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  1. New Files in DS

    The final page is here, being late to these puzzles is always my fear. I hop on the forums always a day late, now I will sit here for the next puzzle I will wait.
  2. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "Did I just eat my carrots? Dangit I wanted to cook em'!"
  3. Then how do you explain this one!
  4. I see what you mean but if you are going to keep talking about the Binding of Isaac on this thread it would be best to either make a new thread or stop all together.
  5. Three Word Game

    a lazer gun
  6. Yes it does, he said if this was just a puzzle saying Wendy and Maxwell he would swear off puzzle for good. I was telling him that this is probably back story because they said it was coming in the rhymes will play stream.
  7. I don't think so because on the rhymes with play stream they said more back storying is an its way.
  8. I picked mac even though I can also play on P.C. am I just sent to the "no" pile now?
  9. comics

    seems like a cool idea!
  10. Will we have to purchase the game again if we already own it on ps4?
  11. I'm sorry all the people I told multiplayer probably wouldn't happen to.
  12. BACON CHURCH 2.0

    Ok, sign me up! Title: SpongeBob BaconPants
  13. Mysterious notes?

    A bird will fly down and when you scare it off you get a note. (doesn't have to be a crow)