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  1. I think only insane or people with the purple pendant should be able to help you fight hallucinations
  2. There should be needed 1 tent per person, then each person should use a tent and it would skip the night, the only exception would be Wickerbottom, wich would be awake and be an exception for it.
  3. -Bosses should have a health multiplier based on the amount of people fighting it.
  4. Maybe it would be available only through a adventure door or the teleportation gate in question like a minigame, if you win, you get to choose to keep 4 items like the teleportato to bring back to your world, and if you die you return to your own world with nothing.
  5. Normal meat if the person in question has full sanity, monster meat when you can see hallucinations (Just like when you kill the bunny's with low sanity).
  6. If there is cannibalism, that would make you completely insane the moment you do it.
  7. The lack of that genre disgusts me. ;.;
  8. Play this: while being Maxwell/Wilson for better integration with the character
  9. Maybe turn into one till someone makes an effigy?
  10. Couldn't agree more. Then it would be wilson, being corrupted by *them* just like maxwell?
  11. I think making a meat effigy is enough, multiplayer shoulnd't be another hardcore thing, but a way to have fun with friends and overcome the current obstacles that some people might have problems with together.
  12. This would work like Dungeonland (a game where 3 heroes try to fight an evil mage, player controlled that he spawns all the monsters using cards that he gets over time). Or zombie master hl2 mod wich works almost the same (regeneration of points to make traps/zombies over time)
  14. New character: Charlie +Can stay on complete darkness and will not take damage +Will not take a sanity hit by darkness -+Nightmarish powers appear when in pure blackness.... Edit: 69 post yay
  15. I guess the white lines is the number of the picture are just roman numbers, I-1 II-2 III-3...
  16. Its really fun, too bad you cant join us, also stream is back, for whoever wants to see it
  17. I finally figured why it wasnt launching, by mistake in properties i put set launch option and typed -console, and i though i was doing that with Gmod, but in reality it was Don't Starve, i deleted that, launched and everithing worked fine, i feel dumb now
  18. How do i make a spoiler? The text is very long, and i dont want to flood this Ok, here it is
  19. Is anybody's Steam version working? Since the hot fix i cant play it, it makes like it opens the game then closes....