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  1. I have literally died to damaged clockwork over 100 times
  2. Guys, I have something to tell you, the next update is happening on Thursday th-
  3. I've been noticing that the forums have become an echo chamber of ideas, everyone here except a few people are people who have been playing for years, or already know everything, and if klei wants real feedback we should be open to new ideas, such as instead of making the game more intricate and expansive, we should talk about having the game more open to new people rather than catering to pro players.
  4. We all know why you want this canis, you want to stack 2 beaks on each other
  5. Why are the mainland pigs so uncultured compared to the plateu pigs, even though they're the same people
  6. I'm on the same side as my boy slasher, as Dr evil said "kill the little bastard for all I care."
  7. I had a dream last night where a third maxwell meme thread was made but only memes about Joe could be made.
  8. Also, Mr foam, the links don't seem to work on xbox, whenever I click on em it just brings me to a blank page and I don't know why, no spools go into my account either