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  1. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    Got the reply, thank you for the support
  2. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    still no reply @JoeW, sorry for the tag, but was my email received or did i mess up with the reply?
  3. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    Still no reply edit: I sent a new email in with more informations in case that fails, how can I ask for a refound?
  4. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    Had to go to bed, sent the email now
  5. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    Where should I contact for that?
  6. Hey, been a long time since I posted on the forums. So, I bought the full pack of skins for my girlfriend, thinking I could trade them. I then realised forge items can't be traded. Will the bought skins become tradable after the event thought? Or is there an alternative way to transfer my skins to her? thank you for your time
  7. That's so sweet, thank you!
  8. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

  9. Wave after Wave

  10. Wave after Wave

    Jaw screams and punches the bird
  11. sorry, i didnt realise how this worked before posting, I'm already taken :b (i thought this was going to require more than just two codes)
  12. That'd mean they're making stuff out of family&friends' old skins ...gross...but kinda really damn useful
  13. Exactly Yup And since youre watching sorry for thinking revealing the panels was a mistake