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  1. My my, this update looks promising! Still annoying to be force to abandon an old world to get Woodlegs but oh well
  2. Sereina the Espeon (Shipwrecked)

    And another update to fix more bugs that appeared because of the last update. Every crash you've had previously should not happen anymore now. Feel free to yell at me if anything is wrong. Bedrolls won't crash the game anymore if you are playing the RoG DLC.
  3. Sereina the Espeon (Shipwrecked)

    Sereina has been updated! She is fully compatible with the new update! You can also change world and go from SW to RoG, she seems to be working too. Do it with caution tho, devs themselves are warning players about bugs that might happen.
  4. Hello there! A small "exploit" I've found with the sea worthy. If you play character that gets a starting inventory, like Wickerbottom or Maxwell, you will get this starting inventory a second time when you go in the sea worthy and create a new world.
  5. Sereina the Espeon (Shipwrecked)

    Update coming really soon, explanations will be in the patchnote.
  6. Sereina the Espeon (Shipwrecked)

    I could if I had enough time, haha. Kinda busy.
  7. Ratchet DST