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  1. You're not on a whole lot..

  2. They're probably just having fun watching you guess.
  3. Well, keep in mind that you'll probably be able to adjust the seasons anyway, so they should make the default settings relatively difficult.
  4. Spring Giant = Treeguard (jk) I hope there are giant hounds, beefalo, fish, etc.
  5. The main problem is sacrificing a 1000 day world in order to accommodate for a new DLC. That's why I would like to know in advance before investing too much in the world.
  6. Yes, obviously. We're just wondering how many there will be. (I'm half-hoping that this will be the only DLC and that it will be expanded upon in the future).
  7. I'm just wondering because I'd hate to have to repeatedly reset worlds after a DLC comes out in order to have the new features. In fact, I'm holding off on Don't Starve until this one comes out...which is a bit of a pain.
  8. Will Reign of Giants be the one big (heh) piece of additional content that will be expanded upon, or are there plans for frequent additions of individual DLCs?
  9. Or he becomes the spider from Limbo and provokes an abrupt bowel movement in everyone.
  10. Nothing about spider glands has been mentioned yet. Perhaps hunger is rapidly converted into health?
  11.'s a bit strange. Just like the werebeaver, if he had night-vision that shouldn't really counter the Grue, because regardless she's not being warded off by any source of light.
  12. It has to be intuitive. If it's a spider character, players are going to expect characteristics similar to other spiders in the game (e.g. some alternative method of producing silk, or particular vulnerability towards fire). For instance, anyone can tell that Wolfgang is likely the most combat-oriented and strongest, also making sense for him to consume a lot of food and yet ironically be afraid of the dark fitting the stereotype. I don't really like Webber because he just seems tacky, like a little joke for more experienced players to scoff at. I'll withhold judgment until the Beta, though.
  13. By that logic, everyone who used it would look like Wilson at the moment. Besides, I don't think that's one of their primary concerns. They'd have to devote artist's time, effort, money, etc.
  14. The meat effigy should be shaped like a generic humanoid figure, boom it's universal.