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even MORE ocean content

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With the most recent update we got the Moonquay island which is an excellent addition to the ocean but I hope klei does not stop there, I want to see more ocean biome diversity, and even though i really like the tropical-themed moonquay island, id like to see more biomes that match more thematically to the landscapes we already have in DST.

Ive gone ahead and concepted some potential biomes/islands that i think would fit really well. These are just rough ideas and im sure could be fleshed out even more.

So first up an actual new biome for the ocean, the kelp forest. 


Here you'll encounter large stalks of kelp jutting out from the ocean floor along with the usual bullkelp. These large clusters of kelp have attracted creatures known as otterpines to dwell among the kelp and the urchins that grow along the kelp stalks provide provide them with tasty morsels.


Harvesting the urchins off the kelp stalks and feeding them to the otterpine makes it freindly towards you and as a reward they will  dive underwater and bring back a random fish as thanks. Of course, diving leads to fish that dwell deeper and out of reach from a fishing rod.


Like the lanternfish, useful for when you need light bulbs for your lantern and skitter squids just arent getting the job done,


Next up is a biome ive been wanting for a long time, the sea ice biome.


This would be an small chain of islands that only appear during winter while melting and despawning during the other seasons, I know this might require some technical wizardry to pull off but with the recent additions of dock terraforming and the walrus camp/oasis spawning mechanic, surely something could be jurryrigged? 

Anyway here youd encounter the emperor pengull who has an insatiable appetite for ocean fish and will reward you for bringin them to him. Now we have a couple of king/queens now and to differentiate the emperor pengull perhaps instead of a 1:1 reward ratio, you need to fill a quota of fish before winter ends and he despawns. So lets just say there are 3 levels and each quota you fill he gets fatter and gives you a one time reward. As for the actual reward im unsure but it should be something cool at each level. 

Some lore to tie him to current pengull behavior, the emperor sends out his pengulls to the mainland to bring him back food but as we have seen they arent too fond of their emperor as they spend all winter looking after themselves, leaving our poor emperor to starve.


The emperor pengull after feeding him to the max. Looks very happy indeed.

I'd also think itd be neat if there were a village of Walruses living here as well, perhaps they are friendlier than their Mctusk counterparts?


Lastly, my favorite region/biome type, the boreal forest.



This would be an island biome that spawns in relative proximity to the sea ice biome. Here, however, the island stays up year round,

I sadly ran out of time so i dont have any cool art but potential ideas include the taiga, a snow leapord like creature that is a keen hunter. The staghorn - a deer/moose like creature with a large bushel of berries entagled in its antlers, if you manage to get close enough you can snag em for yourself. Mint - a rare herb that only grows on this island and has medicinal properties.

And finally there is the strange aurora borealis fog that can be found on only the coldest of nights and seems to have the same kind of magical properties as shadows and moonlight - what might happen if you follow the fog trail?



Oh and here, i almost forgot- a sea lion, not tied to any biome specifically but he will follow your boat and defend you from hostile mobs if you feed him fish.


Do you want to see more ocean content? What are your ideas for biomes and creatures? 

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I think the ice caps should be year round. It would explain where the pengulls come from and allow you to get ice year-round at the cost of needing to sail around instead of just smash the ice that's right next to you. 

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3 hours ago, sudoku said:




This is the best addition do don't starve together i have ever seen.

I can see you put a lot of thought into this and I agree ocean is WAY too empty it should be a lot more diverse with all diffrent biomes.

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55 minutes ago, Cheggf said:

I think the ice caps should be year round. It would explain where the pengulls come from and allow you to get ice year-round at the cost of needing to sail around instead of just smash the ice that's right next to you. 

I wouldnt be mad at that iff its the only way possible for the biome to be added, better than nothing. Thats a good point about the ice though so perhaps.


40 minutes ago, Capybara007 said:

the fact that pengulls just spawn out of nowhere from the water is extremely outdated

True.. They could have little homes on the island. I just thought that all the emperors subjects abandoning their grumpy leader to starve was kinda funny 

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I uploaded this on reddit already but here's something that would be cool to have in game:












If my terrible handwriting seems like gibberish I will translate (I also changed some things because I had more Ideas):

The great treeguard can spawn if a giant tree is rammed into or roots are destroyed.

It drops 3 Knobbly Tree nuts and 10-25 living logs.

It can summon roots nearby which are indicated by the water bubbling.

It's face is the canopy. It can spit out figrenades that blow up after a bit. Players have to carry and drop them off board to stop themselves from taking damage and being slowed by fig jam that the figrenades release.

It can use it's arm to attack players (but not the boat).

It can use it's feet to stomp on the boat. This attack is however easy to avoid, as it has a long "charge up" animation...

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Personally I just want to see more Shipwrecked content reskinned to fit DST, such as.. how they replaced Water Beefalo with Grass Gator, or Wobster with Lunar Wobster-

It truly tells the story of the constant getting all screwed up with Whatever Wagstaff & Charlie are up to.

Moon falls in ocean, causes funny moon stuff to start happening, Wagstaff explodes some moon stuff on an island and let’s out resources and mobs from the Unatural portal- Moon Quay dlc description even teases “Is this just the start of what’s still to come?”

it all makes sense to just go bonkers adding realms that otherwise wouldn’t fit the theme of dst.. I mean your playing a game about unfinished gateways, sealed archives, Wormhole portals, teleportation, Magic etc- pretty sure Klei can get away with whatever they want to add into DST & make it fit.

I love the idea for an Ice Glacier Biome but what I hate is the actual “Ocean” content that forces you to stay on a boat the entire time.. what I would like is more “Land Content” that requires traveling across the ocean to get to but requires getting off the boat and exploring on foot once you get there.

Theres only so much Klei can do with being constrained to a tiny wooden platform, meanwhile we could get some distant jungle temple with exciting new gameplay mechanics like a ground turf that acts like Quicksand: If the player stands still on it for an extended period of time they start sinking into the ground.. etc.

As far as actual ocean content goes I’d like to see the Jellyfish, Swordfish, Coral Reefs, Electrical Eels, StinkRays, Lotus Flowers etc..

Between Shipwrecked and Hamlet there’s plenty of “Ocean Content” mobs and resources to be inspired by.

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6 hours ago, Ardcrumb said:

I hope we eventually get that sea cocoon thing, it looks like a petrified tentacle


Ooh, ive never seen this before. Looks like these would be mixed in with sea rocks and youd come across a whole bunch while sailing and mining them would initiate like a quaken-like boss or something, pretty cool idea - i wonder if the crab king replaced this?

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I really like the concept of a literal Emperor Pengull.

I had the idea for an ocean event where Lunar Mist could cover Rough or Harzadous Ocean, inside the mist it will give the Elightment effect and Enlightened players would see gestalt sirens that would attempt to move the Boats into Sea Stacks.


I also thought of a giraffe-plant mob that would be a source of Driftwood and instead of simply dropping it's loot in the Ocean's surface, you would need the Pinchin' Winch to retrieve the corpse.


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19 hours ago, Just-guy said:


I also thought of a giraffe-plant mob that would be a source of Driftwood and instead of simply dropping it's loot in the Ocean's surface, you would need the Pinchin' Winch to retrieve the corpse.


The girafft? 

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On 7/19/2022 at 9:23 PM, Ardcrumb said:

I hope we eventually get that sea cocoon thing, it looks like a petrified tentacle


I would love it if some kind of mob spawned out of this thing.. Maybe little crabs.. or err THESE-



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37 minutes ago, EerieEra said:

This would be amazing. :D
Especially if there were aurora-based mobs.

I was thinking theyd be like a cross between shadow creatures/ghosts/ and animals. Like spectral spirits or something

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I want to bump this thread to continue to share ideas & suggestions to hopefully make the oceans of DST more enjoyable.

Now some time back ago I shared a lot of (now probably archived) pictures of things I felt that could vastly improve the Ocean of DST so today I’m going to reshare those again and maybe explain why I think they’re a good idea to add.

Starting with this thing.. Sea Net.

which from what I know about it was intended to work sort of like an At-Sea Water Balloon- You Aim, You Throw.. but you also pull items back in towards you.

I suppose a fishing Rod could perform the same function, but I like the idea of newer items requiring newer crafting ingredients.

Next up-


Pretty straight forward- the Marble Forest Biome.. this Biome exists in Solo Dont Starve but to the best of my knowledge does not exist in DST.. but when the moon (or parts of a secret ancient god rather..) broke apart and crash landed into the ocean causing a massive title wave, or with Wagstaff causing funny portal shenanigans- this biome can easily be added to a distant island somewhere across the ocean.

Next up is Jellyfish, but let me go into depth as to WHY they should be added..


Unlike Shipwrecked, DSTs boats are a moving platform we have limited movement on top of and can dodge/kite certain types of attacks such as if the Jellyfish let out an Electrical Arch (indicated by the dark blue scribbles here) that can only attack so far into the boat. In this case- it doesn’t deal any damage to the boat.. but if a player happens to be standing in its arch (poor Winona) they’re going to be hit by its lightning Jolt.


As an Added bonus: it would be awesome if these things “Discharged” Electrical Charges (indicated by glowing & lighting up) and a Wickerbottom could use The End is Nigh on Discharged Jelly’s to Restore their charge.

Why would you want to do that? Well.. Charged Jelly’s could provide additional loot or benefits that the ones who are “Recharging” can not- such as providing light at night like “Bioluminescence” streams from the Shipwrecked DLC.

Continuing with the concept of the boat being a Wooden platform we can walk around on top of and avoid enemy attacks I would like to see Pufferfish in DST..


Which float towards your boat and puff up exploding a bunch of needle projectiles towards you (they can be dodged if you stand in the right spot as the fly by) Anyone remember the epic boss fight with Metal Sonic from 20 something years ago where you had to stand in just the right spot while his spikes flew past you in all directions except the safe spot your standing in? Yeah.. That.

This next one is pretty straightforward waves, Shipwrecked had them.. the Ocean has them.. they should exist in DST and here is exactly how I would have made them work. Now with the Addition of a Rudder & Sails which “Turns” your boat.. you can change it’s intended sail direction to hit incoming waves for SW style speed boost.


Okay so I said that to me Ocean Content isn’t just stuff on the water, but can also extend to new land biomes that you need to sail across the ocean to get to, I am in love with the idea of sort of an Ancient Egypt themed biome, with quick sand, sand storms, Pyramids, booweavles and uhh oh yeah these guys..


Lastly while I have no images for the following, I loved the idea of Mr Skits out at sea from shipwrecked (the bubble-like Tar Monster) it would be cool if DST actually had some sort of Tar Monster at Sea.. maybe as a mob, or even a boss.

Having some actual mob spawning dens out at sea (such as logs or lily pads spawning frogs, or Dolphin Den, maybe just random Anenemy can float up to the surface at times etc..) would also help make the ocean feel less empty.

Those are all the ideas I can come up with for now- but I really do hope Klei finds a way to make ocean content an epic part of the game.

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