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  1. I knew it was coming, just like I knew it was going to happen to Kerbal Space Program. Multiplayer makes everything (except SimCity) better.
  2. Plot twist: Wilson was dead the whole time, and this is the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Maybe Wilson, in making the portal, accidentally brought all the other DS characters in.
  4. Damn, missed the puzzle. EDIT: On a side note, this has probably been suggested in the last hundred pages, but has anyone tried collecting the materials in-game and seeing if any crafting recipes show up?
  5. Yes, it was quite... Punny. What? Are my jokes too Punderful for you? Or are all these jokes getting to be punishing?
  6. My theory is that the guy was actually alive up until you touch him, at which point, since he was facing into the dark, the Screecher came in the blink of an eye and de-faced him.
  7. The answers to your questions, as far as I know, are: 1. No; 2. he didn't; and 3. Slenderman. As for the last question, they are just misunderstood owls who want hugs. You should hug them at every opportunity whilst playing.
  8. Am I the only one who was hoping for a bit more in the explanation of how Maxwell and Co. ended up in the DS world? I liked the one where Maxwell intentionally turned Charlie into the Grue out of anger that she'd stolen his book and then, mad with grief and regret, went insane trying to bring her back, thus culminating in his being abducted by Them.
  9. I'm confused. All that I get at the link is a white page with black borders. EDIT: Never mind, decided to show up now.
  10. So the biggest breakthrough since we first found the list of puzzles, and it all happened while I was asleep D:
  11. Man, this whole last thing has been, like, sitcom material. One comes out right as the other leaves, and both think the other is gone/dead.
  12. Is it me or does the middle dot look like a skull?
  13. What are you guys talking about? I can see the new picture just fine. EDIT: In case you can't see it, Maxwell is working in his secret room, Charlie dropped a letter through the door, and the picture with Maxwell in it now appears to have laser vision. Also, the tally marks have been replaced by three weird symbols.
  14. I predict that the chandelier nightmare hand will come for Maxwell in the next picture. Just sayin'.
  15. So the new theory is that Charlie's perfectly fine and Maxwell simply thinks she's been turned into the Grue, turning him gradually insane until he's abducted by Them and sent to the nightmare throne? ...That actually makes a disturbing amount of sense. It would explain why the Grue doesn't stop attacking when Maxwell says "It's me! Maxwell!" For all we know it's just a big group of nightmare monsters ganging up on you when you go into the dark. EDIT: Alternative theory: The hat left on the ground is the Grue.
  16. So Charlie's discovered Maxwell's dark secret, but unbeknownst to her he's basically just sacrificed himself, or his sanity at least, to hold Them off from killing and/or trapping her.
  17. So basically, Maxwell had a security device in his room made to stop people from finding his secrets. All's going to plan to take out the 'intruder' when Maxwell, watching through the painting, realizes that it's Charlie. Maxwell manages to banish his shadow-hand security thing, potentially causing him to snap.
  18. I went through the entire game (Except the ending, of course) without seeing the Screecher (Long story short, I turned my flashlight on really quick once it went out in the scripted part and I never got chased), and I still ended up with the same ending. I was hoping that a helicopter would land and all would be fine and dandy since the screecher had never had a chance to go after me, but nope Anyways, for those of you who are wusses, SPOILER ending ahead:
  19. Wow, now after watching the video I feel like a complete wuss.
  20. I loaded it up, got through part of it, saw the part where the person loses their face, continued on, got to the 'It hunts those who stare' and the flickering flashlight, immediately went "NOPE" and left the game. I'm such a wimp.
  21. Yeah, I was also hoping we'd get something special. Guess not, just with multiple pictures.
  22. We tried examining the fire symbols, but they're either gibberish or we don't have the means to decode them yet.
  23. But we've proven that the link is gotten through, which is very similar to what we got using the puzzle.
  24. All right, so what do we have confirmed at this point: 1. We seem to have finished all the stuff with the symbols and numbers, since it led us to this picture. 2. The 1:00 random 3D game thing is a red herring, and the end screamer may be one as well. 3. The picture we've' found has nothing hidden in the blackness. 4. The puzzle is likely not finished, because there's an 01 in the name of the picture.
  25. I still can't shake this feeling like we're missing something right under our noses. I've had it since we first started and it refuses to go away.