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Civil War, who would win between Wilson and Maxwell?

Civil War, who would win between Wilson and Maxwell?  

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  1. 1. Who would join Wilson's army?

  2. 2. And who would join Maxwell's army?

  3. 3. Who would win the war? (Bearing in mind the members of each faction)

    • Wilson
    • Maxwell
    • None, mutually assured destruction.
  4. 4. Do you really think that DST could end in a war between the survivors?

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I feel like it would be everyone vs Maxwell, Wagstaff, & Wortox.

Grudges against Maxwell are still fairly new but when it comes down to picking Wilson vs Max it's no question.

Wagstaff hangs with Maxwell for the info on shadow magic he has while Wortox just wants to make things a bit more exciting. More interesting to fight a losing battle than to roll over the competition.

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Depends on reasons of course; I could see Wendy and Wicker being on Max's side a lot more easily than some others.

As much as Wagstaff might want to meet Max, I feel like he'd see him as little more than a superstitious fool if the two were to communicate for very long. I see him as more of a Team Science kind of guy...throw caution to the wind and follow your curiosity. Max seems more orderly these days.

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Wendy may side with Maxwell for... reasons. WX-78 would potentially side with him just to cause destruction to the others.

Wormwood doesn't know any better and would potentially join Maxwell if manipulated. Wilbur would side with either side if they offered bananas.

Wortox would most likely just stay on the side and watch, but maybe sabotage either group as he sees fit, just for amusement.

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I feel like wx-78 will follow wagstaff any side because wagstaff created him,

wendy is going to be in max's side because she still think that maxwell knows how to cure her sister

winona obviously hates maxwell for letting charlie disappear and will not insist to join his side.

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I think Wendy would join Maxwell's army because of her kinship with him.
Wagstaff is too curious to know the secrets of the codex.
And also Wickerbottom seems to me more in affinity with Maxwell, for age and "occult interests".
I believe WX-78 would not hesitate to follow Wagstaff because it is his creator.
Warbucks was an aristocrat, Maxwell would probably have a certain charm on him.
In short, even with these people, Maxwell's army seems much more formidable than Wilson's, which could only count on two excellent melee fighters like Wolfgang and Wigfrid, both obliterated by enhanced WX. And in any case, there is little to be done against the techno-occult arts of the three supreme geniuses of DS (Wickerbottom-Maxwell-Wagstaff). Wilson and Webber I don't believe they can compete with their rudimentary alchemical scientific knowledge. But if Wortox allies with them (although I see no reason why he should do so); then maybe there would be some chance for Wilson's army.
However, regardless of the winner of the war, Charlie and "Them" would feast on the remains of the winners, and in the end no one would really survive the Constant.

Mutually assured destruction, at the end.

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8 minutes ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

you know that his powers are basically removed once he


3 minutes ago, BeliarBAD said:

oh thats true. my bad. if with his power is also meant his knowledge then im wrong

In theory, if Maxwell could recover his memory, I still think he could access catastrophic forces again. Of course, less omnipotent than the throne, but still of an otherworldly matrix. Wortox himself states that Maxwell does NOT know how to use Codex Umbra... but perhaps with the help of Wickerbottom and Wagstaff...

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I don't think there would be a war... There are more... Important matters?

Also I don't think Wilson hates Maxwell that much now(but I bet Warly is preparing popcorn for everyone for when they start to throw hands) (and Wortox manages the bets) (Nobody bets on Maxwell)

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Do you really think that DST could end in a war between the survivors?

The developers have not yet done anything for normal PvP; instead, they add all the decor, pets and more, not related to the survival of junk. And it seems to me that the developers are satisfied that the game has turned from "uncompromising survival" into a VR chat with friendship, rainbow and unicorns, but without "VR". So I do not believe that now it is worth waiting for such plot twists.

21 minutes ago, Russian Philin said:

Why should the war begin? I believe that all characters will not fight each other because they have a common goal. Most of the characters still have some resentment at each other, but still they are shown as a team that United for the sake of a common enemy.

"The common goal. The common good. Equality and justice ..." You argue as Russian. The nightmare throne is not the kind of thing that someone wants to share (Charlie will confirm this to you). There is huge potential for an interesting story, no worse than in the Game of Thrones. There is room for only one rose in the vase on the End Table.

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For me , the Wilson's army will be :
- Willow : Because we all want something between Wilson and Willow . (or it's juste me ?)
- Wolfgang : For the train accident .
- Woodie : It's a good guy .
- Wes : Because Maxwell don't like him . (In "jail" in the Adventure mode)
- Wigfrid : För justice and Valhalla !
- Webber : I don't know , i just feel it .
- Winona : Revenge for what maxwell do to his sister .
- Warly : If it's Maxwell who bring Warly in the Constant , he will not be on his side .
- Wheeler : I don't know much about Wheeler , but she seems to be on the "good side" .

Now on the Maxwell's army :
- Wendy : Maxwell is its uncle .
- WX-78 : On the Maxwell side first , but after that , he will betray Maxwell for his own interests .
- Wilbur : Is a monkey . What you especting ?
- Woodlegs : More treasures !
- Wormwoods : He know nothing , it's an easy prey for Maxwell's manipulations .
- Wilba : She is a child who see the outside world . And she can bring a pig army for Maxwell 'cause she is a princess .
- Warbucks : "I like money !"

And the other between :
- Wickerbottom : Has worked with Maxwell on the Codex Umbra , so i don't know wich side she will pick .
- Wagstaff : With or against WX-78 ?
- Walani : Heu ... Does she really care ?
- Wortox : Mmmm , to good for the Maxwell side , but to evil for the Wilson side . And i think he will just not pick a side and try to make a tie .
- Mr.Unknow : Who it is ? Which side he will pick ? Does his simply exist ? No one know . (The random character)
- DLC Characters not reveal : Because we don't know what Klei makes for us .

And winner is .... No one , because Charlie can destroy each army : by strength or trickery .

Well , you have view on this Civil War . Good day to you .

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