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  1. Even the floors pattern is diffrent
  2. No they're not they don't have leaves so low and not these kind of leaves the unused once do
  3. So yeah here are some unused trees from ham and compare them to the trees from the jungle on wormwoods teaser
  4. I know about this and I already have nvidia set for dst
  5. For like 2 weeks Yes it was No Someone elses server not a big base it doesnt have any impact on fps No and no Here are the specs btw Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU 2.40 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 12 Ram Funny thing is I had solid 60 fps and now I have like 20 fps when I use the small textures option I have 40 fps
  6. My frames are jumping between 27-60 fps and performance goes from good to bad making the game unplayable
  7. Klei we need to talk...

    Razor skin is as pointless as telltale heart skins
  8. Klei we need to talk...

    YES Cane I lately had an idea for a walking cane a halloween walking cane with a skull on top and laser eyes it would have some kind of red laser effect particles
  9. Klei we need to talk...

    Just wait till thursday P.S I have a common worth 10 $
  10. Klei we need to talk...

    Is this really that big of a problem? Noobs being confused? They're mostly always confused won't make much of a diffrence If I would get a dollar for everytime I was asked where I got my wx skin I would buy wendy goh
  11. Klei we need to talk...

    As said before What do you mean by "confusing" ?
  12. Klei we need to talk...

    Maybe something like a kitchen pack that has some fridge skins crockpot skins mushroom planter skins drying rack skins just everything from food tab It would be cool to do it with other tabs like fighting pack science pack etc I don't agree there aren't many turfs for base like 4? What do you mean by "confusing" ?
  13. Klei we need to talk...

    Hmm maybe a dumbrella reskin from shipwrecked Maybe some kind of a gothic furnace would look coll imo No idea Shadow katana pls Maybe an endothermic fire pit with spikes coming out of it (antlion vibe or sthn) Maybe just some other kinds of lamps like in hamlet So Yeah I had an idea of hamlet house skin for pig houses Maybe an EGGPLANT HOUSE??? Yeah that would be cool like carpets with other patterns and colors Uhhh can't think much of walls maybe a wall with some spikes or something No
  14. Once 20 thulecite crowns is enough till next cave reset but you're playing wigfrid so how would you know that Better use up the entire worlds pig skin instead There were 3 arguments form me if you dont see them then like I said you're an ignorant I just love when people like you think they know everything about the game but when someone proves they're wrong their ego won't even let them admit that they're wrong
  15. Why so? Are you actually trying to prove that football helmets with 3x times lower durability and lower dmg reduction are better then thulecite crowns? Also your "arguing" is not showing any arguments