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What Is YOUR Favorite Character?

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This is just my Opinion on each character cause I don't have a favorite. (Yet)  


Wilson: He is your plain loveable character and his beard is really helpful in the winter, plus I hate hunting for beard hair so thats awesome. I really like him cause he does not have any downsides and he will always have a special place in my heart.


Willow: Burn, everything must burn. Her lighter can be a life saver and she gains sanity by standing by a fire? AWESOME


Wolfgang: He is just the best tanker ever and he has some of my favorite quotes. He is a pain in the caves through but I think he is awesome.


Wendy: She is just so negative, I LOVE IT! I like her sanity bonus but Abigail is a pain to me sometimes, she attack something when it is agro on you and not when they hit you so beeboxs and tentacles are horrible.


WX78: I like his abilities and personality but I just don't play him because he can get so OP and I wished the upgrading was nerfed. I know I could not upgrade him completely but its just to tempting.


Wickerbottom: Her books are so much fun to mess around with, all you need is some green mushrooms or a Tam O Shanter to keep her sanity up. I'm sorry Wilson but I think you just got outsmarted by a librarian.


Woodie: That manic canadian is amazing and his WereBeaver form is fun to mess around with but I think the WereBeaver is op during late game but not as op as the robot in my opinion -_-


Wes: He does not talk, he sucks at surviving and he can make beefalo balloons. PERFECT


Maxwell: This amazing dapper Ass****, He is weaker then Wes health wise but his book is so much fun to mess around with. I once killed that guardian by summoning puppets cause nightmare fuel is so easy to get down in the ruins


Wigfrid and Webber: I never played these characters yet but here are my opinion of them. Webber looks like he would be fun to play with and he is adorable. Wigfrid: I just don't like her, she steals the spot of my Wolfgangy friend but I like her personality, but I hope I don't find those 2 to similar 

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Wendy. You can fight alongside Abigail, or send in Abigail alone, even get her killed on purpose (I play them as if they have an abusive relationship.) Dealing with SOMETIMES having an ally is great, especially when complicated by not wanting her around, like when catching bees or harvesting honey.


Besides, it's so fun to quickly slaughter huge masses of spiders.


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