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Thank you, Klei for a wonderful year

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I just wanted to give my thanks to everyone at Klei this year. This year has just been absolutely horrible, but having amazing updates to look forward to and your interactions with the community both in fun and with regards to suggestions has made this game just amazing. I love being able to look forward to Thursdays and hang out on the forums to take a break from everything. Your hard work has been able to help me and many others get through this year, and I hope you all take an incredibly well deserved rest soon. Don't Starve has been my favorite game for a while now, and I love the community surrounding it. It has always been as fun escape for me and I have especially needed it during a pandemic while in graduate school (biology is rough :P).

Also, Hallowed Nights and Winter's Feast especially have made the end of this year more festive when a lot of us can't be in real life. I really just want to say how grateful I am to everyone at Klei for everything and I hope you all a nice and safe holiday season! :)



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sorry about that.you just gotta understand i really love Klei.everything about them is great so much so that i made a thread about it during early 2020(im pretty sure i made it before the virus.we all know what virus im talking about;)of course im talking about edgy ricks return)then after that thread died a while later came another thread thanking Klei and now this is the third and if you ask me there should be more threads thanking Klei(like 5 a year or something)

i personally only got DST during december last year during black friday had seen this guy called call me kevin make a video on it and the main thing that interested me was that the game was splitscreen and looked like chaos but when i bought the game i realized how truly amazing it was 

everything about DST is great.the story fanstastic. the monthly updates are really amazing(most companies don;t do monthly updates)the characters great and interesting.the shorts phenomenal.the devs amazing and kind people.the forums.....ehhhh....sometimes there not the best.

and in the end DST is just amazing and im gonna say it 

DST is very POG 

have a great day or night wherever you are in the world

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I’ve said thanks for a lot to Klei this year, but unlike others who may have got the game last year I’ve had DS and DST since the day they were available on Xbox. I have paid for blockbuster games that just fail to keep my attention- I mean sure they’re fun for a little while but eventually I just grow bored with and delete them off my console even though I paid a good deal for them.

The TL:DR- I’m just weird and extremely selective in what I actually like to play.

extended version I’ll put into a spoiler tag: 


I have over 600 games in my ready to be installed tab on my Xbox, and even though I have a 4TB external HD and PLENTY of space to install them.. I only have 45 games actually installed to my Xbox, for DS and DST to have made it into that list of 45 and more importantly STAYED in that list: Means that Klei is doing something right.

I’ve gotten more joy & entertainment out of DS & DST then I have games I’ve paid 150$ + for.. 

And with each update Klei does to DST the more it hooks me in, Prior to Return of Them and the character reworks I had actually stopped playing DST completely (because I was too busy enjoying solo DS Adventures mode and Shipwrecked DLC more..) but NOW with all the Reworks, Content updates and QoL changes DST has become a superior game to DS in every way imaginable.

So thank you Klei for creating a game that continues to expand, evolve and grow over time, and continues to keep me coming back each time a new update is announced to enjoy the goodness that you guys bring.

I wish that more Klei games would come to Consoles, because if Oxygen Not Included or Hot Lava were just HALF as content rich and full of free updates as DST is I KNOW I’d be getting my monies worth and then some.

I wish you all the best & have a safe & happy holiday season.

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1 hour ago, O M E L E T T E said:

Change my mind

ill try my hardest

so they made edgy rick famous by making a game that he grew popular from:lol:


oh yeah tencent or something.

ummm potato cup hasn't gotten enough love?

yeah i tried my hardest but in the end klei are too great

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 "Astonishing! Truly fascinating!" - Robert Wagstaff
Yes, I also want to join this topic =3
Many thanks to everyone who works in your company for this time-consuming and delightful work! This year has been very stressful, but you have worked hard! You have done a lot for each game and even more so for my favorite game (DST)!
I hope that next year will be even more productive and eventful for you!
I really respect and love your work, it inspires me and is a masterpiece for me!




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