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  1. I really do strongly suggest setting Krampus to Lots if you want to get that sack and not cheat one out of the console. You're going to be killing a lot of them with that 1% drop rate.
  2. It takes less naughtiness to summon him. It also increases the amount that spawn, or so I believe, at later stages of the game as I've had like at least 5 on screen on a few occasions.
  3. I like hambats so I made a few pig houses that are in close-ish proximity but not close enough for them to gang up on me and you can get your mats for hambats and summon Krampus at the same time! Careful though, fighting un-turned pigmen can be tricky. Edit: Oh yeah, I set Krampus to Lots. I suppose you could just make more pighouses?
  4. Just got a chance to try the latest update and the new Parasite. I have to say, I absolutely love this change. Instead of just mindlessly tossing parasites about the map wherever I could I actually had to stop and consider the strategic benefits of hacking things first or to wait and put a parasite on something when it would be cheaper to do so.
  5. I think what would be neat is vault-exclusive items -- things you can't find in a nanofab.
  6. Lockpick 1.0 was already balanced with Parasite. Lockpick 1.0 gave you expedience by being able to hack things now and be reactive to your surroundings while Parasite couldn't but stood to save you PWR costs with careful planning. Now Parasite is too hampered. Not worth considering. Rapier is terrible because it's attempting to do exactly what Lockpick 1.0 does but lacks it's flexibility. Considering the nature of the game, it's far too easy to end up in a situation in which the alarm increases by 2 meaning you very well might not even have those first 5 turns to get any extra utility out of this program. Sure the possibility exists in which you chain random events to lower the alarm level, but even then, odds are you're chaining it back down to Alarm level 1, not 0, meaning it's still no better than Lockpick 1.0 and that's it's best case scenario: you're equivalent to Lockpick 1.0. I can't foresee a single situation in which I'd prefer Emergency Drip over the other two PWR generation programs. Power Drip already kind of hampered end game play because it couldn't generate enough PWR to fuel all the hacking needs in Heavily Guarded missions and up without some serious support. Emergency Drip? There's nothing to support. You're basically saying, "I'm going to max out my Agent's hacking skill first and use Portable Servers, and that's how I'm getting all my PWR." You'd be better off with an empty slot or another hacking starter program -- at least they have the potential to possibly do something worthwhile. Maybe I'm thinking too 1-dimensional. Maybe the intent of Emergency Drip is to be used in tandem with another PWR generation program, but then how could that be the case? Any other PWR generation program just means you either have less opportunities for Emergency Drip to kick in or when it does kick in to push it out of Emergency Drip range meaning it does even less. The program just doesn't do anything. I don't know, maybe Emergency Drip and Rapier is supposed to be like the "Wes" of Invisible, Inc.? As for the new Chief Executive Suite, I think it suffers from the same problem as Executive Terminals do: I'd rather go to any other mission type. I mean I wanted to enjoy it, but the rewards for a successful mission is the possibility of getting greater rewards in a vault mission. Fair enough I thought, so I went to a vault and used the card key thing mind-probing the chief executive gave me to see what was further deeper inside the vault. About 500 to 700 extra credits. That's not worth it. I was expecting something amazing behind that vault. Granted, it was a very guarded mission, maybe the rewards skyrocket when it's an extremely guarded mission, but if not, why bother? I mean I'm open to the idea for mission types that give you a puzzle piece that leads to another piece which eventually gives you a completed puzzle, but I want to have that puzzle give me something awesome. Otherwise, I'll just not go through the extra hassle and just get slightly less for a lot less work. It's also kicks me out of the immersion of the game. The CEO's priceless antique art exhibit is practically out in the buff asking to be taken, but his lunch money?! Oh noes! We need to put that in a nigh-impenetrable vault that probably cost 10 times to construct compared to the amount that was actually stored in there! I mean come on. Come on. I wish the Executive Terminals either had cool stuff there or unlocked cool missions. I wish the Chief Executive Suite unlocked cool rewards. Neither really do.
  7. Remember that discretion is the better part of valor and if a null drone is in a very nasty position but can be avoided, it might just be best to not deal with it. Shooting them is one way to handle a null drone, even with another drone. In fact, if another drone is patrolling around the general area of a null drone, but one of the end points of it's path is outside of the null drone's influence, you might just be able to put a parasite on it and have it commandeered just as it paths within close proximity of the null drone and can shoot it that way. Buster chips also work to hack something that the null drone is blocking, as well as emp packs if memory serves. Edit: Oh yeah, volt tazers. I haven't tried on on a null drone yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't also work. Edit2: Just got back from a Sankaku mission. So yes, emp packs does KO the drone itself, just does not disable it's null aura.
  8. Sure, but then again how often do I die anyway? Only thing I'd worry about killing me, really, is PvP, and if we're all doing PvP with permadeath on, how long is that world going to last in all honesty? There's always other games to play. Hell, I could just play SP DS until they're finished. Usually I just restart a world once I survive long enough to the point I feel bored. I've restarted countless worlds. What's one more on top of the pile?
  9. Oh we cool man. First thing you learn on the internet is to not take things too personally. :B
  10. I think the thing I miss the most about the old Don't Starve... was the spider. Y'know, the spider that would dangle down when you opened up Don't Starve and hiss at you before sidestepping away? I've missed it ever since it left.
  11. Yeah, yeah... Never going to be a perfect solution between 2 mutually exclusive positions.
  12. It doesn't screw up revival items and preparation because having those safety nets spare the team's pool of lives when someone does die. There is incentive to preserve the team lives as opposed to the materials for a meat effigy. It's is unnecessary in the sense that it doesn't have to be implemented, but it is necessary in the sense that it adds incentive to not wanting to lose team lives. I don't think it's a perfect idea, but it's been the best one I've heard so far.
  13. OMG! Like OMG OMG! I love that idea! It solves everything! Permadeath still plays an important role, it removes worries of an early game death, makes death still mean something, and it has plenty of lore potential! Some shadowy menace from beyond the veil carefully watching and toying with the survivors! Dude! Well done! 10/10