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  1. Sorry for asking it here but does people know when the new beta branch is coming for us?
  2. I myself love the new autumn songs. It fits the whole theme of sailing through the high seas and fighting a giant scaly seagull bird-thingy. People here are being so rude to devs, Remember we are getting these updates for free. Like it was said earlier: Dont bite the hand that feeds you. Love u klei. Keep up the good work. <3
  3. Klei should make it be able to swim.. If it could swim it would be amazing and a worthwhile transformation.
  4. So whats the point of the goose transformation? Just going fast?
  5. I wonder if we are getting the beta branch update tomorrow?
  6. Do we need a new season?

    I would love a new type of season or an event of some sort. I feel like things like that will make DST even more of a separate game from normal singleplayer DS. And DST needs that. It needs to be a totally different experience compared to singleplayer and I'm hoping that ROT will meet those expectations.
  7. Solo vs Klaus

    For me it just makes it so much harder and you have to set it up and make sure it works 100% without the deers escaping etc. The easiest way is still to just beat him with a hambat and some pierogis xdd. Learning Klaus's attack pattern is pretty easy and after a while it gets as simple as dodging any other boss like Goose/bearger/clops
  8. Solo vs Klaus

    You should never use Winonas catapults so solo klaus. They do AOE damage so it will always lead to one of the deers dying and making klaus enraged. Best wayto kill him is to just kite it with a melee weapon and some healing / armor
  9. I literally got the flame like 17 hours ago. I went full hamm to get it and watched the streams for 6 hours straight Lmao!
  10. Thank you :). So in what time frame do i need to watch the streamer? I mean if the prize is now the Icebox skin, then do i need to watch the 6 hours of a streamer today? When will the skin expire? Or is it like when Im finished with the 6 hours i can choose the one skin that I want from all the skins that can be obtained from twitch?
  11. So can someone walk me through this process? I watch the stream, and how do i get the skin then? Does it appear on my steam inventory automaticly after the stream or do I need to like do something during the stream to get the skin? I just now linked my accounts.
  12. Whats the name of the snapdragon if i want to spawn it from the console?