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  1. It's still unsure what was around before Maxwell. He claims there was nothing there when he got there (just dust, the void, an Them) yet things like Merms or Marble structures were there before he got there. Lots of the original Maxwell singleplayer lines outright contradict lore established in DST, could be an oversight, but that's besides the point anyway.
  2. Not sure if this was already pointed out, but regular DS pigs will defend their Hamlet relatives if you attack them. Probably works the opposite way with the guards. I would assume all pigs across all DLC's share common code that would result in that. Just thought it was interesting.
  3. I don’t think anyone actually fights the Pugalisk for the water. Just grab and run.
  4. You can manually turn off the controller in control settings.
  5. This probably should get fixed, but for some advice you don't need to remove the shop, just switch to your mouse controls and place the turf by clicking on a side of the grid that isn't blocked by the shop.
  6. It's caused by re-loading the world during Tax day, not just world hopping specifically The pig traders think they need to pay you again upon reloading.
  7. I get this bug too, but all the times when just wearing the cloak in general. I believe it's related to the particles the Cloak emits around the character, the particles themselves can block clicking as well as interrupt certain actions such as placing structures.
  8. It's a big deal with merged worlds. If you go to Hamlet from RoG or SW, you are stuck with that Hamlet world forever without a Teleportato. You could get bad world gen or run out of resources, but your merged world is stuck with that world anyway.
  9. Whenever Frog Rain takes place in RoG, and you are inside an interior, frogs will still rain into the interior and the void area outside the interior. Same thing happens when a giant spawns and you are inside an interior, they will be off wandering in the void.
  10. That's kinda besides the point: He is nothing like Warbucks.
  11. I don't recall Warbucks being able to teleport across the map, shoot lasers out of his eyes, have night vision, or farm trees the most effectively.
  12. In merged worlds Hamlet is a huge game changer and appeals to end-game mega basing. Lamp posts, shops, houses, etc are all huge features to be able to build RoG or Shipwrecked. The issue is Hamlet just doesn't stand up on its own though compared to SW. Once the new factor wears off, people are just going to rush the Key to the City and just make their base and city in RoG, never having to go back to Hamlet because there really is no reason too once you get all the Royal Gallery items and unique boss loot, the boss loot not even being that good. Even the exploration falls short because there are much better and faster ways to earn oincs that don't involve going into the ruins. It doesn't help huge features such as a Telepotato are missing too. Once you merge with Hamlet, you're stuck with that world no matter how bad RNG is or if you run out of resources.
  13. It was delayed multiple times. It should have been out last year technically. Something went wrong, but I don't think "rushed" is the right word when they didn't make their deadline multiple times. A rushed job would have been if it was released back in December in the state it was in, as originally planned. I think what happened was all the attention was put into the new interior system and merged crafting, because of the sheer amount of bugs and weird interactions caused by that. That was a huge huge change for ALL worlds and DLC's which probably took more time than they thought. Wheeler's first designs weren't working out either so they probably had to further divide attention to her. I would imagine the DS team isn't as big as the DST team either. But of course, they have a budget too, and I think giving the game away for free to thousands wasn't helping. As generous as that was and appreciated, I feel it made have had an impact on development.
  14. You can build cities, houses and shops in RoG, SW, Caves, etc. They are technically separated but once you merge worlds that’s when the good stuff happens.