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  1. Cooking is an art and must be shared with everyone . Little crossover with Don't Starve and Griftlands greats chefs ! (and greats eaters)
  2. I've not post this here so here is : Wrestling Smith and Flekfis . The spine broke because of the thick Smith skull .
  3. Well , AoE cards or arguments like doubt or voice of the people . Or a discard deck for Rook .
  4. Well , you can't do infinite damage anymore , but you can now have a high moxie and combine this with Slug Smash . We can combine this with Masochist , Pain Train , Juicer and other cards with moxie and adrenaline sinergy .
  5. Walter isn't really good in a bar fight .
  6. Hazard could be a Bilebrokers character in Griftlands . That can be a good easter egg in the game .
  7. I don't hear car . For me it's just the Abigail's voice .