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  1. Well, Kevin was the lead creator of the game back then. He wrote the quotes for the original base game characters and most "lore" was written on the spot back in the day, hence a lot of inconsistencies.
  2. Lots of Maxwell's original dialogue (originally written by Kevin when the original game released) doesn't line up with some of the recent lore. His speech at the end of adventure mode is one of them for sure.
  3. Do developers check bug tracker?

    It's still a crappy situation, don't get me wrong. I'm definitely in favor for at least one more decent update, even just general polish.
  4. Do developers check bug tracker?

    Not saying I disagree entirely, but that answer more or less should have been the expected answer in first place. Game development and the business behind it can change on a dime for a multitude of reasons at any point in time, which means public relations and trust needs to be handled carefully, because anything they say can be outdated or irrelevant at any time for any reason, even if it's not on purpose. In situations such as this where a certain project is not a primary focus but people are asking "HEY! What's up?", you the game developer can't just outright say "we'll work on this in the future" or "we won't work on this" unless you are literally able to predict the future, because circumstances can change even unexpectedly. So, lots of what they say needs to be future proofed to keep trust. Saying "if we happen to" is completely different then "When" in this context. For example, they could announce that they have plans for Hamlet in the future, even just bugfixes. But what if they never get to those plans? What if they did start working on it, but then have to shelf or scrap it completely later on because circumstances changed? That would piss people off at least 10 times more, trust between the company and players would be damaged, and it all could have been avoided by just being silent and showing something only when its ready. But at the same time, they can say "x project is done/never happening" but circumstances later change to where it is viable/possible to work on it, making the original statement seem utterly silly or hypocritical. How many threads were locked under the notion that multiplayer in Don't Starve will never exist, again? Would more communication be helpful and quell some of the tension behind it? Perhaps, it does seem like Hamlet was just left in the dark with no comment, which is concerning considering the state of the game and the sheer amount of bugs still present, or features that feel half-baked. But "no one is working on it at this time" is a pretty standard reason for why a game isn't being developed, for whatever reasons as to why. It's not worded that way for no reason, Joe's response was short but the word choice was careful, and it's not because he a shady game politician trying to shove this all under a rug like it was some conspiracy. My thoughts overall are that the devs do probably want to go back to Hamlet eventually, but the question as to whether or not they can or will is still up in the air until they know. DST is obviously in very active development, and likely makes a good a chunk of money decent enough players counts right now to keep it in active development, so a chunk of devs will stay with it. And of course, they develop other games that aren't 6 years old that are going to have to pay the bills when DS/T eventually bites the bullet in the long term, so giving a solid answer on the future of Hamlet would indeed be a very hard at the moment, despite how negative the forums are about it. TL;DR PR in game development is tricky. If it gives you any hope, we were in a similar situation with Shipwrecked after it released, except there was complete radio silence about it until Home Sea Home was announced. Hamlet itself was also announced in that same thread. I know it's not completely assuring, but it's at least important to not be so negative. Showing that there is still love and support for this game can only help the situation if it has an impact, remember that.
  5. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Seems a bit odd to say considering they gave thousands of copies Hamlet away for free to all beta testers. The game is now 8 years old, it's a shock they even developed a 3rd DLC for a game this old when DST is the more modern version of the engine with more players and clearly makes money than DS. If money was purely the goal, no resources would have ever been put into DS post-Shipwrecked, because they can make more money off skins and new characters with less development cost. Could Hamlet have been better? Yeah, probably. Development appeared to have gotten rough at the end. I would love post-release content update similar to what they did with Shipwrecked (which was 100 times worse than Hamlet at release, may I remind you. Bugs everywhere, clearly missing features, etc. Much worse than Hamlet is right now.) If this is end of Singleplayer support, I'd say the game got a happy ending with Hamlet completely changing the game across all 3 DLC's, especially for end-game mega basing which Hamlet expands upon. What characters specifically? Most of them are still really good since they weren't dumbed down for multiplayer, or made completely dependent on the presence of other players. Saying there is no reason to play DS anymore is a bit of stretch when it's still greatly different from DST and appeals to solo players. The original uncompromising game design got completely thrown out the window in DST with ghosts and server rollbacks, it's missing 2 entire worlds of content along with the characters associated with them (DST doesn't even have Wagstaff still, despite the fact he is a base game character), and actually offers less content to a player who prefers solo play. So there's definitely reasons, it mostly just comes down to whether or not you want to play alone.
  6. Not sure if this was already pointed out, but regular DS pigs will defend their Hamlet relatives if you attack them. Probably works the opposite way with the guards. I would assume all pigs across all DLC's share common code that would result in that. Just thought it was interesting.
  7. If someone is even able to place the hedges in the first place, hounds are already trivial to them.
  8. Perhaps they can be added to the oddities shop.
  9. Any chance on tweaking characters' graphic design ?

    This belongs in suggestions, not the bug tracker.
  10. [Game Update] - 341281

    I don’t think anyone actually fights the Pugalisk for the water. Just grab and run.
  11. Can not place turf under pigshop

    You can manually turn off the controller in control settings.
  12. Can not place turf under pigshop

    This probably should get fixed, but for some advice you don't need to remove the shop, just switch to your mouse controls and place the turf by clicking on a side of the grid that isn't blocked by the shop.
  13. pigs pay taxes multiple times

    It's caused by re-loading the world during Tax day, not just world hopping specifically The pig traders think they need to pay you again upon reloading.
  14. Vortex cloak placement issue

    I get this bug too, but all the times when just wearing the cloak in general. I believe it's related to the particles the Cloak emits around the character, the particles themselves can block clicking as well as interrupt certain actions such as placing structures.
  15. [Game Update] - 335195

    It's a big deal with merged worlds. If you go to Hamlet from RoG or SW, you are stuck with that Hamlet world forever without a Teleportato. You could get bad world gen or run out of resources, but your merged world is stuck with that world anyway.