Update #27 - The End of Beta


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Detailed Patch Notes

  • Add partial translations for العَرَبِيَّة , Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Português Brasileiro, Türkçe, 繁體中文.
  • Update Simplified Chinese and Russian (Русский) translations.
  • Buddy mode added to Gym Class courses
  • Renamed Catch the Grade challenges to Catch Your Sister in appropriate courses
  • Fixed bug causing Catch Your Sister challenges to not complete
  • Fixed issue where buddy would be deflected randomly when being thrown
  • Fixed presentation issues with checkpoints in all course trials and when continuing
  • Fixed asphalt clipping into fence in Playground 
  • Fixed hole in world along the retaining wall near field in Playground 
  • Varied the heights of the asphalt chunks at the start of Big Kids course in Playground
  • Tuned surf flick to bias more towards vertical velocity over look direction
  • New School and Wholesale’s Overworld / Lobby songs
  • New SFX when getting heat damaged
  • New SFX when dying in Bottomless Pit
  • Reworked Damage Feedback Indicator SFX
  • Cleanup appearance of community map and languages screens
  • Make community map, languages, and settings screens adjust to different aspect ratios
  • Fix hand popping out when pogoing near a vending machine.
  • Fix comic text reading background not filling the screen on non 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Support navigating menus with the gamepad’s dpad
  • Prevent broken keyboard/gamepad navigation on main menu

The End Of Beta
Today’s patch will be the last (major) one we do before the game launches into release. 

This has been an incredibly long road to releasing the game, but it was worth it. With the community's help I believe we have made something really special. Today I’m pleased to say this will be our last content patch before we release later this fall.

At launch we will be adding the long awaited “Basement” world for the game. We plan to continue to release content, features, and service the game post launch. We will also be adding Steam Achievements and Trading Cards with launch.

The Hot Lava mapping community has been creating amazing worlds for our game, and we have been actively awarding bounties for these maps to ensure we can include them in all versions of the game.

We will be removing the “gift box” and “ticket” systems. We will be replacing this with a system where you earn cosmetics at a rate of one randomized item per challenge. This will provide a better feedback loop for challenges, while maintaining the randomization that our game needs to make each players loadout feel unique. We will also be making major changes to the items available, and will be adding and removing many different items.

When we launch into release many aspects of the game will have a fresh start. Our levels and player mechanics have been growing and changing over this beta so much that we will reset all leaderboards. Inventories and progress will be incompatible with our new systems.

Those who have helped us test during this beta phase will be rewarded with a very special unique item to say “thank you”.

On that note, THANK YOU! The feedback, bug reports, and custom levels we have received from this community has been insanely influential to the development of this game. We could not have gotten here without you, and I can’t wait to show you what we have been working on for launch.

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Having followed this ever since it was an imgur post, I'm so incredibly hyped! I love Hot Lava and can't wait for the floodgates to open and see every level filled with random people dying in every which way, just like when it first opened in beta ;)

All the love from me to Klei and especially Mark because he's just really cool. Hot Lava is really becoming one of my favorite games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Am I saying this so I can butter you all up to get the Hot Lava badge? Noooooo... 

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