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  1. Yeah Modulate is just the worst, it's one of my least favorite Daemons. Just thanks god there is no Labyrinth 2.0. I would cry if I saw that.
  2. Hahaha I've run into that situation. I have a similar setup to yours but not quite so punishing combined with Modulate. Luckily Nika and Banks have maxed hacking.
  3. I started with Archive Nika and Ester, no specific reason other than I saw the devs use it and it looked pretty good and I wanted to try it out. I first found Decker which was quite nice. I got quite a few good items, including an augment that gives me more money the more of the map that I explore. So even if I don't necessarily manage to loot much I still get a decent bonus, especially now on day 7 where sometimes I have to explore a lot to find the exit card. My second agent was Banks who still up to this point doesn't have a disrupter, I just can't seem to get one. I think my greatest strength and the thing that's keeping me alive is my ability to fight back. Every level now is basically just a mad dash as I either get Blowfish which for me is actually the best case scenario or Fractal or Modulate slow me down so bad in combination with all the Omni guards with their conciousness monitors, I always end up at at least alarm level 5. Decker has Nerual Disrupter II and also Cloaking Rig III with the augment that lets him knock out guards in an AoE when he uses it. In the last mission I got Shock Trap III which is gonna be awesome, haven't used it yet though. Nika and Ester have augments that give them armor piercing on their disrupters which is good since they're still using basic disrupters. Also Nika has a Biogenic Dartgun that uses a cooldown and lets her knock out any guard even the guards with level 3 armor thanks to her Ventricular Lance. This is my 2nd Endless Run and also my best one so far. My only recommendation is to just prepare a team that's able to deal with 5 guards + drones looking for them as that's pretty much a guarantee once you get past day 5, it's super unlikely you'll get a chance to stealth through the levels and you need to be able to deal with terrible situation. Always have that backup plan, have your agents back up each other just in case one gets caught. I have had to skip at least 2 level's objectives as they were just basically impossible to get unless I really wanted to play with death due to the way the levels get generated combined with Archdeamons you get.
  4. Yeah that's what I've been fearing. I've only gotten Fractal 2.0 once but there was a Daemon database right outside my spawn which was really handy, even if the database itself had Validate installed in it... I've never been sure if I'm a big fan of the Felix Daemon, just kind of lame to take away a bunch of money from the player with no way to combat it other than just avoid it. I wish the money was deposited to a nearby safe or something of that nature and you could find a way to get it back.
  5. Haha I've avoided those Felix Daemons like the plague so far and it seems it's the right thing to do if they take that much money.
  6. It reduces how far guards can see, at first I didn't understand it very well (and I still don't), I thought it was the width of their vision that would get affected so I could walk past them but nope, however, by reducing their range if they're just barely watching a door, I can make it so that it's only within their noticing range and walk right up to them and knock them out. I don't understand it fully either so take everything i just said here with a pinch of salt, I have a very basic understanding of it, when I use it I'm just thinking "Maybe it will help here?" and hoping for the best.
  7. Yeah, I'm on day 7 myself and I just had the most insane mission ever in Sankaku, had Modulate 2.0 as my archdaemon, slows down my progress to a crawl when I have to keep waiting for so long and making sure I have power for Fusion and all that. I took Prism and Archive Nika as my starting agents, found Decker and Banks. Would have preferred Xu over Banks but oh well, I've sunk a bunch of money into her and her special augment does come in handy every once in a while but haven't been able to get a Disrupter for her yet. I have Fusion, Lockpick 1.0 (I know, freaking sucks) Wrench 3, Emergency Drip and Shade (which has helped me a few of times). I have been trying to replace Lockpick for so long but Shop Cat keeps trolling me with crappy programs. One of the most awesome things I got early on thanks to Monst3r was the augment that gives you credits the more of the map you explore. I haven't been able to get the last couple of mission objectives complete and I still walk out with over 1500 credits per mission which is quite nice. The Biogenic Dart Gun has been pretty awesome too with Archive Nika's special augment reducing its cooldown every time I knock someone out with her. The archdaemons are just insane and really change the way missions progress. I've had quite a few where it would have been much simpler if they didn't exist. Would be awesome though if you could get positive archdaemons rarely that gave you a huge advantage like automatic power regeneration, armor piercing on all your weapons or slower alarm increase or something like that. I've been having to knock out guards a lot lately and a lot of missions I've been like "Oh crap, this is it, I'm screwed, this is probably impossible" but I've gotten it done. Have to say though, I have no idea how you would get these missions done on Endless Plus.. Really satisfying feeling when you manage to have your agents pull through in the end and have them all super upgraded and kicking ass. They've done a great job with this mode to continuously provide a challenge and it lets you do things you could probably never do in the regular game.
  8. I'm pretty sure my first death was to tentacles....yeah because I remember that was how I died the first few times in DS. Then I decided to get a brain and I thought "Maybe I should stop trying to explore these swamps without getting some armor first..."
  9. Just played 3 missions of this. Parasite definitely doesn't seem like a good starting choice now, way too slow but I still like it, I'm glad you didn't nerf into oblivion and just gave it a 1 turn cooldown. The Chief executive missions are pretty cool, they have a nice feeling to them; infiltrating a building to find a guy to hack into his brain is definitely is a nice feeling, especially as the hack is being completed. Also thank you so much for fixing that lag bug that there was when you played the game for a long period of time, that honestly was turning me off from playing the game at times because one of the nice things in this game is seeing the animations play out and it just got so annoying having to watch my agents stutter after every 1 tile of movement. So thanks for that. So nice update so far and I haven't even seen half the new programs. Only seen lockpick 2.0 which I couldn't afford at the time unfortunately.
  10. Well if I want to choose a character that makes me feel elite it's surely not going to be Wolfgang. I would use Wes, maybe Willow. It's not that she is not equal with Wolfgang, it's that her abilities are so similar to Wolfgang's and so much better that obviously she will be compared to him. And if it came down to which one you should choose for the better combat abilities Wigfrid will always win because she beats Wolfgang in pretty much every aspect. So imo her abilities should be changed so that she isn't a better version of Wolfgang.
  11. The meat only disadvantage to me is only prominent in the early game. The instant you have one or two crock pots then it's not that bad because you can use vegetables to make meat recipes (meat balls, honey ham, honey nuggets etc. etc.) so you can still utilize farms for crops to make meat recipes. The only place I can see her disadvantage being difficult to deal with is the caves due to bunnymen. And I don't have a problem with the fact that she's OP if it seems that way. It's just that she just has a rehashed arguably better version of Wolfgang's abilities.
  12. Ummm if I'm choosing a character with a combat advantage I would want that advantage constantly because that's why I chose the character in the first place (I don't pick Wolfgang to play like Wilson, I choose Wilson for that ) which means Wigfrid would always be one I choose because she is better than Wolfgang in that regard. And honestly his higher hunger doesn't mean that much to me because eventually hunger really isn't an issue with any character and it just makes it a pain to fill him up completely for his advantage. And not to mention he loses sanity quicker while Wigfrid has the easiest time filling her sanity since it plays into her combat advantage. So to me he is obsolete.
  13. I think this is a really cool suggestion. Something I've wanted for a while. I really hope they implement this at some point or another in the DLC. The idea of the DLC is a bigger challenge after all and adding some more challenge to the insanity mechanic would be quite good.
  14. I don't think they should nerf her current abilities personally. I think it would be better to just completely re-evaluate her abilities and make them not so combat oriented. Wolfgang is there for that. She could have a completely different set of abilities.