the ruins lore from the Metheus puzzle was conceived, they had a better idea of where they wanted to take things? I doubt everything was planned out since 2013. Maxwell's conflicting information about what existed in the world when he first showed up is a thing too.
  7. I mean he's in the game but "playable" eventually is a big if since there are now story reasons he wouldn't be.
  8. I don't play DST much anymore but in DS I always explore for about 16 days, sometimes longer if I know I can be ready for winter in time. Making a base early on wastes more time than you think in some starts. First 20 days you want to gather as much as you can, find immovable keypoints of the map, and save inventory space by pre-building structures you know you will need later. Then evaluate what you have uncovered and decide a place to plop everything. If you can't survive to winter even in DST there are deeper problems in your gameplay than just exploring.
  9. A fourth DLC is beyond mortal comprehension currently.
  10. I got the same speech here shortly before SW got more content, we'll see I guess. If anything though having more money would only mean there is a higher chance it's worth coming back to DS, if it's more financially viable to make more content.
  11. Hamlet didn't come out THAT long ago. It should go without saying the devs are focused on DST, but we aren't any in any different of a state we were in the same amount of time after Shipwrecked came out, which got an update not to long after.
  12. I've been saying this since 2014 when RoG first came out for the original Don't Starve: Now we have come full circle. Needless to say, even with the additions and changes in DST such as the Oasis or Antlion, not much has really changed in ~7 years, other than the Dragonfly being made into a raid boss and thus making Summer have even less content. Summer is still just a roadblock for any productivity that doesn't involve directly combating its mechanics, because there's not much else to do during the season in the first place. Removing or re-working wildfires (which already got dumbed down and made easier in DST) is still not the solution though and would only further enhance the problem.
  13. Hamlet is overdue for a bug fix update at least, console ports are probably in worse shape but hamlet itself across all platforms is not in the best shape.
  14. Webber worked a lot better in singleplayer, you could embrace taking over the world with spiders because there were no real people to complain. But he didn't transition very well into DST. A re-work is probably due for him the most since his gameplay is mostly making his spiders kill each other for infinite loot and foot.