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new character suggestion charlie

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I don't think she gonna be playable anytime soon, if Klei make another game then maybe

Charlie is the main antagonist of Don't Starve Together right now

not only be the one in charge of the Constant, she is the night mosnter that attack us when we have no light

if she become playable, who or what would replace?




also, just for fun, her name doesn't start with the W, so Charlie for ya =))))

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Charlie works as a mod character (I've played with that mod a few times myself)


but I think playable Charlie should stay as a mod.  I know that means console players can't play as her, but storywise it just really doesn't make sense.  Not without actual (made by Klei, not fans) plot stuff happening first, anyway.


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25 minutes ago, Terra B Welch said:

Not enough W, so no. :)

If Charlie was part of the survivor gang, then who would attack you in the darkness?

Who or Whatever takes her place. (Insert Wavey Jones emote here)

Serious Note though: I would prefer it that Charlie NOT be weaveable/paid dlc and instead be earned by doing X in game task.

And heres Why:

In DS solo, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked & Hamlet you had to Unlock Wes, Maxwell, Webber, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Wilba by doing X in game task.

I am NOT counting the ones that could be earned through simple EXP progression- I mean very specific (and mostly obscure) Tasks Spoilers for that in spoiler tag below:


You can only unlock Wes in Chapter 3 of Adventures mode by freeing him from an invisible maze & that’s ONLY if his set piece spawns.

You can only unlock Maxwell by completing the entire Adventures Mode & having you character replace Maxwells spot as prisoner to the Shadow Throne.

You can only unlock Webber in Reign of Giants by finding a Spider Trinket and placing it into a dig up grave plot.

You can only unlock Wilbur in Shipwrecked by finding his crown & returning it to him, & Woodlegs by finding the cage he is trapped inside and bringing keys back to unlock it.

In Hamlet you can only unlock Wilba by fighting a boss monster and returning her the item to her.

DST is the ONLY game that breaks this trend.

I half expected Pearl to be unlockable by reaching maximum friendship with her she would be an unlock tied directly to Return of Them Lunar Moon content (as she lives on a slice of the moon that crash landed in the waters) 

Then theres the obvious CHARLIE: I want a 5 part adventures mode where I quest to free Charlie as Unlockable (same as Maxwell in Solo DS) 

Something Overpowered beyond belief... but has to be EARNED to use.

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the only situation i can see charlie being playable is if the game's story concludes, like how you get to play as maxwell after completing the story mode of the original

but how that would even work is beyond me, and it seems like we're very far from the end 

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I would like to see Charlie as the last playable character but only after she has been removed from the Nightmare Throne in RoT updates and someone/something else takes her place so that it makes sense from a lore perspective and so that she is actually forced to join the survivors like Maxwell was.

If we do get her I would like for it to be almost entirely normal Charlie with only fragments of her "dark" side left. It wouldn't really make much sense playing as her if she is still in control of shadow creatures, immune to the dark etc. For me it definitely needs to be a situation like Maxwell where she only retains certain abilities or powers from her time on the throne but is otherwise similar to the other survivors and in a similar place re alignment and goals.

I essentially don't want some crazy suped up Charlie who is immune to the dark and shadow monsters and can do ridiculous things, she needs to be booted off the throne and returned to her original self.

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On 2/10/2021 at 1:21 AM, Charlie Dark said:

Me, @Toros and Miserable Orange have been working on a custom character Charlie mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1203081846, It's really nice and has a lot of love and effort put into it, perhaps you could try it?

That's the one I've played as.  She turns into the shadow monster at night, but hands still grab your fire (somehow).  She does lose sanity like crazy while in that form, so she's not as good of a choice to play a Lights Out world as you might think.  (As I found out, very painfully.)

I think my favourite part is how, when you have her examine thing as the shadow monster, her voice comes out as that creepy "HIIIISSSS".  One day I'd like to play that character with somebody else who doesn't know and spook them with that.  Just once.  ;)
(also the custom outfits are gorgeous)

Anyway yeah, I agree that in actual canon you shouldn't be able to play as her until you finish some form of DST Adventure Mode or equivalent.


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