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  1. Some responses from Joe about this from the Steam Forums: and regarding porting content between both games (HAM+SW to DST in OP's context) More or less, working on singleplayer again is not impossible, but it's not currently what they are working on. Don't take this as 100% confirmation.
  2. Wouldn't mind a new Maxwell short at the least. We still have no clue exactly what happened after he and Charlie got pulled in.
  3. I mean people said the same exact thing after Shipwrecked came out and was seemingly abandoned. Meanwhile they had already spent a long time working on something while the sky was falling here. Don't be a pessimist. The game is also about 7 years old, not getting another update may be a reality you have to accept when the time does come. Now? Later? Not sure. But it's fact the updates have to end eventually.
  4. Not sure if this was already pointed out, but regular DS pigs will defend their Hamlet relatives if you attack them. Probably works the opposite way with the guards. I would assume all pigs across all DLC's share common code that would result in that. Just thought it was interesting.
  5. If someone is even able to place the hedges in the first place, hounds are already trivial to them.
  6. I don’t think anyone actually fights the Pugalisk for the water. Just grab and run.
  7. You can manually turn off the controller in control settings.
  8. This probably should get fixed, but for some advice you don't need to remove the shop, just switch to your mouse controls and place the turf by clicking on a side of the grid that isn't blocked by the shop.
  9. It's caused by re-loading the world during Tax day, not just world hopping specifically The pig traders think they need to pay you again upon reloading.
  10. I get this bug too, but all the times when just wearing the cloak in general. I believe it's related to the particles the Cloak emits around the character, the particles themselves can block clicking as well as interrupt certain actions such as placing structures.
  11. It's a big deal with merged worlds. If you go to Hamlet from RoG or SW, you are stuck with that Hamlet world forever without a Teleportato. You could get bad world gen or run out of resources, but your merged world is stuck with that world anyway.
  12. Whenever Frog Rain takes place in RoG, and you are inside an interior, frogs will still rain into the interior and the void area outside the interior. Same thing happens when a giant spawns and you are inside an interior, they will be off wandering in the void.
  13. That's kinda besides the point: He is nothing like Warbucks.