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  1. Well , you can't do infinite damage anymore , but you can now have a high moxie and combine this with Slug Smash . We can combine this with Masochist , Pain Train , Juicer and other cards with moxie and adrenaline sinergy .
  2. I was always wondering why the pistol tab exits. We can see which pistol it is, the number of charge chamber (and how it's fill at the start of a fight) and the overcharge limit. If the number of chambers can be change with Frizz, it's not the case for the overcharge limite who say : no limit. Is Klei preparing a new random event with Frizz (or someone else) where you can buy/exchange pistols with different effects ? Or even a new seller at the black market who sells 1 or 2 different guns each day (even if a new pair of guns will not be that cheap). For this case, I've got some ideas for new guns (the effects of the basic guns is apply to all, unless I say something about) : - Quick charge : Get 2 charges instead of one (affect the starts of your turn, mark, card effect) ; 4 chambers and starts with 0 charge ; overcharge limit : 10 or 15 - Large caliber : Same effect than basics pistols ; 8 chambers and starts with 1 charge ; overcharge limit : no limit - Hot streak : When you spend a charge or overcharge , apply the same amount in burn, apply one scorched if you spent your last charge, empty cells will not give defense ; 4 chambers and starts with 1 charge ; overcharge limit : no limit - Gun-fflicted : When you spend a charge, add +1 to a pre-existing debuff ; 3 chambers and starts with 1 charge ; overcharge limit : no limit - High tension : Empty cells give maximum damages and overcharge gives defense ; 4 chambers and starts with 3 charges ; overcharge limit : 4 - Draining chambers : Lose 1 charge every turn instead of gain 1 ; 6 chambers and start with 2 charges ; overcharge limit : no limit - Never empty pistols : The chambers automatically recharge themselves at the end of your turn , empty cells will not give defense ; 4 chambers and starts with 4 charges ; overcharge limit : no limit - OverOver : Overcharge only decrease by 33% instead of 50% at the end of your turn ; 4 chambers and start with one charge ; overcharge limit : 4 - ReverSal (troll pistols) : Replace charges by Combo and converts the chambers into "combo chambers" . The keyword "charge" is convert to "combo" (gain charge turns into gain combo and spend charge to spend combo) , you loose half of your combo when you take damages (but don't loose overcharge). When the "combo chambers" are full , you still get Overcharge (work like basics pistols). Empty "combo chambers" still give defense. Mark won't give combo or overcharge. At 5 overcharges : play a card for free and spends all your overcharge and combo. Burn applies bleed instead. Scorched remains the same (can only be used by cards with debuff effect like Brain tick or Ego Rip) ; 4 chambers and starts with 1 combo ; overcharge limit : 5 Well , all of this are only idea from the back of my mind and will PROBABLY don't be balanced (even if it's the case for me when I wrote this) and hope your enjoying imagine all the guns , the potentials combos & decks , and a potential face for them . Have a good day and take care in the griftlands .
  3. Walter isn't really good in a bar fight .
  4. Really cool , i have encounter only the second boss for now , and it seem you can't be friend with him/her (when you let him/her go and when you share a drink with him/her) . It is intentionnal or not ?
  5. Hazard could be a Bilebrokers character in Griftlands . That can be a good easter egg in the game .
  6. I don't hear car . For me it's just the Abigail's voice .