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  1. Here's what happened, I have another YouTube Channel and people were stealing my videos and re-uploading them. And like any YouTuber, I used YouTube's copyright system to help get those videos removed. But after I submitted my claims. They said I entered a fake name and address, which I didn't. After that happened, they took that channel down and my main channel. I have filed two appeals for each channel. But I haven't gotten any news back. Now I have no idea what to do, if anyone knows anyone who works at YouTube. Who can help me out with this. I would really approach it. If you guys have any suggestions on what I should do next, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this and all the support. Over the years and I hope you have a great day. Skull24
  2. Looks like Woodie got an upgrade.
  3. A quick video that breaks this trailer down, a bit.
  4. I'll show you how to unlock Wilba!!!!!!
  5. I give you all the info on The Gentleman Hunter.
  6. Just in case you missed it. I show you how to get into the Hamlet Closed Beta.
  7. This is The Gorge BreakDown. Forgot to rename "The Gorge" to "The Gnaw", my bad.
  8. I'm sure you know 90% of everything in this video.
  9. This is a cozy yule log fireplace scene to enjoy looking at during Christmas on your TV or large PC screen.
  10. This one is about the Bee Queen.
  11. I show you how to make Jellybeans.