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  1. Can be easy for get materials like beard, 1 wilson is resurrection statues for all
  2. Why al hates the idea PVP? Is a game for survive, you need kill others for his security
  3. What happen if.. The gnome says to Wllow... "burn your friends".. Willow did this... and all die End of this mode? We need delete the gnome, he is a AUTHENTIC psycho, he ruins the game! (This remember me to chuki )
  4. I dont see why we need roofs in the multiplayer mode..
  5. Dont funny respawn in this game. Your friends can wait for you die
  6. Separate? Really? You need survive! I dont think you like survive with the creepy wendy and the psycho willow, you need kill they for his segurity. PVP is really necessary
  7. I am super excited? Who think this? No one think this ruin the game? Maybe can be funny if the multiplayer is for wars, fight with other players can be fun, but work togheter for survive.. mm.. not fun.
  8. This puzzle still not finished Just is beginning (?)