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7 minutes ago, ALCRD said:


I wonder how i would look cosplaying as Wanda.

Then again no one would probably want to see a guy in mid 30's cosplaying as a time traveling old lady. :wilson_laugh:

give it a try! Would be so much fun to see what different people bring as their own take for the character!

21 minutes ago, -Variant said:

WOAH!! That's bloody impressive!! Props on pulling off something so similar! 

ty so much! This was my first on stream cosplay and it was sooo much fun! tbh I really really loved it!

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6 hours ago, Owlrus said:

I'm really impressed with that hair! was it hard to replicate?

I have natural curly hard but getting the bun right took a bit of time yes...

also I never carry my hair like that and got a bit of a headache but it was a lot of fun nonetheless!

9 hours ago, ShadowQueen said:

Wow! Very nice cosplay! Who would say no to this?
I want to do a cosplay as Wendy (but I don't have yellow hair) but I never had the guts to show my face :^(

you can do the cosplay for yourself as well!

just to have fun! maybe share with friends that already know your face :)

as for the yellow hair, you can always try wigs or to color it just for the day with something that is not permanent.

11 hours ago, SomebodyRandom said:

Wanda confuses me, on her promotional image she looks white and blond, but in-game her skin is darker and she has black hair.

Good cosplay though

in the promo she looks the same as in the game I think. She isn't really white in the art

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