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Your favorite DST boss fight and why

Your favorite DST boss and why  

132 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite DST boss?

    • Deerclops
    • Bearger
    • MooseGoose
    • AntLion
    • DragonFly
    • BeeQueen
    • Toadstool/MiseryToad
    • Malbatross
    • Shadow Piece Fight
    • Ancient Guardian
    • FuelWeaver
    • Klaus
    • Feastclops
  2. 2. Why?

    • The Challenge
    • The Look of the boss
    • The Loot
    • The Mechanics of the fight
    • Music of the fight
    • For the Achievements

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So whats your favorite boss fight and why? I was hesitant to do a poll, i'd really like to see everyone expand on why they made the choices they made. But i've yet to make a poll here, and I figured it would at least get people in the door.

I'd prefer we give the thread a bit of time to stay on topic before it devolves into why people don't like any of the boss fights, but I suppose any input is helpful.

I'm currently a fan of the MiseryToad fight. He/She mopped the floor with us again last night, but we got here below 40% (according to the Wiki the ground slam attack activates below 40%), which is progress. We are gonna make another run on her tonight, fingers crossed.

I personally like the mechanics of the fight, it is a bit of a change of pace from the other boss fights, and it has given us a reason to use the Weather Pane (with 2 of us I have no idea how we would complete this fight without the WPs lol). I also want that Mushlight blueprint.

Aside from that, I think DragonFly is my favorite fight. I love her look, and I love her loot, the loot being the most important thing to me for any boss in DST.

And of course Deerclops will always hold a special place in my heart as the Eyebrella was one of our first higher level crafts, and we encountered him long before we started delving heavily into the Wikis, so he had an aura of mystery surrounding him for a long time.

For the record we have yet to attempt Malbatross, Shadow Piece, Ancient Guardian, or Fuelweaver fight. Malb is next on our list.

I'd also like to say I have zero issues repeating these fights. Maybe its due to my need for loot, but i've always felt its the way DST is, and ive had no issues with repeating fights. I honestly always look forward to them.

Anyway, i'd like to hear what everyone else thinks, and we can may be provide Klei with a bit of input to work with if they ever decide to provide us with a new boss.

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I chose Klaus because I think because of the way he acts during the fight, it make the fight really intense. And the idea of a giant Krampus thing attacking you with his elemental no-eyed deer and stomach-mouth really fits with the mood of DST.

Also, I chose him because fighting him is unique, and you're not just kiting a boss that takes 2 days to kill. I'm getting really sick of kiting boring tanky bosses.

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The one that’s not on this list, Feastclops.. which suddenly gains X-men powers during the Wintersfeast Holidays.

I would also like to add that Boss fights should be more accessible to the Solo player then what they currently are.

I applauded the guy or girl who can take down every boss by themselves.

Even though the game is called Don’t Starve Together, when it comes to bosses please keep in mind that not everyone plays with a lot of people, so while a mechanic like Ewecus where players become immobilized needing rescue from another player doesn’t actually work that great while playing Alone.

Food for thought at least..

Bosses that call for a Group Of Players should be something that can be toggled on or off and doesn’t actually do anything in terms of providing unique loot or making a Solo player feel like it’s content they’re missing out on.

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While I don't feel there is enough of a difference between Deerclops and Feastclops, I realize the point of this thread is to gather all opinions, not just my own.

So i'll go ahead and slap Feastclops up there for you Mike, if he/she is your guy/girl.

I can see your point from a solo perspective. I was under the impression that DS: RoG was made for this, the Wiki shows bosses health pools are scaled for just this purpose. Of course, I don't know if any of the new content has made its way to DS, or if RoG is the cut off.

Either way, there are quite a few guides for solo-ing a majority, if not all, of the bosses in DST. I'm lucky enough to have a wife who loves playing, and while 2 players are by no means a group, the fights have been much easier with her than when ive ran them alone.

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Klaus, fuelweaver, toadstool, and in that order. They are all bosses that have more than one way to deal damage and many other mechanics to employ during the fight. These bosses I feel like belong in their own category: “raid bosses” who require more thought to take down than simply analyzing kiting patterns. I would like it if the regular tier bosses such as moose/goose, deerclops, and bearger learned a bit from these fights. They don’t have to be as complex as the raid bosses, but I believe they would benefit from some additions such as additional attacks and telegraphs for them. Dragonfly is also pretty good, but imo her mechanics only encompass “build wall or die” in order to kill her. Enraging would make it a bit more interesting if it wasn’t immediately countered by an item on the surface anyone can find. 

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for me it’s always been the exact opposite other players just tend to get in my way or on my nerves..

The Problem with DST is that it does nothing in the terms of Content scaling based on how many players are in the season.. Enemy Health, Damage and Behavior should reflect on how many people are in the season..

Dragonfly for a Solo player should be like the ROG DLC Completely Do-able in Single Player.. Where as D-FLY in a Dedicated PC server with up to 20 players should have ridiculous amounts of health, Deal a lot more damage, and have some new attacks that demanded team work and cooperation.

At least that’s my take on Bosses anyways.

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1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

for me it’s always been the exact opposite when it comes to ALOT of games- Having other players just tends to get in my way or on my nerves..

I don’t mean that I hate people lol.. I just mean that for example when I’m playing Apex Legends and the third guy always runs off away from me and the 2nd guy to inevitably Die... and compromise our whole team it gets annoying. 

It’s not just Apex though.. I find that a lot of the time I’m better off doing my own thing.


Then i'd imagine DS would be right up your alley, as its tailor made to provide the DST experience at a solo scale. Of course skins and such are inaccessible in DS, i'll give you that much.

That aside, the internet is a big place. Not only do we have the Xbox section here, there is the DST Reddit which has post on people looking for groups for all platforms. Also, i'm not sure if Xbox has a "Community Section" like PS4, but if they do it shouldn't be hard to find a couple of like minded people who meet your standards to play with. Of course you won't gel with everyone, but thats the nature of the beast. To take a page from your playbook and reference other games, after recruiting and training for clans/corps in Dust514, the original Destiny, and Dreadnaught, I met easily a few hundred people of all ages and nationalities. While everyone was pretty cool in general, there were only a handful that I really hit it off with and that I still stay in touch with to this day. I never would have met those guys/girls if I wasn't out there mixing it up all the time regardless of how games/matches played out.

1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

The Problem with DST is that it does nothing in the terms of Content scaling based on how many players are in the season.. Enemy Health, Damage and Behavior should reflect on how many people are in the season..

While this is true, what about the players who want the higher challenge at lower player counts? I enjoy the challenge provided by the more difficult bosses, and Klei provides multiple ways to handle those challenges at low player counts. Thats just me though I suppose.

Also, being a multiplayer game, id personally prefer the Devs to focus on additional content, as opposed to menu sliders and systems to track player counts and adjust in world values on the fly as players enter/leave the game. And with the nature of multiplayer in DST, they would need to address the fact that everyone in server may not actually be participating in said boss content. I'm not saying its impossible, but I think its better to stay focused on the new content, at least for the time being.

I will say though, your thoughts here are a far cry from-

On 2/10/2020 at 4:11 PM, Mike23Ua said:

For now though almost everything can be beaten by wearing a football helmet and smacking it with a few spears as long as you time moving away from its one attack.


NOT a limited Fight in a specific Area I’ll do a few times and then be bored of so I come back here wanting a new one later.


It seems like you've been getting in there and mixing it up, maybe even gaining a newfound appreciation for some of the bosses.

Anyway, i'd still like to hear what you LIKE about some bosses, surely Klei has done SOMETHING right in your eyes? Something you would like to see more of?

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Toadstool, which is considered to be one of the most boring by the community, but it's mostly because players are doing the fight with structures to permanently stun him (or at least most of the combat), resulting to make Toadstool a big HP sack lacking of interest... but I like to make the Toadstool fight fairly with other players and we're mostly about to do Misery Toadstool first cause it's pretty rewarding since it makes its skin duplicable with the Deconstruction Staff, and farming Canary very easy.

(and yeah I really recommend to do it with friends, it's a great moment )

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For me Klaus, Shadow Pieces and Fuelweaver are the most unique and interesting fights. I love the concept of shadow pieces getting stronger after one of them falls. Klaus had an interesting pattern and surprise phase when his stomach would turn into a giant maw. Fuelweaver is the most lore wise and mechanic wise boss for me, fighting him with friends was one of the most fun experiences i had in the game.

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Tbh Im a big fan of both Klaus and Fuelweaver, they both have their own unique style, Klaus punishes you for taking out his deer which are a big pain in the butt yet are what makes him so fun, the magic powers of the gems really shine there, Fuelweaver has some interesting mechanics, I love the Mind Control and overall how he plays with your Sanity, and ofc the Death Animation is so dramatic and beautiful.

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I like the Deerclops the most because no matter how many times I've fought it before, the buildup-moans for the fight will always give me enough anxiety to make ABSOLUTELY SURE I have everything I need to fight it; exactly the feeling I want from a "boss".

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1 hour ago, Dunk Mujunk said:

You have the soul of a politician Mike. I can't say I find that an admirable quality but I salute you none the less.

Can’t find an Admirable Quality haha pretty sure that’s why I’m spending Valentine’s Day alone.

But jokes aside, I don’t want Boss fights added to the game just for the sake of adding more Boss fights, I want a purpose, a reason maybe for example give each boss a Colored Gem that has to be obtained when killing them and then you need to collect all the Gems and slot them into a doorway to do uhh something (I didn’t think that far ahead in planning.)

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17 minutes ago, cantbeatdaboss said:

You should add an option for music, as it's a factor I find important in bosses, even if it's not the main one.


10 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

Can’t find an Admirable Quality haha pretty sure that’s why I’m spending Valentine’s Day alone.

Now i'm not saying you don't have admirable qualities. I'm just saying your politician like tendencies are not one of them.

Your absolute refusal to ever backpedal, regardless of literally anything, that could be seen as an admirable quality.

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Why would I backtrack on what I say?

DST (on Xbox One at least) is a game with a Maximum Of 6 players total. We don’t even have official Dedicated Klei Servers on Xbox One.

So ANY World on Xbox One is hosted by a “Host” Player and when that “host” quits Don’t Starve Together it immediately boots the other 5 players in the Session back to the games Main Menu to find themselves a new session to join.

As a result- You never really see Xbox One game sessions lasting more than a few hours, so it’s highly Highly unlikely that your going to find people actively engaging in Boss fights.

In fact- Every Single last achievement I’ve earned while playing the game.. I’ve done Alone without other players even in the server and I only have 5 more to go..

Kill D-Fly, Kill Ancient Guardian, Tame a Beefalo, Wear Snurtle Shell & Shelmet At the same time, & Defier Of Odds (collect all other achievements)

I have NOT fought Malabatross.. as I’ve yet to see him.

I have not fought Fuelweaver (Same Reason as Malbatross)

I HAVE Fought Bee Queen but died a horrible death.. now I just leave her hive alone for free Honey.


Since there’s no achievements or important progression items tied to fighting them I’m in no rush to fight them alone either.

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