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  1. The whole shipwrecked situation, license plates etc.
  2. I main Wilson because he's a fun character, I enjoy a lot of different aspects of this game, and as a character with no downsides, I don't need to make or prepare anything to make a journey, and I really enjoy having a backup life or two at my base. His quotes are funny, and he definitely has more character, lore, and personality than some other characters (I'm looking at you wormwood) All in all, I like the funny science trumpet man with facial hair Also verdant Wilson is the best Wilson skin
  3. Never forget the blunderbuss, a clean 200 damage for a cost of 1 gunpowder, a sleek cost of 1 gear 2 boards and 10 oincs, paired with rarity of gears in hamlet made a delightful weapon that I used for the entire expansion. Add blunderbuss 2022
  4. Enlightenment is the ant knowing what a circuit board does, sanity is trying to comprehend it in a way the ant understands
  5. I forgive him, shadows corrupted him, as we can see with the triumphant skins, maxwell is the triumphant William, changed by the nightmare throne
  6. I just don't want don't starve to suffer the same fate as 7 days to die,but at some point, it might make sense to drop the last gen consoles. And the switch is a leg down from the xbox one and ps4
  7. With nearly every character refresh (looking at you woodie), we've gotten some lore details, like wes being hated because he pushed George out of the way, or Wolfgang saving maxwell from the train crash. But with all this, we can see how the characters are connected; but some aren't Let's give it a rundown. Wilson - yet to be determined Willow - might have started a few of the major fires. Was chased by a terrorbeak Wendy - is maxwells niece. Wolfgang - saved maxwell from the train crash Wx-78 - They were an assistant of wagstaff, seemingly sent in by wagstaff, not maxwell Wickerbottom - yet to be determined Woodie - I have no idea Wes - pushed George T Witherspoon out of the way, foiling maxwells plan Maxwell/William - essentially the main character Webber - father had association with wagstaff, who brought a constant spider to him Wigfrid - no idea, same as woodie Winona - Charlie's sister Wortox - Entered through the gate way 9z Warly - in the same boat as woodie and wigfrid Wormwood - is a plant animated by a gem from the moon, also a native Wurt - native of the constant Walter - found woodies shack, and the phonograph within Wanda - They seem to want her there, maybe she made a deal. Please correct me if I got anything wrong
  8. I can't believe they added a tumblr sexyman to don't starve
  9. I really want that boat motor added, tired of having to constantly raise and lower the sails
  10. I think dst needs more ranged weapons, other than obviously blow darts or the character specific slingshot, if you want to fight you are corralled into either tanking damage or specifically learning kiting patterns that cannot function with high ping or lag; but more ranged weapons would be good, obviously not an instant kill weapon to hide across a pond with. Don't take this as a demand, I'd just like some more variety in fighting other than 400 glass cutters and football helmets
  11. If they add a shark fin soup it should give nothing, like shark fin soup irl