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  1. Console's pretty great on it's own, they just need to start moving away from PS4. It's kind of like holding up changes because some people have older PCs.
  2. So toss a few friends on a boat, build a few cannons... 100 damage each, per shot, 15 shots. Just how viable are these things?
  3. Anybody getting the wormhole skins? No chest for me on ps4.
  4. Mine doesn’t, he reaches and sometimes turns around so it’s on either side of him, not at his feet and sometimes he turns odd directions so he’ll till away something north of him while trying to till east to west. It’s pretty inprecise. The only way I can keep from tilling away other mounds I want is to plant each one after I till, then till again and plant again.
  5. So I didn’t have enough space to pick up a from the judge scrap, not sure what type it was, but it landed on the ground and as it was summer, it burst into flames (didn’t seem to sizzle first either, no smoke just zero on fire in one second flat). Crash to main PS4 menu. Probably not the sort of thing that occurs often but there we go.
  6. So this may not be a bug so much as something is drastic need of adjusting, but tilling soil is crazy crazy hard to aim. half the time your guy does it in front, half of the time he turns around and does it, and almost all the time you'll till over one or more a previously tilled mound, replacing all. I would love it if there was an indicator, just a little circle on the ground telling me when i hit the button, this is where my tilled soil mound for plating seeds is going to be. Maybe even make tilled mounds it will erase show as red, so you know you're about to turn around and remove the ones you lined up already... It would make the new farming so much less frustrating.
  7. Correction, no I can fertilize with poop. When I RESEARCH poop I crash. I think i was hitting left to research not realizing that is what i was doing.
  8. So I’m trying to farm, I’m wearing a gardener hat, my plot is two plots thick and each one has two toma plants and two potato, and if I use poop to fertilize or research poop in my inventory I crash, twice for each situation. I think I’m researching the poop, it may be the soil I’m standing on?
  9. I do actually, and i have. Does the issue affect only belongings or will I experience other crashes? Would deleting my willow world even though it hasn't been loaded in ages fix it?
  10. So I'm trying to view the new items to spend some spools, and each time after a few minutes it crashes. Belonging, not character skins.