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New content for the oceans?

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Waterlogged was a great filler update to make the oceans seem more fun and enjoyable, but they are still quite empty. I wonder if theres going to be more of these types of updates which include new biomes and creatures to the ocean? 

Also on a side note, what types of biomes / areas would you like to have in the ocean :D


Id love a new biome which could be travelled only on a specific season. 

maybe like a dried up sandy area on a summer, or ice archipelago on winter. Something like that :)

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I made my own thread about that a while back ago here:

However contributing one or two things in this thread won’t hurt anything either, I would like to see a darker more grim looking version of the unimplemented NewHome Mob PufferFish (you can find it here)


But preferably with the same colors as the new Fishy Bat twitch skin!! it would react similar to being an at sea homing landmine, very similar to cookie cutter- get close enough that they see you they puff up.. float toward you and explode sending sharp projectiles in your direction.

(Like this but in the colors of the new bat skin)


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I'd personally love items like the crab king flute mod item. It's a limited use item that summons rain, cool stuff!

A blow dart alternative, the seedshell shooter, dealing 45 damage per hit or something like that.

Better/ more chest loot. 

More chest chances after pearl quest. (And maybe Changing her dialogue to notes to the survivors)

The increased cookie cutter shell drop rate, list goes on

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4 hours ago, Owlrus said:

Above all else, I want a sea shanty the survivors can sing as they sail along; like the Winter's Feast carol, but with words above their heads as the sing.

And a captain's hat / tricorne....! (if only a Top Hat reskin)

And a Crabbit pet to adopt from the Rock Den.....! (and throw in a Pebble Crab reskin while you're at it)


The current sea content brings a galleon of fun as it is but there is limitless potential to substantiate it further.

Whatever comes next we shall not be disappointed, I firmly believe. :D

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Icebergs in the winter. Maybe they melt at the end of winter and flood part of the mainland during spring. Maybe you could go in them and find cool loot/fight cool mobs. Maybe if they melt while you’re in them you die. Maybe they change locations every winter.


and maybe I’m dreaming, but still a cool idea :wilsoalmostangelic::wilson_angelic:

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I would personally like to see more ocean bosses, maybe even the quacken from Shipwrecked.

More fish dishes?

More ocean mobs?

More islands and biomes perhaps?

Maybe even harder fishing mechanics or more fish itself...

I don't know, I would just like to see the ocean less empty, but I don't want a small update like Waterlogged

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On 8/21/2021 at 12:11 PM, ArubaroBeefalo said:

or a tortoise island that roams or why no both. I want to have always something to explore

There were tuning values for Turtles and their babies, I've always wanted genuine turtles and it vastly hurts me they've not been seen yet.

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