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  1. Copium but it's what would happen in an ideal timeline.
  2. Maxwell never finds Wilson after adventure mode and just plays chess for eternity against shadows... of himself.
  3. It's a valid point that WX eating gears to begin with was designed around a singleplayer context. In DSA there is no one to complain about you, so if you eat all the gears trying to buff yourself but don't leave any for crafting that's your fault. Though not even that happens, scarcity with gears also is not an issue in DSA,. They weren't used in a lot of recipes and you only need to think of yourself, so once you made a couple things they were disposable. In Shipwrecked you practically drown in so many gears you have no where to put them with no use, and in Hamlet you can just outright buy them from shops. As far as multiplayer is concerned, none of the above is applicable. WX was not balanced with multiple players in mind or gear scarcity created from having more than 1 person, so they can start fresh and determine what he actually is in DST. It obviously makes sense for WX to still have a connection to gears, but that should not entail being encouraged to make them all vanish for his own instant benefit when the context is completely different in a multiplayer game. A whole group of survivors being able to store food efficiently early on means infinitely more than gigachad WX-78 maxing his stats while already not suffering from spoilage. He can still use them to heal though, so endgame situations probably are not going to be different when it comes to that. That's not as reasonable though early on when everyone needs them.
  4. Probably will be filled out once we see the new short and understand the context. They wouldn't want to spoil everything in the beta branch, I think the same happened with Wolfgang's entry regarding his interaction with Maxwell.
  5. WX had to be incredibly terrifying for even Wagstaff to want to call time out.
  6. Maybe make Hamlet feel like a finished product for singleplayer first before even porting the content to DST.
  7. Game was originally made under the intention of never being a multiplayer game, some people still prefer it that way.
  8. Got used to the old menu for probably almost a decade; it had remained unchanged since singleplayer basically. I don't play DST a lot but after an hour today of trying the new crafting out it is clear to me they made the right choice, I was crafting my normal routine pretty naturally and faster eventually than the old UI. It looks slick, you see everything in pages which is more than scrolling, you can pin important stuff, you can search, and filter out irrelevant things. Categories also make more sense since lots of items were one thing functionally but are crafted elsewhere. You can change the size if it's in the way. I don't even know what most of the stuff in the game is anymore; but I can find it easily and fast if I wanted to instead of having to scroll through years of crap I never paid attention to. I can see if you get used to it then it is so much more functional than the old menu. Not to say it's perfect; there are good suggestions in this thread, but making it an option is out of the question now so it is time to move on. If they want to change this game at a deeper level then this had to be done even if it will take time for some people to come around. Doing something like adding a bunch of craftables every update would have eventually made the old menu too slow to navigate, many items clogging up the menu that you would have to scroll through. But now the game can have triple the amount of craftables if they wanted to and it wouldn't be an issue navigating things.
  9. I am not sure if the the game could even handle the another dlc. It's like a Frankenstein monster already being used to do things it was never meant to do. Shipwrecked was never even supposed to be part of the main game at first, integrating it into the main game was a last minute choice and implementation that carried onto Hamlet. IMO Hamlet needs more fixes (there's some nasty stuff in there still) and an extra content update like shipwrecked got before anything else if they decided to update DS again. Otherwise QOL changes from DST would be a best case scenario IMO but I'm really not counting on it, there is a time you have to accept this game is complete.
  10. Not sure if this was already pointed out, but regular DS pigs will defend their Hamlet relatives if you attack them. Probably works the opposite way with the guards. I would assume all pigs across all DLC's share common code that would result in that. Just thought it was interesting.
  11. I don’t think anyone actually fights the Pugalisk for the water. Just grab and run.
  12. You can manually turn off the controller in control settings.
  13. This probably should get fixed, but for some advice you don't need to remove the shop, just switch to your mouse controls and place the turf by clicking on a side of the grid that isn't blocked by the shop.