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Update Trailer - All's Well That Maxwell


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This is amazing! My favorite character getting awesome effects? Beauty! But who is the chap from 1:00-1:04? Like Wilson240 said he seems like the chap from slender, but I heard clockwork noise. I also read from Kevin that Maxwell was going to meet some of his old "Friends" When he escapes so maybe someone wants Maxwell dead, for Revenge

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Hmm, that thing in the middle was odd!


That thing in he middle is not Don't Starve.  I watched it a few times through and it is defiantly a fully 3-D game. You can see a slight rotation of the camera as the character moves forward.  Also the grass is completely different than in Don't Starve. 


You already have some experience at "don't die in the dark games", Klei. Looks like you are making a new one.




Also, that's Cogsworth controlling a human body. http://images.wikia.com/disney/images/0/04/3604218_1d06d9a6-3a7a-4bbe-9e1a-66be9ffbc093-cogsworth.jpg

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Thinking that is a very early prototype of and concept art for Don't Starve.


Yeah, that's what I thought at first, but why release it now? I do think the screamer at the end is concept art, but there's nothing hinting the 3D video is. I think it's all going to tie into the update puzzle, honestly.

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