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  1. Captive creatures slowly starve to death. If one's in your inventory, you'll see a lowering green/yellow/red background behind it, like for food slowly going bad. This resets to 100% if you feed the creature. One of the changes in "Where There's a Wilson..." is birds in cages don't starve.
  2. Since no one asked nor will anyone care, my thoughts: >>>Logical and good for the game: Ice Hounds now spawn in hound waves during Spring. Tree shelter can actually cool you slightly during Summer./Tree shade now cools you slightly if you are overheating.Heat rocks are now less effective when on the ground but more effective when carried.Watermelon now cools you when eaten. >>>These should stop the kvetching about the difficulty of a certain ROG season:Each season can now be tweaked individually via the customization screen.Using a tent or siesta hut will now change your moisture and temperature accordingly.Added a difficulty warning for Reign of Giants if the player profile has under 32 days played. >>>Call me masochistic, but..."Boomerang will now hit you in the face again." YEA!"Birds in bird cages no longer starve to death." BOO! The need to maintain a bird or catch one only when you need it adds to the planning required. >>>Get the rim shot ready:Turning off wildfires now turns off wildfires. This update is a good reminder of how complicated and multifaceted DS is and how hard it must be to get a game running right. Good job, Klei people!
  3. Not that Flaming Armour is uberuseful or my favorite thing ever, but it does allow an interesting, different approach to fighting. People are complaining that summer isn't interesting, then they complain that the interesting things make it hard and the beneficial stuff is hard to use, then they want special items to get in the summer that are useful all year round, then if those exist they want it to be obvious how to use them and they want it so if they use it wrong it still works well for them, BLEAGH!
  4. Sorry. It "can be useful in any season". People were saying that the loot available in summer is only useful in summer, and I was pointing out that that is false. If I said "table knives can be useful anytime" would you say "not if you hold one up in the air during a lighting storm?"
  5. Armor that sets your attacker on fire is useful anytime. Fireproof containers are useful anytime fire hounds can attack, that's 3 seasons. I hope these summer discussions are encouraging Klei to put more points of interest into ROG summer. (which I'm sure they are going to anyway; it is in beta after-all). But, they've chosen to make it the toughest season. The original game had 1 season totally easy and 1 totally hard. And resource collection was way easier in the easy season. Now summer is the hardest season, autumn is the easiest, while winter and spring are in-between. It's totally within the spirit of the game for different time periods have different levels of challenge and/or danger, even without compensating resources. (Night is harder to survive than daytime, and it's harder to harvest resources at night, too.) It's interesting to have tougher and easier periods, and getting through a challenge can be it's own reward, in life and games.
  6. The original post said there was no point to surviving summer, and people have claimed that there is no loot/items to get, Yeah, you CAN do those things in other seasons, but you should be trying to do everything at the BEST time, all things considered. You can mine, log, farm, get silk, hunt, etc all year round: it would be bad game design to make the choices of when to do each for the player.
  7. Armor that lights mobs that hit you on fire is too amusing to pass up. Summer is the best time to catch bees. If you need charcoal, forest fires aren't a problem. Summer is alright for getting wool and poop from beefalo. Yeah, the night is shorter, but it's long enough. Wool and poop collecting can be a more efficient way to get fuel than chopping wood. (plus, no wool guardians!) Someone suggested lakes that dry up in Summer. Drying up the ponds might make more sense. A dry pond bottom could be the den of a new loot-dropping neutral mob (not my idea). It would be really nice to have beach areas. Crabs to eat or be eaten by, swimming to cool off (you should have to unload your inventory first). Beach umbrellas to build your own shady areas. I would love to see a Don't Starve Insanity version of the Geoduck. Those things are weird enough in reality.