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  1. Don't starve singleplayer getting mystery update? I'm so exited
  2. Aw, that sucks. Does Bernie decay even if not in nightmare state and left on the ground?
  3. I want to make a Bernie army to rule the worlds of nightmares
  4. Nice Here is some fast sketches I made. Is there some item or creature that needs model and texture? I could make few sketches out of your ideas. And then if you like them I can make the final textures on computer.
  5. Hey, your mod seems really cool and I see you are looking for artist. (Is there some better place to ask this? if there is I didn't find it, sorry) I Might be interested to help but I have few questions. Is any animation skills required? What kinda textures are still needed? How hing quality work are you looking for? And is there any other requirements? Thanks
  6. So we need silk, rocks and berries to prototype it? Maybe we need to type in what resources and how much we need them?
  7. Any hints how to unlock Webber? please? pretty please? And is it possible to unlock him using world made before this update?
  8. I really like her and feel like she is made to Reign of giants environment, It's much more hostile especially when they finally add giants. Only thing I think might need little change is the amount of sanity and health she gets when killing something. ...but she is awesome character no need for balancing!
  9. That is true, no one needs to use him if they don't want to. I just really didn't expect to see tf2 characters in this game. And hey, Pyro isn't even confirmed to be new character.
  10. That is good point but TF2 is full of promotional items and weird looking hats. TF2 and Don't starve are two of my favorite games too but I don't want to mix them together.