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  1. No multiplayer for me now. Laptop died.

  2. Was finally able to get it today (blame Hohokum). It's interesting playing it in a different perspective. Also, the Chester plush makes a great vita & charger holder.
  3. You didn't miss that much. It felt like a filler episode. Still funny, but no important developments like last week.
  4. How all too appropriate with you getting the Chester figure. Also i'm noticing my Chester's tongue does not stick out as much as the others. Guess he's a bit sassy.
  5. The very first bit of footage I saw of the game had the intro. Didn't think much of Maxwell. Thought his words were mildly helpful/friendly, but that lead me to think more about Wilson. "Why do I have to worry about food on the first night? Is this little guy some kind of fragile vampire?"
  6. Most of the amulets tend to be very situational. Not things I would want on me all the time, but to ware them with armor and a backpack would be overpowered.
  7. I'm not sure myself, but seems like it could be something seasonal. More events could be explored in future dlc.
  8. It does look nice, but feels like it should be tied to an event. It's ominous.
  9. Tearaway hooked me. I'm set to get it when it drops.
  10. Just Furry Friend (original Chester). No pins or stickers.
  11. I getting worried. Still didn't get my shipping confirmation email.
  12. That flare gun look's like it would fit better in Ratchet & Clank then Don't Starve. Characters like Wortox and Waverly have a better chance of fitting because the game has some Halloween stuff in the theme already. Still not the most fitting, but better then a 60's mercenary. Just because the games theme is ridiculous doesn't mean they should get lost in randomness.
  13. Only have the "shipping soon" email I got on the 30th. Soon ... soon ... soon ... I hope.