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  1. Are they available, are they already added? I need to know - do I need to go now, play DST to hunt them or not xD
  2. So I was wondering, is that a bug, or it's just one of Wes mime perks? View full bug
  3. So I was wondering, is that a bug, or it's just one of Wes mime perks?
  4. Finally all the beta applicants will get keys ** Too bad I can't play it in the next week.. But yaaay Christmas we will celebrate in DST
  5. So in the picture you can see both have similar flowers But here we see both of the items side-by-side. It looks a lot like Maxwell's but also like Charlie's. That's why I'm going with the either-or situation. Yeah, but I'm just assuming that that rose is Charlie's, not Maxwell's, because there's already is Maxwell's special item - book. I understand, that maybe both items in video belongs to Maxwell, but in "Final Act" they both (Maxwell and Charlie) ended up in DS world, so it would be obvious, that these items represent them. But that's not about what I wanted to talk, that's what we already can see, I wanted to talk about characters. And, it's too soon to assume that there will be no new characters.
  6. I never said that it's bad, just saying, that another character has flower as a special item too. Well, Wyro wasn't confirmed too, but they most likely to be new DST character ;D And, yeah, it is Charlie's rose.
  7. I know that I'm late to the party and I don't know if somebody already pointed that out, but in the "Resumptus" video Charlie's flower looks like character item (just like Maxwell's book), does that mean that she maybe, just maaaybee be a Don't Starve new playable character? And if so, then why her item would be rose? Wendy already is a character with flower as a special item.
  8. I forgot about pictures xD About collectibles: we still can't find place for them, so that'll do xD
  9. IT FINALLY ARRIVED! IT'S PERFECT! THANK YOU KLEI SO MUCH! IT IS WONDERFUL...Also, it's so nice to have all 12 characters And, Chester - he is so fluffy and cute! For those, who is interested in buying characters - in doubles we have Wilson, Willow, Woodie and little Chester. But will only ship in Europe, cause shipping to US will be too expensive :c It was really nice day today to receive this package *O*
  10. Well, I live in Latvia, Europe, and we don't get packages in mailbox. We just get notification in our mailbox, that we need to get package from mail office. But in this situation we just need to go to customs, when package arrived. I just need to know, when to go there - will be any notification at the tracking number information, how do I know, when to go to customs.
  11. How did you know, that you needed to go to customs and get it?
  12. Hi everyone! Does anybody know, who has International shipping, after this message "Your item was processed through our ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) facility on July 17, 2014 at 10:00 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination" will be message about it arriving or shipping?