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  1. Don't Starve Comics

    I feel sorry for the trees...
  2. I did this for Halloween. I was going to go trick or treating in it with my little cousion but I didn't get to since it rained and he was getting over a cold and doesn't have an umbrella appearently so might as well post this because happiness So what was I doing? Oh right! The cosplay here it is: file:///C:/Users/Simon/Pictures/Halloween%20Cosplay-Why%20are%20you%20reading%20this%20text-it%20means%20nothing%20but%20to%20distract%20your%20attention.png
  3. Don't Starve Comics

    two things: 1.) "Charlie the Drunken Guinea Pig" was around when Smosh were A LOT less racist (no sereously I think that they are kinda racist and a lot less funny unlike back then when their ideas were infinite.) 2.) I dressed up as Wilson for Halloween. I wish I could send a link to the picture but it'll envolve me extracting it from skype and putting it here or on a cosplay thread ( I look so much like Wilson, that it is 2sppoky). About Wilson's hair btw: Most of us wonder what it is too! Great sketches!
  4. Don't Starve Comics

    A hoof to the face. Finished with a giant darkness beam to the eyes and mouth,
  5. Don't Starve Comics

    So let me get this straight... Maxwell has a shadow horse he made while fragmenting his' mind? Dang!
  6. Don't Starve Comics

    That exelent TF2 Reference.
  7. Don't Starve Comics

    Hooray for monster Wilson's finest return!
  8. Puzzle Thread

    Speaking of which looks like the shadow hands began to drop at image 5
  9. Puzzle Thread

    I just saw the new picture. She's f**k'd. I knew there was something on the chandelier! And it looks like Maxwell was trapped so I got a bit of a theory here... Deamon Maxwell trapped the real Maxwell in the painting taking over EVERYTHING he posesses. His' memories, thought, powers, etc. of course the regular maxwell (or William) has all that but the powers he gets. Then Charlie looks behind her at the last second and sees the hands and the Maxwell photo in panic, getting taken by the hands.
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Then Charlie's face appears screaming "help me!" for a few seconds.
  11. Don't Starve Comics

    Wow. I only got up to the map and I just quit. I guess scary games get the best of me. By the way did you know you can get Don't Stare stuff in there (obviously since it's a Don't Starve mod but...) also some of the characters (the kid and campleader have Wilson's Hairstyle. It's pretty funny
  12. The Screecher

    The ending in a nutshell.
  13. The Screecher

    Is it just me or do the texture files of some of the characters such as "Child" Demonchild" and "Campleader" all have Wilson's hairstyle and some similiar facial expressions
  14. The Screecher

    Same here. Couldn't get past the point where you obtain your map.
  15. The Screecher

    I give all credit to Klei for making the scariest game since Amnesia or one of the ever so infinitley pointless Slender games. I mean, Don't Stare is secretley cryptic when you look at even the simplest of aspects, Screeher probably is in the exact same universe of Don't Starve (which is all part of the ever so infinitley expanding faster than a universe- Multiverse) I cannot go though a few minutes of gameplay after hearing all the scrams! I don't see why Klei hasn't gotten the World's Scariest Game (or sub-game) award- 2013
  16. Don't Starve Comics

    So... Raven. When you get a chance do you think you can do a bit of art of the new Klei Don't Starve mod: Screecher; couldn't even get past a random girl after one sign XD
  17. Puzzle Thread

    Is it just me or does Maxwell look at Charlie from the painting?
  18. Puzzle Thread

    That brown item looks like some sort of box. It also seems to be redish- brown when looking closer
  19. Puzzle Thread

    No, there was. It was in between the Terrorbreak and the Crawling Horror. So what the order: Latin word for destruction, the Terrorbreak, a Nigh hand and now the Crawling horror.
  20. Puzzle Thread

    First a Terrorbreak, then a night hand and now the Crawling Horror? Looks like a group pattern sorta deal.
  21. Puzzle Thread

    Maybe... that might be what it says! We just need to wait until tomorrow to see what the next tally is.
  22. Puzzle Thread

    So what we've gathered so far: -Charlie is the person in the picture and she is in a red poncho (she does have pupils but barley visible) -The Room isn't Maxwell's; it's hers (I'm only guessing that) -In the room resides a lamp, a fireplace, a desk, photos of Maxwell and her, a grandfather clock, a rug and a table with a cover. -Inside the glass covering a Don't Starve Rabbit (or real world Jackal) skull. -There are three "Tallies" that spell out "BAI". Or a Jackal or a baby male deer skull
  23. Puzzle Thread

    th odd thing though is it has antlers like a deer...
  24. Puzzle Thread

    Maybe those "Tallies" are just stretched out ghosts or hallucinations.
  25. Puzzle Thread

    Nope, I'm pretty sure that is just a jumpscare.