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  1. Geni's Random Art thread

    Wow! You've improved so much geni!
  2. That's so sweet, thank you!
  3. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

  4. Wave after Wave

  5. Wave after Wave

    Jaw screams and punches the bird
  6. IMG_9417.JPGHey what's up guys

    Ive been on the forums for a loooong time...and I feel like it's time for a face reveal

    Im very shy so doing this feels weird but I hope you may enjoy seeing the face in front of this monitor 


    here it goes









    pleade do nt swear on my profile thanks

    1. DragonMage156


      Aw, you can like a cute lil baby face (wait, is that offensive :? )

  7. ~The Circus~

    Slime drools thinking about noodles She really likes garbage spaghetti, pasta found in trash. Mmm ravioli
  8. I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but hows it been?

    1. Donke60


      your from the archives
      hello you don't know me but I know you a little

      I'm the self proclaimed leader of the cult of Wes
      and look forward to seeing you more!

    2. DwerBomb


      SUP MY TPCT 

      Been a while! Been alright! What about you?

      We got a forums discord now!

  9. ~The Circus~

    *sliiiiiiiiiiiimes through the hallway*
  10. Wave after Wave

    Jaw realises he shouted a bit too much and says more quietly "SORRY"
  11. ~The Circus~

    Slime snail follows
  12. Wave after Wave

    Jaw smiles happily at the crew, before remembering about the bleeding Trevor. "HOW HELP PUT LEG BACK IN FISHER MAN????" he shouts His voice has also been louder than ever with the fact that he's now huge
  13. Wave after Wave

    (There are no limpet rocks, I posted the map on the discord. There are, however, fishes and algae around the island (which I didn't draw on the map))
  14. Wave after Wave

    [I wanted to make a better time skip post but this one will have to do] [also @Youknowwho what are your characters doing? I will just suppose that Trever and Noctimus are on Jaw for now] After swimming in a random direction, Jaw finally chooses a direction to swim in the moment he spots an island, Luckily for the crew there were no monsters in the sea and the big waves were blocked by Jaw's head fin. Only wind was a problem to them, but it was bearable. Eventually the two "ships" and Otto reach the shore of this new island, peculiar with its rocky, magmatic turf. The shore is pretty empty except for some scattered rocky mounds and minerals laying on the ground here and there. Jaw bumps his head against the shore before grabbing onto it with his paws. "ISLAND! YOU CAN GET DOWN NOW!"
  15. Wave after Wave

    (Uhm what about missinleg-Trevor?)