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  1. Happening quite often to me as well.
  2. What do you think about Wigfrid?

    She's a bold character concept and I think some of you guys want to make her boring. I've played a few worlds with her and I think her drawbacks are too severe for me (at least the way I play). She doesn't tempt me away from Wilson at all.
  3. Puzzle Thread

    This thread is entirely too unwieldy. First post direly needs to be updated.
  4. Puzzle Thread

    Sorry bout that. They are a bit gross. Some of them anyway.
  5. Puzzle Thread

    Pics are a little disturbing, but rabbit papillomavirus. (Click on images.)
  6. Puzzle Thread

    Oh come on. Not only do mimes look like clowns (clearly evil), they also pretend to pull ropes and act like they are trapped in a glass box. They also, infuriatingly, don't speak and bother you while you are at the park. And they want you to give them money. Mines are the purest incarnations of the greatest evil mankind has ever known. Obviously the whole "mimes are evil" thing isn't a joke at all.
  7. Puzzle Thread

    My random ideas: 1906 San Francisco earthquake, most damage was caused by the fires. Willow's involvement? If she caused the fires, she has a lot of blood on her hands. William Carter found the book right after the train crash. Wickerbottom might have had the book and lost in in the crash. She wants it back? She follows Maxwell into his little demi-plane of Hell. William's brother Jack and his two daughters: Wendy and Abigal? If you look at some of her quotes, Wendy is not a nice person. I think she killed her sister. Wolfgang was part of the circus. His sin is pride (the grand daddy of all sin). WX could have also been a circus act. He has no soul and hates humans. Woodie could have been a patron of the circus. Who knows what evil he caused while under the effects of his curse. Wilson of course committed the original sin of taking (forbidden) knowledge. You can see it in his eyes before he pulls the lever. He knows he is doing something wrong. Maxwell also sought out and used forbidden knowledge. All the characters are guilty of something and were lured, tricked, or trapped into the Shadow Creature's little corner of Hell. (Going into D&D mode, it's Hell rather than the Abyss. The world has order and rules.) Oh and Wes is a mime. That's evil enough right there.
  8. Puzzle Thread

    I got that too, trying to open it in Photoshop Elements.
  9. Puzzle Thread

    Didn't one of the puzzles use a QR code? Stretching out the thing at the top shows this: Unlike most of the black space, this part has some color variation: Might be a little too involved though, trying to tease out a QR code from that.
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Zooming in, it looks like she's looking at something floor-level (you can see the pupils in the drawing). Also, knock-knock implies a door, not a stairwell.
  11. Puzzle Thread

    That's nothing. Just some glitch with the forum when I copy-pasted the word, trying to find some useful anagram.
  12. Puzzle Thread

    Praocantater is an anagram for An Apt Creator (I got nuthin.)
  13. Thinking that is a very early prototype of and concept art for Don't Starve.
  14. I've thought of something like that too: a bigger, badder Krampus who (in addition to everything else Krampus would do) also makes you drop items with each hit. Not guaranteed though. Halve the current amount of naughtiness (it's really quite hard to go over on accident) with a 5-10% chance of Boss Krampus. I dunno...
  15. The way he is now makes Krampus rare and vaguely dreadful. Kramousnachts turns him into just another mob to kill. I still support the original goal of Team Krampus though. I don't want to see him re-skinned or downgraded to a normal mob in the world.
  16. If you don't find it there, my Steam saved games directory is here: C:\Users\[computer name]\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve
  17. This forum is awfully slow for a game 5 days into a preview and 2 days out from release...
  18. Show us your camp!

    Heh, that's pretty much my base at day 90.
  19. (abandoned) Always On Status

    This is the only mod that I use with every game I start. Thanks for making and maintaining it.
  20. and that's exactly what you should do. Its people who want to change the game in un optional ways should be taken with a grain of salt. EDIT: I didn't have the time to reply properly earlier, and now that I do I'd rather not as you seem to have no intention of changing your opinions. My reply to ""ppl like u" is this: man up and take some responsibility for your own gaming experience. If you feel the game is too easy, then take steps to make things harder on yourself. Realize that you are trying to deny others the same enjoyment of the game that you had by advocating changes now to make basic game-play harder. (If you have been playing the game for a while you should know that the game has been getting progressively harder. Others might not have had the benefit of that gentler learning curve.) Anyway, a survival game is like a puzzle game, once you've figured it out, then guess what... you've won!... if you are achievement motivated and incapable of self-directed game play. Replay value should be found in new challenges (self made, or introduced by Klei), not in changes to existing challenges just you have mastered them (unless modding is your thing).
  21. Oh, no offense meant to you. And I agree with you to a point, but I think the game is hard enough actually, it's just lacking in fun things to do (after a while) if you aren't into making oddball challenges for yourself.
  22. I wouldn't pay too much mind to the forums. Many game message boards have a very vocal group of forum warriors, internet tough guys, pro-gamers, hardcore dudes, whatever, who ***** and moan about everything being too easy because they want people to notice how wonderful they are.