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  1. Or a woman. I don't know why I felt the need to reinforce your point, but I did it anyway.
  2. Well, you know what they say. "Red haired Winnie is better than no Winnie". Or something like that.
  3. I can't use a character whose name I cannot pronounce D: I'll just call her Wath.
  4. What's that Water drop meter? The character looks nice! And what that flint puking racoon? Renewable flint? SO MANY QUESTIONS
  5. I'm not that familiar with TF2, so for me that's just a guy with a gas mask. I'm not that familiar with TF2, so for me that's just a guy with a gas mask.
  6. No, No, you make a fair point. I'd be annoyed if guns were added to.
  7. Oh! That0s how you do it! Thanks a lot! I've had the same issue with the Portuguese pack, I just assumed it was impossible to change!
  8. Right, so first of all, how can a character ruin the game for you if you don't play as him? It can'y, that's how. Second of all, it's a guy with a gas mask. Why does it HAS to be the pyro? Can't it really just be a guy in a mask?
  9. Well, I mean.. that is true... I see the caves as an optional thing, much like anything in this game is optional. THe only thing you need to do to beat it is find the adventure mode door, and beat adventure mode. I always saw caves and the ruins as an extra chalenge for the people who were't getting chalenged enough by the outside world.
  10. You know what? That actually sounds great. WX-78 has the power to become an all powerfull being, but in return it's unable to ressuscitate himself (I mean there's still the touch stones ans the amulet, but those things are major hassels.)
  11. That could be it. Although I AM constantly dying and always have a meat effigy up, I know some players don't do that and like to play the "You're dead, YOU'RE DEAD." game, so that would be pretty useless for them. Unless the upgrades the gears provide could just slowly degrade over time? Or maybe make the halth upgrade something not permanent, something along the likes of the blue hearts in Binding of Isaac.
  12. 1-Don't use a map. Done. 2- That sounds HORRIBLE I wanna have my lil Robin all the time! 3-100% agreed 4- ist' there already a chance? 5- That seems OP'd :/ 6- Disease caused by Mosquitos could be pretty cool. If you are sugesting some sort of cold for Winter though, YOU ARE A MAD MAN! 7- Yeah, I reckon Giant THings stomping around in the world would fall into that category
  13. 1. I agree- there needs to be some other point to the telething! But I don't like the idea of characters getting other items- especially because not all characters have a specific item. People would just try to jump between worlds with all the item-owning characters so they can have them all. 2- I find the winterometer to be pretty usefull! But yeah, the rainometer is just deadspace at the moment. 3- tweaks like those would make me happy. 4-really like that idea. I think it should be EXTRAORDINARLY hard to make though. Gears don't cut it, I think you'd need some materials that you can only find on the ruins, like thulecite or something.
  14. The inclusion of dawn in the world that is the same amount of block space as dusk. It is odd that the sun just appears straight after night. -This seems very much useless. What would be the point? A legitimate reason for the cave splunking - Ruins. Done. Little hints about the character's past lives; maybe from unique observations or certain triggers -Now THIS, I like. A recipe book; each recipe you make gets added so you can have the combinations ready for you to see -DOn't see the point, care to elaborate? More varied and detailed locations for teleportato pieces -That seems fine, but all around useless. The ability for chess pieces to respawn on the map - Sounds interesting, but how about all the "OMG WX-78 IS OP WITH ALL THOSE GEARS" comments that that would provoque? :/