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  1. Oh my gosh, someone hand me some popcornz
  2. Respawning

    What if while you are dead, you can be a ghost and move around? Maybe you can kill your friend for screwing you over if you want. I would
  3. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    I left my Wendy World but took the items to another world. (Her power really got less useful as time went on but I still love her but I don't think I am going to play her for long worlds) I think I just found pig heaven, I am not going to starve.
  4. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Update on My Wendy Base
  5. Mysterious notes?

    We solved it, its Charlie and Maxwell all over again.
  6. Mysterious notes?

    Can anyone tell me how to take pics, I saw a geary clock thing in the source code
  7. Mysterious notes?

    I saw a geary clocky thing
  8. Mysterious notes?

    Someone post it, it looks like a clock geary thing
  9. Mysterious notes?

    That source image is weird for the 2 part, dunno how to post screenshots
  10. Mysterious notes? I found this, not sure if someone else found it yet cuz I just joined Oh, so you have
  11. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    I got the beta for pc but my pc is old so it lags on don't starve sadly so I play on console. A developer at Pax said they might get it to console in a few months so I have to wait, to bad I spoiled everything for me.
  12. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    My base is still a work in progress, Planning to add 10 jerky racks, 10 or crock pots, 6 improved farms, add a few more rows of flowers, a wall, a rabbit hut spider farm, some houndious shootius, and a Warzone for hounds and Deerclops Edit: Here is a very quick and small vid of my base right now Wait like 4 secs and it will get out of a black screen
  13. Don't Starve Comics

    I love these comics, I check regularly to see if you posted a new one.