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  1. Bump in case of lock. New pic will be up in a few days.
  2. Today this time around I have a Seel, a seal and an electric eel. I admit, not exactly the most riveting of puns.
  3. Why not just feature a single picture per artist (which they would chose if selected) to show up on the site, which can have a link to their keli forum post? A compromise one could say.
  4. Yay, it's the official Shipwrecked launch day~! Anyway, have a platter of some delicious sea horse shrimp to celebrate.
  5. Today another hound pup is featured--not exactly breathtaking but critters much more amusing are already lined up and coming, so look forward to that.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot to post this guy--behold, the fox+opossum~! Normally more bark than bite, but not in the land of Don't Starve!
  7. Wow, this Willoughby Project seems coming along nicely, bravo! Your avatar is my favorite of what I've seen.
  8. Whoo--great to hear! I'm always happy to contribute art to projects--just know things can be a bit slow at times.
  9. Doh, it's embarrassing how late I am to host my own party--past 2 weeks now. Anyway, Lord_Battal, your monster of mystical creation is here. It took me a while to figure a design I was satisfied with and having it be considered a squid lizard is more an honorific at this point for this horror. Take good care of the critter now.
  10. Ahh Lovecraft, eh? I'm thinking something akin to Cthulhu but that seems a bit too obvious. Regardless, something neat should pop about from my head. Also, if you want the result to be something more specific, feel free to fill this out. Concept: (Ref. pic, description of what is wanted, DS creatures/characters etc.) Method: (Traditional/Digital/Both.) Type: (Sketch/Ink, Greyscale marker, Color--paint, pencil, pen, pastels) Hand: (Drawn with Right or Non-dominant Left?--Both?) Other: (Any additional details. Specify whether it is an art request or trade.)
  11. Here is your request: an octopus+ a lamprey. Apologizes for the wait. It oddly reminds me of a mermaid.