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  1. Can we please get klaus cap available on klei rewards? It was a twitch reward a long time ago( Dec 2019 - Jan 2020) and alot of us have missed it.
  3. kylemery can you make a bouny hunter character , who have 2 special weapons like a big sword and trowing knives , and he have a scratched face , and he give more damage, but less than wolfgand ...
  4. that ....freaking awesome!!i can't wait for it xD
  5. when this mod will be released?? it's the most amazing thing i heard on forum a multiplayer finally i can play with my friends ..yay!! keep this good work
  6. Blaze-


    these goats are better than vanilla goats , but please change that pink icon for females put white and black.. anyway keep good work , this mod is awesome!! xD
  7. yeah but if i buy the version from humble i can use with my standalone Don't starve? is there any ways to play this DLC for me...cuz i don't own don't starve in steam...
  8. where i can buy this standalone RoG , i don't own steam , i have standalone version of game.....
  9. hello there...first sorry for my bad english this game is so freakin' awesome ,i never get bored when playing... but there's a can't play with friends..this game doesn't have multiplayer.. im not a programmer but i think is very hard to make a game with multiplayer.... you requied to set up the ip port..etc(a lot of work) but i guess will be more easy to create just a LAN multiplayer..not from same keyboard..if the pc is connected to other PCs trough modem ... then you just need to create a new word and your friend ,can see it from the menu and join it and then he chose his character... it seems more easy than the online one ...there's no servers...(i know the online will be better , you can connect with your friend even he is in Paris and you are in London ,but the LAN multiplayer will requied less time to make it) i hope there will be a multiplayer ,maybe this year or next ....