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  1. Lawn turf placement crashing game

    I had a similar issue to you while cobblestone road, but I was able to find out why. It didn't matter where I placed the turf but I have to wait 3 seconds between placing each turf or else the game crashes. This could be worth giving a try for you if you haven't already found a workaround.
  2. Eyyyyyyy can't wait guys
  3. This is amazing! My favorite character getting awesome effects? Beauty! But who is the chap from 1:00-1:04? Like Wilson240 said he seems like the chap from slender, but I heard clockwork noise. I also read from Kevin that Maxwell was going to meet some of his old "Friends" When he escapes so maybe someone wants Maxwell dead, for Revenge
  4. When I do local x, y, z = player.Transform:GetWorldPosition() it says variable player is not declared, do I need to use my steam name
  5. sorry Estel I'm not very good at organising things, I sort of just got my idea in my head and had to explain everything about i t
  6. Also hotflungwok, that is a very good point, when I went through to beat adventure mode this also intreged me, it doesn't add up, why does he bring you here (obviously it is intentional as seen in forbidden knowledge video) but just to kill the people? if "they" wanted to kill people wouldn't they just want to kill maxwell instead of keep him prisoner? maxwell's lines don't make much sense either. (they make sense but don't add up) Maybe Maxwell shows sympathy for the characters as he know's them more? Maybe he want's what he got himself and others into to be a secret? If word got out, it would start a massive uproar, ruining his family name etc. The part that makes this theory fall apart though is that only a select phew would be able to tell the world, for instance, they would assume wilson is crazy, wolfgang is just dumb, wes well is wes, Woodie talks to his axe so that would prove he is insane (to those who don't know), willow is a pyromaniac and people would think she just want's to lie here way out of jail/juvee hall, wendy is too young for people to take seriously and people would blame wickerbottem for her age, still a good theory none the less. Also when riptidepow asked Kevin (in a stream for caves) if they were adding a story for maxwell saving wilson kevin said Maxwell is probably just glad to be out of the chair. So let's put all our info together so far, assuming we have all read the story so far, Maxwell get's himself into the world with the knowlage from the book (He couldn't have made it sence something else control's it and merms were already there) However Charlie ( most likely maxwell's female assistant) comes along and becomes the night monster, however it is makes more sence to call HER the dark monster because she apears in caves as well (and ruins). Now maxwell has been there along time, he is covered in dust and Disintegrates when he is fread from the cair, whereas wilson just dies/ faints, so he would have had a LONG time to design new things, as he says tallbirds were a failed experement proving that he does create / add thing's to the don't starve *world* after some time he wants out of the chair, or (no joke intended) Litterly want's to play a game of the sims with other human beings and temps them in. When all his stored people die (the skeletons) he goes to get another puppet (one of the characters), however ; this character is not as manipulable (depending on skill level) and manages to survive in this world, and start's to fine peices of the Teleportato or find's maxcwell's door. 2 story's can happen here they Escape with the teleportato and try to tell the world but aren't listened to (for the reason's above) or they go in maxwell's door. If maxwell was just toying with their lives it would explain why he get's angry when they get closer, but as Kevin (lead dev, thought I should mention it after using his name 3+/- times) says that he just wants out of the chair, so most likely it is reverse sycolagy (PRO SPELLING FTW) by pretending to get angry it makes the players want to get further to get revenge on maxwell for trapping them meanwhile maxwell is tricking them once again. as for two worlds map, the reason they went in maxwells door, other then to get back at maxwell is to escape, because as seen in the forbidden knowlage video the door brought them in so maybe it brings them out, so maxwell would know they would not stay, the player think's they are fooling maxwell when really maxwell is fooling them. When they get to maxwell, maxwell tell's them his sad story, to make them feel bad for him and release him, trapping themselves, as when maxwell examines a person in the chair he says, *male character* Better him then me, *female character* Better her then me *WX-78* Better it then me, showing he doesn't care for them at all, presumably maxwell uses the teleportato to escape, after all, all those years in the chair would really make you want out. That is my speculated end to the story, let me know what you think. Sorry for the spelling errors
  7. Just speculation but, maxwell (I know william but maxwell is easier to type) refers to the night monster as Charlie, during Riptidepow's twich stream he asked Kevin, who at the office was obsessed with Charlie bit my finger? Kevin replied, no one Charlie is acually a girl and is part of maxwell's super secret backstory which only I know about. I could find a link if you want.
  8. Don't Starve Comics

    too bad that lucy only does about 1 damage. LOVE YOUR COMICS X3
  9. I love your electricity mod :D

  10. Don't Starve Comics

    THE SUSPENSE!! I can't wait for the next installment
  11. Don't Starve Comics

    I can't wait for next one, as always XD
  12. I love this thread! can't wait for the next addition to the story
  13. so does this work like if me and my steam friend install it we can play together? like im in canada and he in united states?