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  1. Yet Another Art Thread

    A fungus girl? (A fungal, perhaps?) She tends to emit clouds of spores like a puffball and doesn't have much control over when she does it. This is usually unpleasant for anyone nearby and highly embarrassing for her.
  2. Yet Another Art Thread

    Oops! I meant to post this here earlier. It's Morbelle; remember how I drew her a few times before? No? Anyway, I have no idea what she's doing in this pose. I may revisit this drawing again to further mess with the color scheme. Or maybe I'll just tinker with the colors as I draw her more.
  3. Yet Another Art Thread

    Okay, it's done I think. Hollow Knight related stuff, again. This was kind of a silly idea which I decided to give a complete background and fancy lighting for no good reason. These kinda drawings a bit hard to explain, because it's not precisely something that happens in the game, but it's based on game mechanics and story. I can give an explanation for this, but that'd involve spoilers, so I'll hold off until someone asks.
  4. Yet Another Art Thread

    Kinda. Hornet found a strange doodle of herself in a book that belonged to someone else, once... I'm working on a couple of things but they aren't finished, still.
  5. Yet Another Art Thread

    Hm, here's a less colorful version of the previous drawing. Dunno if I like it more. I drew this a little while ago. I guess it was a relatively quick and lazy drawing? Do I need to explain this one? I'm not even sure what character made the... somewhat inaccurate illustration of Hornet. I'm also working on a drawing which should have been simple, but then I decided draw like a complete and detailed background, so, uh... I've only finished a rough sketch so far.
  6. Yet Another Art Thread

    Depends on the bug. A good number of them have no horns and a bunch have antennae. Except in the case of vessels, I tend to interpret the black eyes as round compound eyes rather than holes but I'm not sure that's accurate. But there are definitely bugs with round compound eyes, like Sly the shopkeeper. Whether these I've used would normally be applied to a beetle... I dunno.
  7. Yet Another Art Thread

    Random bug sorta in the style of Hollow Knight: I'm having a hard time picking colors for characters to fit with the characters in the game. Maybe I just like bright colors too much and that doesn't fit with the more muted ones in the game.
  8. Yet Another Art Thread

    More Hollow Knight stuff; minor spoilers I guess. The lighting for this took like a million layers x_x
  9. Yet Another Art Thread

    Eh? The spiral in her hair is an intentional part of her design, so if there's something wrong with it I need to know about it so I can make adjustments. Hm, maybe the curved "spikes" which make up the central spiral should just be less well-defined and not stick out so much from the rest of the hair. Edit: Like this: I think that preserves the spiral and looks marginally better? Okay, I REALLY need to stop making minor adjustments to this drawing, OMG.
  10. Yet Another Art Thread

    Here's Azalea in a humanoid frame. It can be hard to find work as a mantis. Although I think this looks okay on its own and I'm overall happy with it, I think I've screwed up Azalea's face and made it look too different from how I've drawn it previously.
  11. Yet Another Art Thread

    Hm, there's not really a story behind this one, for once. I just kinda liked the melting imagery and sorta ripped off 2 of my other drawings. The expression is from one of my Cornflakes drawings, and the open skull is like my first Hollow Knight drawing.
  12. Yet Another Art Thread

    Eh? Oh, you mean the chest armor? Yeah, that's different body types. Cornflakes has a more standard android design while Mint is more flat-chested, I think. Here's a kinda doodle thing I guess? I've posted some (so far) incomplete stuff along with it to Twitter, if anyone's into that kinda thing: https://twitter.com/SporbYeouch
  13. Yet Another Art Thread

    Ah, you recognized her moth-like nature! I should post this since it's been a few days and I'm going to be unable to post for a little while... Mint chocolate chip ice cream! Get it? This features NikiNazu's Mint android, of course.
  14. Oh boy, another art thread hu?

    Xjurwi's Tumblr is here for art: http://thesketchierside.tumblr.com/
  15. Yet Another Art Thread

    More Hollow Knight stuff, spoilered for, well, spoilers.