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  1. Shipwrecked Roadmap

    Good thing you spawn with some and enough Limpets around to turn Crabbits into Crabeards to get more.
  2. Shipwrecked Roadmap

    Maxwell has the easiest time of any character switching between insanity and sanity. Summon those minions. Farm the Nightmare Fuel.
  3. When you put Fish in Packim (like Dogfish) he eats it and leaves behind Spoiled Fish. The problems is if you give him a stack of Fish he will leave behind only one single Spoiled FIsh, despite there being more than 1 Fish in the stack.
  4. There's a couple Telelocator Staff bugs that I've noticed after the last patch. You can teleport ocean creatures and yourself on land with Telestaff+Focus, making it possible to sail on land and kite ocean creatures with ease. It doesn't start raining after using the Staff anymore. Here's a pic.
  5. Actually the staff is still wonky, submitted a bug report for it already. As for the clock sync, @Bryce i've already submitted a report for this a while ago. but currently the season length in RoG and SW is not the same. Is this intended and we have to deal with out of sync seasons and random lengths in RoG or are you guys working on a fix?
  6. Tentacle Spikes sink when they are dropped by the Quacken's Tentacles. The problem is that usually the Tentacles are in Deep Water (where you need to be to summon it) so they are lost forever, and can't be retrieved even with a Trawl Net. Is this intended?
  7. After the last patch it seems that hammering a Wildbore House after you kill its owner, will result in another Wildbore spawning. This wasn't the case before. Is this intended or is a side effect of making them invulnerable to wind? Second thing is that some characters say "It's a thing" when examining Wildbores. I thought that speech files were taken care of...
  8. Using an explosive, like a Cannon, on a dead whale will make it go directly to the next stage of bloating without the time required passing. Saving ad Quitting, then opening up the game again, will let you repeat the action, until the whale is ready to harvest. Here's pics, so it did happen :
  9. Coffee's speed boost is lasting around 2 minutes 45 seconds now, but according to the code it should last 4 minutes. coffee = { caffeineduration = TUNING.FOOD_SPEED_LONG, }, And FOOD_SPEED_LONG = total_day_time / 2 Seems to be due to some changes to the way stuff is calculated.
  10. They've let fire farms, that make any resource collection and mob fights trivial, in for years. Don't think they'll bother fixing this. But as Maxwell guru above said, Monkeys checking chests and backpacks was a bug. They tried to collect from them and ended up brain dead, reacting only when they got attacked. If Klei wanted this to be in the game, they wouldn't have removed it completely, like they didn't remove Monkeys spawning treasure with Woodlegs' hat, even after it got reported. Don't have to use that much though. It was just to show the SMB was inside the walls.
  11. Escaping a world as Woodlegs and choosing another Character, will not despawn any Lucky Hats in the inventory, letting Characters other than Woodlegs, use them. Doing the same thing with Warly, will properly despawn his Portable Crock Pot but won't do so with the Pouch. That said, if unequipped the Pouch will be invisible and can only be interacted with by pressing the spacebar. If choosing Warly as the PC after changing worlds with another Character, will not give him is Portable Crock Pot at the start of the game, making it unavailable to him for the rest of the game. Walani and Woodlegs don't get a free Surfboard, Lucky Hat and Sea Legs either when choosing them. Wickerbottom's Joy of Volcanology Book, unlike the other Books, does not decrease any Sanity. Also an Ice Flingomatic will not act as Ice when extinguishing the Lava Pools formed from it, dropping Rocks etc. instead of Obsidian.
  12. Woodlegs has a special quote for Snake infested bushes instead of the generic one. Same thing used to happen with Warly but was later fixed. Woodlegs instead slipped through unchecked.
  13. My hero! now plz buff Woodlegs' hat and canon again. plz
  14. Don't usually read whinny posts. Got me. It was reported as a bug, because Monkeys turned brain dead around a SMB when it was placed in backpacks in chests. They stopped reacting to the world. Cute.
  15. Had something similar happen with Maxwell's shadows too.
  16. Adapting to situations instead of whining and demanding devs change stuff is something that I wish more players did. Maybe this way we wouldn't have had nerfs to Poision, Warly etc.
  17. @Bryce please, do. You were MVP with the Magiluminecence refuel. Be my hero again. Also, seriously, please buff poison again. Or at the very least add a world option so people that have difficulty with it can set the duration to 1 day and let the default as indefinitely. Edit : Also Woodlegs needs some changing. For starters make it so Trees don't burn when hit by the Sea Legs again. Don't know why you guys changed it. Second, buff the Lucky Hats treasure spawn rate and remove the ability to make monkey spawn treasure. Make the perk about Woodlegs, not a an island full of hundreds of Monkeys wearing hats. Let us have kinda-OP Woodlegs. He's the only Character in SW worth considering for late game, and makes sense considering what you have to go through to unlock him.
  18. Glad to see you guys are working on this. Also I tested with Coconades and the same thing happens. I guess this is the case with all explosives.
  19. If attacked with a Boat Cannon or the Sea Legs while still sane, Swimming Horrors can take damage and die. this makes it possible to collect Nightmare Fuel without needing to go insane. This might also extend to Coconades but haven't tested.
  20. The maximum population of Doydoys (20) is checked in the current generated world only. That means that if I had 20 Doydoys in my Shipwrecked world and brought one of them in the Volcano, it would count as if I had 1/20 in the Volcano and 19/20 in the Shipwrecked world. That way the maximum population of 20 can be exceeded by moving them between "worlds". This can be exploited to have up to 180 Doydoys in a single save file (20 in Shipwrecked + 20 in Volcano + 20 In Don't Starve + 60 in 3 Caves + 60 in 3 Ruins.) Calculating Naughtiness will work the same way too. If I kill that one Doydoy in the Volcano, Krampus will spawn, even if there are still 19 other Doydoys in one of the islands.
  21. You were also able to farm them with Tooth Traps. Guess what happened.
  22. Shadow Creatures that spawn when nearing insanity/insane, in addition to being affected by explosive weapons when the players are still sane, can also take fire damage. This shouldn't be the case since they're not affected by other things like Tooth Traps or bosses' AoE attacks.
  23. Not sure if it's intended for SW seasons but in RoG the Winter and Summer seasons randomly last one day longer than usual. Discussed this on reddit earlier and it seems like there's a fix for it in DST already. Until then we'll have Summer last 16 days out of 15. SW seasons also have unusual lengths. Instead of the 20-15-20-15 that was in RoG, they last 20-16-21-16. That doesn't seem right.
  24. Even though they are considered as Fish food, Packim does not eat Jellyfish when they're put inside him. Edit : Apparently he doesn't eat Shark Fins either.
  25. Mining a Glommer Statue will only drop Marble and no Blueprint for the Old Bell.