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  1. no with the demage nerf willon with fire demage per second can be useful as wolfgang and wigfrid
  3. the final act makes me remenber how this game looks easy fun and silly but there more you know and discover it the more f*cked up it gets
  4. well maybe the crosswords be in any help? gonna check just a minute
  5. i just don´t know what to say. oh and trusth since you didnt have your name red, and your picture are not in the style of the developers i dindt thought there would be such thing(like somoene´that i thinks is not reletade to klei be a mod)
  6. hey something has bothered me for a while why trusthseker name is green?
  7. well i dint like the ghost system can we have a option to with you die, and there is no way to revive meatefegie/touchstone you are banned from the server and when the meat effegies is used you get the max health back?
  8. well its nice but i made me reveal MY TRAP CART !THE CONTENTS OF THE CHESTS! Well, this is what i can do in 20 days: But it depends on the luck. On this world, i found the rock biome on the first day and then found a nice place 3 days after. I already got worlds where i spent 10 days only to find a good spot on the map to make a base. i have a desert realy close so making grass/twigs farm is usuless to me..my magic chest.ROCKS! NEED MORE ROCKS!important minerabels,yes i count gears as minerableslootwood
  9. Nothing especial i rushed this so hard but it worthy it will be a perfect wold i will post more of it since my world gem is perfect (can you somoene have more gears and strutres this early,idk just for fun)
  10. dragonfly just give one hit and run where you dont care with it buns or not it will despawn after some days. Deerclops will try to destroy your base no mateer what so you should have a boor merang and trwon at him dont go to far get some distance let him atack repeat until he dosent agroo on you that will do the job is simple and cheap and you dont need to rush everything
  11. Don't Starve Comics