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  1. I got the same speech here shortly before SW got more content, we'll see I guess. If anything though having more money would only mean there is a higher chance it's worth coming back to DS, if it's more financially viable to make more content.
  2. I've honestly forgotten he ever existed for a good year until this thread was made.
  3. Hamlet didn't come out THAT long ago. It should go without saying the devs are focused on DST, but we aren't any in any different of a state we were in the same amount of time after Shipwrecked came out, which got an update not to long after.
  4. That was already 100% confirmed to be Wagstaff. There is no other "mr boss man", Wagstaff literally founded the radio company.
  5. Most of us here understand what they mean by "DLC character", right? It doesn't just mean a character that comes from the DLC's. It just means you pay for it, like Wortox or Wurt, who do not come from Hamlet or shipwrecked and are completely new. Wormwood has been the only exception so far, since Warly was free and not DLC. The answer is most likely nothing on that poll.
  6. Most of these things are not just quality of life changes, and would not benefit singleplayer DS much if added. A lot stuff was designed with multiplayer in mind and doesn't mechanically make as much sense in singleplayer. The re-works for example are mostly oriantened around other players being present to be most effective. Honestly, I think singleplayer DS is fine the way it is, save for perhaps a lot of bug fixes added from Hamlet. As a finished game I don't even see how things can be pushed even further after Hamlet. With all 3 DLC involved at once in a save, there is still a lot of content not in DST and it is a different experience when you are in the end game phase and start mixing DLC. That's why I still enjoy it personally, and today I just got to day 1000 in my RoG world (obviously with DLC merged together). DST can never match some of this stuff, DS's endgame is deeeep now with merged crafting and Hamlet structures. I mean I'd love more content and would buy any new DLC's still, but DS more or less got the ending it deserved if they have no plans to add anything else. Hamlet while introducing interesting and complex mechanics, still feels kind of rough and bare I will admit, and it's still buggy. One more content update like they did for Shipwrecked would be awesome, but if not I wouldn't be that upset. It's an old game at this point and DST is still a "sequel of sorts".
  7. I've been saying this since 2014 when RoG first came out for the original Don't Starve: Now we have come full circle. Needless to say, even with the additions and changes in DST such as the Oasis or Antlion, not much has really changed in ~7 years, other than the Dragonfly being made into a raid boss and thus making Summer have even less content. Summer is still just a roadblock for any productivity that doesn't involve directly combating its mechanics, because there's not much else to do during the season in the first place. Removing or re-working wildfires (which already got dumbed down and made easier in DST) is still not the solution though and would only further enhance the problem.
  8. I think Wagstaff has bigger purpose in the story, enough so he probably couldn't be added as a character in DST. He has his a rather morbid interest in dark magic, and seems to have been actively searching for the Nightmare Throne. He's involved enough in Maxwell's traps that Winona linked all the strange disappearances to him and his radio. He's crazy enough that he would take Nightmare Fuel back home if he could to revolutionize the world, which is rather ominous given the fate of the last civilization that harnessed it. But ya know I could be wrong, Wagstaff just seems like he could easily shape up to be the next Maxwell though if they went in that direction. Just another person getting too curious in things they shouldn't know.
  9. Wagstaff is probable but I believe it's been said in the past there were no plans to add him to DST. Could change any time though, he seems centric to the lore.
  10. Hamlet is overdue for a bug fix update at least, console ports are probably in worse shape but hamlet itself across all platforms is not in the best shape.
  11. Kevin fought for not changing Wilson pretty well during the Strange New Powers update in the original DS, his point being he is the default baseline character and doesn't need more than his beard. It made sense back then, Wilson didn't have huge perks but didn't really have downsides either as he's the default character, but in DST Wilson isn't the default character anymore when the whole roster is available to begin with (minus paid). So whether or not his original DS design has the same purpose isn DST up for debate I suppose. This is also back when characters weren't that different and were more of stat changes than re-workings of how someone plays the game. Obviously that's different now in DST.
  12. Webber worked a lot better in singleplayer, you could embrace taking over the world with spiders because there were no real people to complain. But he didn't transition very well into DST. A re-work is probably due for him the most since his gameplay is mostly making his spiders kill each other for infinite loot and foot.
  13. It's still a bit iffy on who "they" are. Maxwell's old dialogue in singleplayer (adventure mode and his old character lines) seemed to suggest they are the shadow creatures, saying they were there when he got there, and he doesn't know what they want and stays dapper to avoid them (i.e the sanity mechanic). But if they were before, it doesn't seem so anymore in-canon at least after the ruins lore in DST was conceived. That whole period between when Maxwell and Charlie got pulled in and when Maxwell was compelled to trap people is still left untold, I hope a new animation explains it one day. Maxwell picks out people who are just like him - desperate and willing to do anything to change something in their life. I don't think he can just snatch anyone where though, they probably have to sell their soul in a way before they are trapped. With Wigfrid it was easy, she was depressed and seemed to live in another world to feel happy anyway, so it wouldn't take a lot of effort for Maxwell to convince her if he took advantage of that. Wilson maybe needed a bit more convincing and would not go willingly, so Maxwell gave him knowledge and had him build a machine with his own blood, tricking him with his desire to invent something.
  14. The delay you get in solo play from adding caves is very normal.
  15. Because I've been on these forums since 2013 and this is the most active sub forum.