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  1. What I am proposing is that each character in the game should be able to make a unique dish in the crock pot, do you guys have ideas for who should make what?
  2. Ban IvoCZE because their image is a GIF
  3. Count to 200 without interruption

    Thirtree seven
  4. One word, strawbeary, strawberry plus bear.
  5. I met someone who would become one of my best friends on my public server so that's why I host em
  6. Imagine sailing in the ocean and seeing a MASSIVE shape in the ocean, like roc big and when you get closer you hear a sound underneath you boat
  7. Hook, Line and Inker

    Look, dude my game already crashes when I get on a boat, I'm an Xbox player with terrible connection and I don't think I could reasonably play the game, also no offence but O K B O O M E R
  8. Ban normal pinkerton for quoting all star by smashmouth
  9. what did the beard777 do?

    I fully agree with that too, it just gets tiring and is just a crutch
  10. I was browsing Maxwell memes when I saw a meme comparing james bucket to the beard 777 and I was wondering what he did to get such hate?
  11. What if the curio collected is them personified? /s
  12. I think that all the new characters are kinda lore free from a story perspective as wurt confirmed what we thought about merms wormwood about the moon and wortox gives some thought about krampus, another thing thing these characters together is the fact that they all aren't from the human world and weren't tricked by Maxwell into the constant and because of that can be removed from the plot with no harm, and that's also why klei charges money for the non plot characters, because they don't want to split the players.
  13. Probably a tether for boats to travel together like train carriges
  14. I was playing on my world looking for the brine biome, and when I reached it I noticed I couldn't mine any salt pillars so I got closer, and then instead of bumping of the salt pillars and taking damage, the main body of my boat stood completely still while all the items on board moved off the boat like it had bumped off, as well as that my character was able to walk on the water where the boat would have been. After this, my boat couldn't move so I had to abandon ship. This was on a retrofitted world too