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  1. I'd like a mod that significantly increased the flingomatics range.. this would need an increase in profjectile speed too i guess if it was to still be reliable. Also a range checker for lightning rods similar to the flingomatic range check mod would be very useful. Finally, a mod that allowed for Renaming and Deleting of user created world presets would be amazing.
  2. nice work rezecib. any chance you could turn your attention to the wormhole markers mod when you get time?
  3. No, he's raging because HE THINKS everyone else besides him is getting in.
  4. If everyone who got into beta played nice klei wouldnt get any useful information about greifing. Maybe they will add some kind of anti greifing measures, and if that happens you could argue that the beta testers who are greifing DID make the game better for everyone else. Or maybe everyone can be really cooperative on beta, then when it's released we can deal with the griefing problem to cries of "it wasnt like this in beta" and "how could we have forseen such a thing"
  5. aah yeah, that must be what it was (was trying to give it a walking cane). i never knew there was that dinstinction before, sorry for misreport.. in that case, the mod works perfectly
  6. damn right spencer! many thanks for this mod _Q_
  7. wow _Q_ This and the ice flingomatic range mod are the 2 things i have wanted in the game for a loooooong time- and you made BOTH of them! Thank you so much. The only problem i have found with it is that you can no longer give things to a wormhole. But i rarely use that feature anyway.
  8. cant wait! So it looks like whatever you try to say as a ghost comes out as "oooooOOOOOoOOOooOOOooo".. loving that!
  9. i thought "i'm not your pal, buddy!"
  10. i arrange my firepits/flingomaticsw like this: O:O Where the O is the flingomatic range and the dots in the colon are firepits.
  11. Winston! And when he starts to freeze he should say "chill winston!"
  12. The main room of my camp: And my garden This was my chopping area though i have since moved it to the other side of camp away from the pighouses, as the pigs were killing off any treegaurds which spawned. I dont like that! The only things not covered by flingomatics are the firepits, so i dont need to manage them each night. This is my map, pretty favourable location with tallbird fort, pig king, cave, and glommer nearby. Maxwells door is just to the north in a desert biome, and the wormhole to the south leads directly to a huge beefalo herd. This is my deerclops arena, a decent distance from my base Night time combat isnt a problem And this my dragonfly arena. Not really much to see here... but this is my bearger arena. Theres about 5 or 6 treegaurds currently roaming around, though they dont seem to like staying where i placed them and i could only get 2 in shot.. Still, when bearger comes rampaging through the woods they take care of him for me. Now you see why i didnt want my treeguards being killed by pigs dunno how much more i will play on this world... wigfreids been fun and all, but i'm itching to get back to wickerbottom.
  13. theres an option to turn off the silly symbols over letters if it bothers you.