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  1. thats a few books now look at most horror games and movies Cannibalism everywhere you look look at the outlast new dlc But i do like this one
  2. what games have people eating each other, Horror games. this is not horror
  3. sucks for them Its not Halo where you go in a lobby and boom your their it takes time you need to know the game to play with others
  4. We don't want this . We are talking about a survival game not hunger games
  5. I think not the first persons but i like Wardens and also add bigger maps if its going multiplayer their can be Gigantic 1000 x 1000 Enormous 1500 x 1500 Ginormous (yes this is a real word it is enormous and gigantic combined) 2500 x 2500 (their is no word That describes bigger then Ginormous)
  6. ITS COMING MULTIPLAYER Klie said they are adding it
  7. Team up with the person doing it right now he has so much already into it
  8. this is way in the future you are looking at. Just think of adding even LAN multiplayer.
  9. No hunger games is not the way to go its funny how it just was made when the hunger games books came out when multiplayer games go back so far its not even funny. Multiplayer all the way no hunger games crap.
  10. I got permission to use the files of summons mod by heavenfall but I will need coders to help me make the mod bigger. I will need someone who is good at doing stuff like this. Send me a message if you are interested in helping me. leave a reply. I will try to get back to everyone.
  11. Fishes220


    You should work with Heavenfall he has the summons mod would be great addon for his mod
  12. Im dealing with tests also but i want to see this mod go all the way i want klei to add this mod when its finished to mods when you download the game
  13. when testing your mod I saw a few things I see the item pickup trap is bugged drop the item and pick it up move it in your inventory also the goblins are annoying XD
  14. when will the release of the awesome mod happen any time soon i can test the stuff if you want its fun trying to find bugs