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  1. Whats the name of the snapdragon if i want to spawn it from the console?
  2. Anyone knows the spawncommands for the crockodogs and other new mobs in the shipwrecked?
  3. so the hamlet is going to be a dlc which you dont like make bases and survive? You just buy stuffs from the pigs and explore some caves and such and refill your items and stats at the village again?
  4. So winona is a legit thing now?? I always thought that it was a fake char that someone invented to troll others :D
  5. This. Seems. Amazing. So hyped for the first live update
  6. So i cant kill the fuelweaver with 2 stacks of gunpowder anymore??? Well shiet..
  7. Last time i tried it took 60. Did they buff his hp?
  8. Wait what!! You cant kill the fuelweaver with 60 gunpowder anymore???
  9. Yes, Against the grain is still in the beta branch
  10. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I love that cattle snake <3
  11. Has someone found out what the cave inns do?? I still dont get it. Are they like sink holes but fancier??